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Ever been laughed at?

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Natscuck, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Natscuck

    Natscuck Member

    has anyone ever been laughed at as part of this lifestyle? what was it over? how did it make you feel?

    For me the first time I was laughed at was after my wife had fucked a rather girthy cock and cum several times on it in multiple positions. When it was finally time for me to enjoy her afterwards I stuck my cock in and began fucking only to look at her and notice her smirking which then turned into giggling. She immediately realised and became very apologetic (but still smiling) and mentioned that my cock just felt so different to her lovers.. i.e smaller!

    Again afterwards she was quite apologetic but the whole thing actually was a turn on!
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  2. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    we don't do the humiliation thing but once in a while after I"ve been fucked by my lover he'll say old pencil dick cant make you feel like that can he?
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  3. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    They laugh at me all the time, but don't plan it or go out of their way to do it. The first time they really laughed at me was the first time my wife put me in a chastity cage.

    i didn't specifically agree to being caged, but i did agree to do whatever our Bull tells me to do while he's over to fuck my wife. He makes me wear a cage when he's over to fuck my wife. To add to the humiliation he had my wife put it on in front of him the first time. It was really difficult getting the cage on the first time. The submission and humiliation kept me hard, which makes caging impossible for most devices. Add to that my wife had no experience putting on a cage. When she finally got it on right, the moment she snapped the lock shut she just started laughing, and soon he followed. i think it was spontaneous, not planned. She likes when i get what i need - which are regular doses of submission fixes.
  4. Wife4others

    Wife4others Active Member

    Been laughed by our bulls for having to wear a condom when my wife and I have sex. Been laughed at for cumming without touching myself.
    Also being at a few nudist resort wearing a chasity cage with friends and bulls being very publicly affectionate with my wife.
  5. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    some of Her friends know and they do laugh at me...

    as i serve them wine...;)
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  6. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My wife's best friend does occasionally needle me a bit about being a cuckold, although more all in fun than anything. She has laughed at my expense a couple of times. Just this past November, she bought two tickets to a musical I absolutely abhor that she was supposed to see with my wife. However, my wife ultimately had a date with her bull the night of the performance, and sent me as her proxy.

    As this is real life and not an exotic story, not much time was spent on it, but she did crack a few jokes at my expense -- at the end of the night, after the show we had gone out for a drink and when the waitress asked if we were having one more she replied yes, and when the waitress left, looked to me and said with a smile and a wink "let's give them another 20 minutes together."

    I can deal with it because this woman has been a good friend to us both and has more than once told me in confidence that she deeply admires how I can allow my wife such sexual freedom and has expressed that she thinks I'm a wonderful husband.

    I'm not personally "into" humiliation, but I don't mind taking the occasional joke about being a cuckold from her, knowing that down deep she admires and respects me for it.
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  7. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    I get laughed at on a regular basis.
    Once while my wife was with her BF in Vegas, they called me to tell me what a good laugh they were having knowing I was at home with my chastity cage on while they were having good time with each other in Vegas.
    The funny thing was that her BF didn't know anything about chasitity cages and such. Shannon had to explain what I was wearing and had me send her a pic so she could show him, she said they got a good kick out of that then sent me this pic of my wife right after they fucked.

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  8. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Your wife has a Beautiful body. Must be Wonderful Torture to not get very much access to it.
  9. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    Not exactly cuckold laughter (and pretty tame stuff compared to whats discussed here) but quite a few months ago i was in bed (naked) apart from my chastity device (htv2s) and my wife who is still not really that comfortable with the device rolled over in bed and her hand brushed the cage. I was half asleep but she obviously thought I was asleep. So after touching it for a second she laughed out loud to herself. I was embarrassed and so fucking turned on all at the same time. Thinking again about this moment, I really want to bring it up to her to tell he how turned on I was but think I am unsure how she would take it.
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  10. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    You should definitely tell her. That is the Only way to find out. Make it clear that though you don't completely understand why, you were extremely turned on by her Spontaneous Laugher brought on by your "manhood 's" current condition.
  11. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    I think you are right. Just need to get the courage and timing right for a chat. She is out tonight with friends at a quiz night so I'm hoping she has a few drinks so I feel more comfortable talking to her about stuff the weird's her out.
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  12. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    I so like my bulls to laugh at poor hubby while he's tied up watching a real man play with my lovely boobs that hubby is never allowed to touch. I love telling a new boyfriend that hubby is only allowed to watch while a real man enjoys me in a sexy outfit poor hubby paid for lol
  13. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    They laughed at me again yesterday, and by the gods i was so embarrassed.

