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    So my girlfriend starts telling me dirty stories one night. We've never spoken about cuckolding but I think she has worked out what I like. Here she is in bed telling me about some ex that she used to cheat on and I figured that she made it all up just to occasionally satisfy my sick fantasies.

    The story goes that there was this Latino guy. He was much older, overweight, had a small penis and would flirt with her non-stop. I could never tell if some of this was borrowed from her real life experiences but I feel like this guy never actually fucked her. He'd grope her and she'd always get all wet, including whilst she was with her ex bf, the guy after him.

    "You like hearing about this old, fat man with his hands on my tits?" she asked, moving her head as if to lead me. I just smiled. "You like him kissing my lips and him running his hands over me? You do you dirty boy!"

    "You're bad!" I grinned at her.

    "You're the bad one. You know he used to stand behind me, his bellie would push up against me, his tongue in my ear as he fingered me?"

    I stiffened and I was really getting into this.

    "He'd grab my top, pull it down and expose my tits. I never let him fuck me though. I'd turn around, get on my knees and open wide. His little brown cock would slide into my mouth. I love that little brown cock. Those big juicy balls. When he came in my mouth he wouldn't spurt, he'd just slowly ooze into my mouth"


    "Yeah, then I'd swallow all that then go stick my tongue in my boyfriends's mouth" she said as she looked down at me stroking my cock, now a little faster and harder. "You'd kiss my cummy lips would you?"

    "Yeah" I weakly said with a small smile.

    "Would you give me permission to suck this old, sweaty cock, swallow his cum and come back to roll my tongue in your mouth?"


    "You'd let him have my mouth whenever he wanted?"


    "Even though your cock is bigger, this old man still uses your little girlfriends mouth to take his little, slippery, brown cock. Would you let him da that? Tell me."


    "Omg, you'd let him use my mouth?"


    "You like be cuckolded by this old man with his sweaty cum in my mouth?"


    "Don't get shy now! Would you taste his cum on my mouth? Is it worth it to cum?"

    I stopped jerking off. "This is kinda weird"

    "Ha! You cam this far, stop lying to yourself, this is what you want. Let him cum in my mouth baby"

    She lent over, started sucking my cock then I started squirting into her mouth.

    I still had my eyes shut when she said "Take his load babe" and she kissed me. As she did so her finger circled around my asshole. "You were just completely dominated by a little old Latino cock, you sissy little cuck" she said, emphasizing cuck with a slight push into my asshole. I was catching my breath, my head was spinning and I was reeling from what had just happened. Hang on a minute, how much of that story was real?

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