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    Mores are rapidly changing: living together, having a child outside of marriage or even with the father around, divorce, all used to be shameful. Until recently, if the woman who you are marrying wasn't a virgin (to you), it was not to be mentioned. Now people invite their ex-lovers to their weddings and stay in touch. Perhaps not many married couples practice any form of nonmonogamy (swinging more common than cuckolding), but a fair percentage have it in their past, from college experiences. In the future, couples will be open about their secondary relationships.

    Perhaps you don't want to admit that you're not as special as you once were. ;)
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    So long as your daughter is the one in control, it's something to be proud of. Genetically or behaviorally she got it from her mama.
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    The men or women that find refuge in putting down cuckold husbands are only expressing their own insecurities about infidelity, much as the homophobic complains about same sex relations. They know what we also know, but fear to publicly or privately admit. They know their wives possess this same capability for insatiable sexual hunger and it is beyond their capability to satisfy once unleashed. I have sympathy for their fears, but loose it once they start throwing shit balls at others.
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    Actually she's my step-daughter, but we bothe consider each other father and daughter. But back to the point, you're probably correct. It's possibly a learned behavior, and it's also possible that she knows more than we think she does.
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    My best friend (girlfriend) knows about my proclivities. She and her husband role play a lot but never they’ve never tried anything with someone else.
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    Well said. Many of our friends were my wife's sex partners in high school and after. A couple of my best friends knew her in her single days, and were fucking her before we were introduced. I have even watched a few of them fuck her since we married. Family knowing is a bit different.
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