    A few days ago my wife and i had some pillow talk involving our Bull and naturally, his envy-inducing cock. She asked me what i was most envious of -- and offered a few humbling suggestions in a matter-of-fact tone, "Its bigger length; its thicker shaft?"

    i told her, no, it's his cock's head. It's so fat and swollen it makes mine looks so insignificant. It's proportional to his shaft, which is also much thicker than mine, but it's his much bigger head that drives me insane with envy. i told her it turns me on how envious i get seeing it -- only problem is because he's got a thick foreskin that covers most even when he's hard, i rarely get to see his entire cockhead with all its powerful effect on me.

    So yesterday, they're lying in bed while our Bull is recharging for round two. i'm sitting on my heels on the floor massaging my wife's feet, when out of the blue she said, "Guess what he told me yesterday."

    i gasped in a breath and nervously begged her to stop by shaking my head no, but she got this mischievous smirk as she continued. "He told me when I go down on you, he wants me to peel down your foreskin so he can see your whole head."

    She started laughing as soon as she finished, and i buried my blushing face in the sheets in exasperation, still nervously massaging her foot. He asked me if it was true, and because i knew he knew damn well it's true, i told him, "yes, sir." He laughed, but not at all in a mean or scoffing way - more of a reassuring way when i admitted the intensity of my phallus worship of his cock.

    As if i needed another reason to be envious of him, when my wife went between his legs to go down on him a little later, he showed how a real Alpha male leads the action. Without a hint of self-consciousness or shyness, he politely instructed my wife to scoot over to the side of the bed and told me to kneel sitting on my heels beside her. He then slid over as far as his open legs would allow, and just as confidently told my wife, "Go ahead and peel it down for him." Later he told her to make eye contact, reminded her to keep peeling his foreskin down all the way; told us to kiss each other on opposite sides.

    i hope this is the start of a new ritual not something they'll do once and forget about.
  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Excellent, Wife and Bull for You. I Personally know what you mean about that Beautiful mushroom head too.
  15. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    Many of times but this most recent time a couple weeks back. My wife of a year brought home a male friend (he's black & they've been kind of dating) of hers and he and I both pulled our pants down at the same time and she and the her friend both started laughing at our size difference. He's penis wasn't even erect and looked at least 3-4 or so inches longer than my penis which was semi erect. And he's like "damn your man don't got shit going on down there. I can see why you always coming to me"
  16. goodguy1184

