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    well we dont have any kits yet and I ask my wife if we were going to have our son from her lover to what she reply that her lovers come and go, she already had 4 during our ten year marriage, but that I was her little pussy boy forever so she was going to have our son from me, when I ask her how, she said artificial insemination girl and thats why we have to collect your juice before we start the female hormone treatment that I have in mind for you. I hope our son dont come out as weak as you, ohhh you start crying again stop it.
    For those of you who follow my posts, I hope you understand now, why that woman is my owner and why Im so happy.
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    I agree, it surely is "an enhancement" when friends and family know about it; which in our case they do.

    However, when my now ex-wife's fascinated 3 year-old boy (fathered by my buddy) asks---as he often does---if he can watch me or my buddy "making a baby" with his mother again, the answer has always been a gentle "No darling"; delivered with an explanation about why Mummy and Daddy need to be completely alone with each other to best show their love for one another.
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    i've given a lot of blatant hints to wifey's sister. she doesn't seem to "get it." Wifey's lover's family all know his girlfriend is married to a white guy that doesn't have sex with her, or that i'm OK with them "dating."
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    This sentence brings something into sharp focus for me. For both Audrey and me, I am not "sharing" my wife - she's having sex with other men and women. It is something that she wants and something that I don't mind. If it also turns out in time when my daughters are married that having sex with other men and women is something they want, that too would be fine with me.
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    We have a few close friends who know about it. Her best friend was with her the first time she cuckolded me and they met at breakfast in the hotel the morning after so it was hard to deny not that I think she wanted to. They have later enjoyed foursomes with black guys together on trips to London.

    it was close to becoming a public thing if she would not have miscarried with her black baby earlier this fall.
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