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Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by wimpyguy7, May 6, 2018.

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    Mores are rapidly changing: living together, having a child outside of marriage or even with the father around, divorce, all used to be shameful. Until recently, if the woman who you are marrying wasn't a virgin (to you), it was not to be mentioned. Now people invite their ex-lovers to their weddings and stay in touch. Perhaps not many married couples practice any form of nonmonogamy (swinging more common than cuckolding), but a fair percentage have it in their past, from college experiences. In the future, couples will be open about their secondary relationships.

    Perhaps you don't want to admit that you're not as special as you once were. ;)
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  2. Worth It

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    So long as your daughter is the one in control, it's something to be proud of. Genetically or behaviorally she got it from her mama.
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    The men or women that find refuge in putting down cuckold husbands are only expressing their own insecurities about infidelity, much as the homophobic complains about same sex relations. They know what we also know, but fear to publicly or privately admit. They know their wives possess this same capability for insatiable sexual hunger and it is beyond their capability to satisfy once unleashed. I have sympathy for their fears, but loose it once they start throwing shit balls at others.
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  4. crazyinvt

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    Actually she's my step-daughter, but we bothe consider each other father and daughter. But back to the point, you're probably correct. It's possibly a learned behavior, and it's also possible that she knows more than we think she does.
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  5. Malena

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    My best friend (girlfriend) knows about my proclivities. She and her husband role play a lot but never they’ve never tried anything with someone else.
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  6. crazyinvt

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    Well said. Many of our friends were my wife's sex partners in high school and after. A couple of my best friends knew her in her single days, and were fucking her before we were introduced. I have even watched a few of them fuck her since we married. Family knowing is a bit different.
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  7. barbietiz

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    I have been cuckolded since they one in the relation with my wife, she is only had been with four guys since we meet and married 14 years ago, but shes always been very open about it showing afeccion for her lover in public and talking about it, she just do what she please, causing me great deal of tears and embarrassment, she love to tell that I was a virgin and shes the only woman in my life, as the time pass you learn to deal with it and is not big deal, people just like get into others life but I dont care anymore and the joy and satisfaction compensate.
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  8. michael1987

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    Great post, Barbietiz! Especially as it conveys your courage, frankness and likely powerful erotic responses to your darling wife having taken at least the four lovers she has confessed to.

    What were the ages of the four lovers your wife has taken since you married her? Has she told you they were/are more handsome, manly, better-built, bigger-cocked and potent than you are?

    Do you know the ages and physical and sexual characteristics (including cock-size) of her lovers, and have you ever watched your wife being romanced and fucked by any of them? And have you met them, and do you get on well with any or all of them? Are any of them bisexual?

    Finally, which of them is her favorite one, and why?

    I think you are quite The Man and near-perfect cuck husband Barbietiz, owning up as you do to your "joy and satisfaction" at your obviously very attractive wife being so open about her sexual needs and showing her delight in her lover(s) in public.

    My ex-wife behaves the same way in public with my beautiful young black bisexual college-student best buddy, her only lover for the last 5 years since he came to live with us full-time, and now her magnificently potent husband since she divorced me to marry him last year.

    It arouses me so intensely to see them together in public so openly expressing their beautifully erotic love for one another that I often get an uncontrollable and hard-to-hide erection just watching them, and sometimes a tad weepy deep inside for how I've lost-out so totally to my fantastically-loved buddy and extremely spunky young rival.
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  9. Worth It

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    I consider "family knowing" to be like the kids knowing that they have parents. My exwife, adult son and daughter at first only knew that my wife and I sometimes spent time away, alone with friends of the opposite sex, and that we did it with the knowledge and approval of the other. Things could be deduced, but weren't explicitly revealed.
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    All was "explicitly revealed"--in an accidental and completely unplanned way--to my ex-wife's mixed-race son (now age 3) fathered by my beautiful young buddy before he married her, when two weeks ago in my absence at work he chanced upon him stark-naked barebacking her--- missionary with their legs well-parted---on their marriage bed, their inter-penetrating genitals obviously on full display.

    The love-locked couple were completely unaware of the presence of their fascinated little spectator and realised that he could have been watching them end-on for more than 20 minutes through the half-open bedroom door before they orgasmed together after a very noisy penultimate 5 or so minutes of extremely energetic inter-thrustings following an apparently highly dramatic acting-out of the archetypal Primal Scene.

    Their smiling little watcher demanded to know what Mummy and Daddy had been doing and received the honest and---in the beautifully revealing circumstances---the best possible reply: namely, that

    "Mummy and Daddy love each other very much and that was how we made you, darling"

    which apparently satisfied him perfectly and brought forth the delighted response

    "That's lovely!!"

    Thus was his true paternity (hitherto attributed to me) revealed to him for the first time. An unvarnished and simple explanation of the delightful physical differences between men and women and their roles in baby-making followed, with special reference to Love and exactly how he had come to be planted in Mummy's tummy by his Daddy and eventually born through her vagina.