    goodguy1184 New Member

    New here. Anyway.
    After a night of midweek drinking with the wife, which I had hoped would lead to the very rare and sought after Tuesday pussy, she buried me in excuses and went to bed. have been working some nights, so it's not unusual for me to stay up after she goes to bed (super convenient for porn consumption and internet jerking.) I I sat up for a while with a killer booze glow, and figured, what the Hell, I'll check out some webcams. I found one doing SPH shows, and got to talking with her until I was sure I wanted to do this with her. So I get the supplies together, kick back in my super comfy new recliner in the living room with my new found internet friend happily willing to indulge my perversion. Throw in my noise cancelling headphones, and get this show started. I was having a wonderful time, splitting time between beating my well lubed dicklette on camera for the amusement of the sexiest little petite black girl, and typed conversations, while she was singularly focused on informing me just how sad I was in comparison to the massive black cocks she insisted on in her life. I was staggeringly engorged, striking some personal best balance between edging and wallowing knee deep in self deprecation and erotic teasing. I must say, I was, for the first time, so caught up in the moment, that I had a rare lapse in situational awareness.
    I was completely unaware, thanks to my handy noise cancelling, room isolating, handy pervert friendly headphones, that my wife had woken for a pee, wandered through the house, and was standing in the doorway of the livingroom, admiring my handywork.
    When I finally bumbled back to self awareness, I lunged forward, simultaneously trying to hide my throbbing unit, the jug-o-lube on the arm of the chair, the laptop hanging inches above my nuts with my ongoing porn show, and the fact that I was coated in enough lube from the throat nipples down to lubricate a 53' freight trailer.
    I was just startled and drunk enough that I was unable to form my normally iron-clad explanation for why I was gleefully beating my meat to near death in the livingroom in the middle of the night, I just stared back at her in total humiliation, waiting for the worst. This isn't the worst thing she's ever caught me doing, but, it may be the most embarrassing.
    As I started to mumble some intoxicated excuse, she interrupted. "I don't have my glasses, what the fuck?"
    As I slammed the laptop shut, assuming THAT was the worst of this, I stumbled for the answer, "Uhh, just reading some shit online."
    Her response left me staggered. "Shut up, and show me what you're watching. Unplug the headphones, now."
    So I slowly unplugged the headphones, opened the laptop, and spun it around, all the while anticipating her just getting completely disgusted with me, packing a bad, and leaving just that second. I underestimated something, be it the number of drinks she had with me, her willingness to play, or just pure sadism. I still don't know. I can say I didn't expect what came next.
    She snatched the laptop, and unplugged my headphones for me, and started reading backward in the chat session, all the while listening to this beautiful petite thing degrade me and my pathetic dink.
    After a minute or so, she grins in a way I had never seen, still half squinting for lack of her glasses, and laughs out loud. There it is, glasses or no, she just read all the shit I've been chatting with this girl about.
    I never expected her next move. She sat down in the chair next to mine, plops the laptop in her lap, and barks "get my glasses."
    I pop out of the chair, half mortified, dripping with lube goo, and shuffled into the other room to grab her glasses. I secretly hoped I dropped and broke them, but, no such luck.
    I get back in the room, and she is giggling. She is now talking to this cam model, telling her how she just caught me. "Sit back down, do what you're told."
    "Uhh, ok." I was lost. I didn't know what was about to happen.
    "Now, pull your sad little cock back out." I'd never heard her talk to me like this. I couldn't believe she was treating me like this. It was making my throb.
    The microphone is now on, and she's turning the webcam back on. All I can hear from the speakers is laughter.
    As she stands up, walks toward me, and slides her pajama pants down, I'm quickly convincing myself that she's going to take pity on my, and throw me a quickie to get me to go bed.
    She then carefully positioned herself squatting, pantsless, hovering over my throbbing cock, with a grin I've never seen from her. Then I hear, "OK, do as I say" come from the computer.
    My cam girl proceeds to pull a giant black dildo from the side table, and run it up and down her pussy. More than she had done the whole time she was mocking me.
    My wife, still hovering over my cock, begins rubbing her pussy in time with the camgirl. She then proceeds to bend over, slap my throbbing dick, and laugh. Camgirl joins her.
    They spent the next 1/2 hour mercilessly mocking my tiny cock, and synchronizing camgirl's giant black dildo with my wife rubbing and fingering herself inches above my cock. Telling me how unworthy I was, how much better she'll get fucked when she cheats on me, how she longs for the cock of the "better man" she dated before me. All the while, camgirl is cheering her on, cackling, and degrading me.
    Finally, she looks down at me, still slowly rubbing my cock, and says "You ready to cum, you piece of shit?"
    "God yes, I can't hold on much more.." I was beyond shame at this point, I was ready to repaint the ceiling over this newfound side of my wife.
    "Fine, then, finish yourself off with this, loser. Remember Dave, our neighbor Laura's friend? I've been fucking him for months. As of right now, I'll never touch your sad little cock again. We'll work our the details later, loser. Cum and go to bed."
    Right that second, I came. Everywhere. Got some on her, what felt like a gallon on me, Hell, I might have actually gotten some on the ceiling.
    She squelched "What the FUCK!", turned, hiked her pants up over her soggy mess, and walked away.

    She hasn't spoken to me in 3 days. I haven't really spoken to ANYONE in 3 days. I have no idea what to think. I don't know what's going to happen next, but I get hard every I think about it. We'll see what comes next.
  17. open2it

    open2it Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a great opportunity to talk with your wife about cuckolding you. However, communication is important and this is the perfect time to begin talking.
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  18. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    She's laughed or giggled at me a few times when I pre-mature ejaculated, or couldn't get it up. One time she was pleasuring me with her feet and laughed as she said, "It's too bad that the only sex you get is from my feet."
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  19. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I would say giggles more than laughs. I must admit they are usually always in an endearing way. I usually cum extremely quick and we both tend to giggle over it, my ex used to berate me over it a lot, but my current wife 10 years on still finds it 'cute'. She happily pokes a little fun at me the next morning if she knows or sensed me masturbating during the night. She loves watching me ejaculate on my own face/ open mouth as well (which my ex never liked it) and has a bit of a chuckle as i cum, but to this day its always been as fun we have together, never been in a mean, hurtful way. Makes a big difference when you are trying to express your sexuality and who you are, if you can both have a laugh about it later, it makes life much happier.
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  20. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Very Nicely Said. So True too

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