European bull in Shanghai 在上海的欧洲王八

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  1. OuzhouBull

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    Hi all and glad to be here, I'm a white male from Europe currently in China long term. I work here, have some local friends, participate to meetups etc etc am enjoying China and the dynamic Shanghai.

    Have experience being a bull, hope to find friends and potentially stable play partners.

    Will gladly share my contact (wechat or qq) and tell you more about myself after your first message and short introductionhere.


  2. OuzhouBull

    OuzhouBull New Member

    Whoops I missed something in the title
    It's 在上海的欧洲bull找王八 :)
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    nice to see you


    nice to see you ! I am in shanghai !
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  4. tequila121

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    nice to see you! I am in Shanghai!
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  5. Chinese cuck with my gf here, add QQ plz : 2838038449

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