    Ahhhhh!---the delightful, profound, God-given innocence of childhood. May it live forever in some part of every one of us.
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  11. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    In our relationship is never been a difference in age in fact her actual lover is two years older than me and my wife is a very smart, intelligent woman, she chose me as her husband because I was a sweet, shy virgin, her lovers , active strong virile macho types. She never been with more than one at a time and she don't have to lie or hide since she do what she please. I always had very good relation and interaction with her lover and they always ask me out of the room when things get hot. The day she took my virginity was after we married, it was plan and done by her. She had sex that day with her boyfriend at the time, I get home when I was called in my way in her boyfriend was walking out, he said hi and congratulate me on my marriage, she ask me to take a shower and put on my silk pink pajamas and when we start and she was kissing me and making me to taste her pussy that was all soaked with her boyfriends cum, I just couldn't resist and prematurely came . I last less than a minute. I was all embarrassed and apologetic while she laughed and said don't worrie baby you are sweet, thats the way is going to always be and I love you for it.
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  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    So can we take it that you've never watched your wife being fucked by any of her "active strong virile mach-type lovers?

    I couldn't stand that sort of deprivation, and my wife knew that from the moment I introduced her to my superbly athletic huge-cocked 19 year-old bisexual black best buddy, my only male lover at the time. The unspoken "deal" with my wife was that I would invite my buddy to make love to her with me lying beside them on our marriage bed, I would fluff him and then guide his cock into her vagina and then get off on him repeatedly barebacking her to Sex Heaven. Which is what he always did and continues to do, mostly with me watching.

    That has been our way ever since, much to my wife's great joy and profound sexual satisfaction, and my intensely voyeuristic erotic pleasure, and my buddy's hugely enhanced hands-on enjoyment of our beautifully mutual homosexual relationship.
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  13. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    ofcourse I seen her getting fucked but only few times, Im not allow to stay while they fuck because they want to stay alone and have sex with out distractions, is not about me, Im always call to the room before they start serious action she plug me and let me out, I remain plugged for as long as they fuck and must times Im called when they finish to clean, sometimes they fall to slip and dont call me at all. My wife's lover is not homosexual he let me eat his cum out at my wife and in few occasions fuck my mouth and my ass because my wife's insistence and to break me down.
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  14. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Ohh and I forgot to tell you that I'm not allow in the betroom while they are having sex but there is a camara in the room that she leave on and I have plenty of videos of them during action, she know it and she let me keep the videos.
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  15. michael1987

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    A camera in the bedroom? For you to perv and jack-off over your wife's lover fucking her? Fuck that is hot!!

    You must have a very understanding and generous wife---or, contrariwise, a very cruel one.

    Does the video footage have a soundtrack? I love hearing the slapping and thudding together of the bellies and pelvises of my ex and my young buddy and the wet sounds of his cock thrusting in her cunt in the throes of full-on fucking.

    But best of all are the lovely sounds of my ex orgasming loudly and uncontrollably under my beautifully athletic big-cocked buddy as his breathing gets harsher and more effortfull in his buildup to his orgasm.

    Then comes the slamming of the bedhead against the wall as he cries out and gasps and grunts so manfully while he massively ejaculates into her.

    Definitely definitely not to be missed:p
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  16. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Yes the camera is hd with sound and my wife is naider generous or cruel, she is just a very smart, strong beautiful woman in total control. She is free and do what she want.
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  17. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Fuck DANG!! All praise to your savvy wife, Barbietiz!!!

    I trust the HD video-camera quality and the resolution provided by your monitor screen are high enough to show in sufficient wankworthy detail the inter-thrusting genitals---and perhaps her lover's semen welling back from the rim of your wife's vagina orgasmically contracting on the shaft of his erection.

    That's by far my favorite view of the stupendous fuckings that my ultra-virile huge-cocked spunky buddy gives my ex every night with me watching and wanking beside them on their marriage bed.

    The sooner that strong and beautiful wife of yours invites you into their bedroom to witness her lover up on her fucking her to Sex Heaven, the better for you :p
  18. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Michael, the sexual satisfaction I accomplish thru my wife affair is so intense that I'm more than grateful. Three nights ago when they were nude and kissing each other as usual she plug me, ask me out and told me, be alert we have a surprise for you. I wait one long hour while they had sex, when he was going to cum, he pull out and did it in her mouth them he call me sweet pie come in ( he always call me sweet pie) I walk in wearing my new matching bra and panties b.tempt set, she French kiss me and transfer all his cum into my mouth and star pumping in and out my plug, them she told him start counting the time while giving me the massage with the plug she start working in my little dick , I last only 7 seconds, they both laugh and start fucking in front of me, after 5 or 6 minutes she said baby you can leave now and close the door in your way out. Telling you all this Michael, I hope you understand how intense my sexual life is and why I don't need to be a witness all the time and why I'm so fortunate and grateful.
  19. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Ohh by the way I'm writing this reply at 2:00 am while they are having sex like rabbits and I'm waiting out, wearing a VS bra and panty set hoping I'll get some semen treat tonight. In the morning I get up at 7 am to make breakfast that I serve them in the bed wearing my pink silk pajamas.
  20. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Our family and friends do know about our lifestyle. Due to being caught we told our 3 kids about our lifestyle. Before that our friends knew about other men fucking my wife. My wifes sister and mom knew early into our marriage, as did my sister.
    Is it an enhancement, I say yes. No reason to hide it anymore at home.
    Humiliating yes. My wife gave birth to our bulls baby a son a little while ago.
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