Experienced, Hung, White Bull in L.A./O.C. (Beach Area)

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    I'm still on the hunt for the right cuck couple...I'm an EXPERIENCED (not wannabe) late 30s bull with a very large cock and am multi-orgasmic (I can cum repeatedly without going limp). I seek a serious cuck couple-new is fine, as long as your for real and not just online fantasy. Ideally, we can develop a long-term friendship socially and sexually, but not required. I do have a serious long-term girlfriend who is 100% aware and supportive of my bull activities. She's basically a cuckquean/voyeur and gets off on my satisfying other women. She can join in the play or I can play alone. If she does join, she is also dominant over small-dicked cucks and is usually dominant with women also. She finds small penises funny and can genuinely assist in cuck humiliation without simply putting on an act. I've converted her into a size queen.

    Kindly DM me with stats and details of your situation, including location.

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    show us your "very large cock"
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