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  1. small9

    small9 Active Member

    Do your family and friends know your a cuckold? In my situation before my wife took her ex boyfriend as a bull it was her younger sister who encouraged her to cuckold me. Long story. So in my case my 27 year old sister in law and her fiance know about my being a cuckold.
  2. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    Many folks have never even heard the word cuckold so they dont know about it. But my family all know my wife fucks other guys, and she has even fucked some of my male family members. Most of her family dont know anything about what she does but she does have 2 sisters who do know she fucks around. What they DONT know is that she has fucked both of their husbands.
  3. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    My mother in law and sister in law know and a few close friends of hers.
  4. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    Neither of us really have any family left so the answer to that question is no, however several of our cloase friends know that we do engage in voyeuristic sex and we have even introduced one couple to the lifestyle
  5. marknaughty

    marknaughty Guest

    Many of our family members are aware that she cuckolds me. Most of them are the ones that have sex with her. My mother is aware due to the fact that she has cuckolded my father for years. My mother has guided my wife in some situations.
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  6. kumar_tamil21

    kumar_tamil21 New Member

    My mother supports my wife to fuck around, mother did not know that i know, if my mother tells me to go here and there means my wife got company in my house. many time my mother took me to my aunts place or some mall to give my wife privacy and place to fuck around.

    hi, i am Indian cuckold, India cuckold is very difficult, because most of the familys are living together.
  7. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    When I was with my ex and she cuckolded me many of her close friends, who we spent a lot of time with, knew and encouraged her fairly openly to engage in sex with other men. She actually found her first lover through a close friend of hers who spent a lot of time with us as a couple.

    With her closest three girl friends who i knew very well. She made it so clear with them that her first lover had an amazingly wonderful and large cock. Although I do not have a small cock, she would tell them that I felt so small. By rights my average cock did look small compared to her lover.

    I suppose, she sort of used her friends to help her continue to cuckold me. She did of course use them as an excuse to go with her lover, initially when she was cheating on me. After I found out about the cheating she was much more open about her lover with her friends. By which I mean she was more open to talk about him with her friends while I was around. Which meant there were often other people around when she shared her recent experiences.

    It was so embarrassing to know how many people knew and wonder how many others knew. Conversely because of the wide knowledge of what she was doing when we hit a few rough patches there was support from them to continue to be with her lover.
  8. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    It would almost be easier to say who doesn't know. Her mother and sisters and their husbands, essentially all her (our) friends, many of her co-workers, most of the people where I used to work (I'm self-employed now), and our next door neighbors (including their grown son and daughter). Oh I forgot to mention our plumber who knows first hand. I'm sure there are others I failed to mention but then the list is growing so it would be hard to get everyone.
  9. Kyle1213

    Kyle1213 Member

    My situation is pretty close to yours .
  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey's family (mother, father, brother) know about Audrey having lovers, male and female. Her parents are naturalists, so Audrey has been in a sexually open environment all of her life. Her brother has met a more traditionally minded girl and is no longer into it.

    Audrey's parents are happy she has found someone (i.e. me) who loves her as she is and accepts her need for non-monogamy. They never thought that she would marry. The only thing that sort of embarrasses me in from of her family is when Audrey has mentioned that I've fucked wives of her lovers or her (mostly) lesbian girlfriend.

    My ex-wife also knows.
  11. Kyle1213

    Kyle1213 Member

    For the most part all of my wife's friends know . In fact at least one that I know of is cheating on her husband. It does embarrass me when my wife talks openly about it with them . She says that this girl friend of hers is envious that my wife doesn't have to sneak around .

    What really gets me is that my 19 year old daughter not only knows but recognizes him as her mom's boyfriend . My household is VERY female.
  12. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    For the most part, only those who have been lucky enough to be included in the fun have any idea. She thinks my sister may have figured out that she had done one of my friends, years ago. If so, we don't think she ever told anyone else. Most of our friends, we think, are convinced I fuck around, but think she is a saint. She gets a great kick out of this.
  13. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    Our familes never knew about any of it. Friends that was a different story and yes some of them are aware of our activity
  14. small9

    small9 Active Member

    yeah The only family that knows is my wife's younger sister who pushed my wife into cuckolding me. She gets updates all the time.
  15. kumar_tamil21

    kumar_tamil21 New Member

    my mother engarage my wife to fuck my elder brother since he is not married and alone. as our indian culture we are living together. my elder brother is the head of the family, i assist him in his business. my wife openly flirts and behave with my brother in front of everyone. my mother makes me massage her foot while my brother nail my wife in my room.
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  16. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    kumar_tamil21, has your brother fucked your wife? Does he touch her freely when you're around? Please give us more details.
  17. qwertyhub

    qwertyhub New Member

    2 of her girl friends know about our cuckold life style. In my family nobody knows.
    All her boy friends know that she is slut. Initially we hided our relationship. later she started wearing anklet on her right leg. then her friend know about our cuckold lifestyle. Its really thrilling.
  18. kumar_tamil21

    kumar_tamil21 New Member

    yes, my brother fucked my wife with everyone's knowledge, in front of everyone in the family he touch her freely, my wife take good care of him as her true husband,
    in front of my mother she says to me like

    "hy dear go and wash your brother's car, he is taking me to a move"

    "dear , i think i left my skirt in your brother's room,would you mind bring it here"
  19. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    None of my family knows. A close friend of mine knows. Her sister and a few of her friends know.

    Her friends like to fuck around too from what I understand.
  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    All women would like to, but ours are special because we here allow them to explore their sexuality and wants, while enjoying it ourselves.

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