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    So there we were in bed. My pussy is wet and ready for a few hours of his warm and silky smooth tongue, his firm caged and purple panty covered cock and my favorite little pink two-finger shaped multi-speed vibrator. This combination can get me going and soak the sheets to the point that we have now begun using bed sheet protectors. You know the orgasms are above and beyond great when you completely soak the bed sheet protectors.

    My mind is beginning to wander and go wild with the expectations of the clitoral orgasms that go on and on during these sessions. Clitorals are my favorite orgasms because my husband has now taken extra time and effort to use his tongue, a lifelike dildo and a perfectly sized slick glass stimulator to bring me to repeated orgasms. When I say repeated I mean these go on and on. He has counted as many as thirteen in an early afternoon crazy spur of the moment action of wet sex. Usually after he has performed well and services my warm sweet juice container to the point it is drained and I feel I must just stop and give him a rest, I tell him I must stop and come back for more later. Then of course I do come back for more.

    At this point I am hot, wet and ready to go, but he is usually still exhausted from me allowing him to shoot his small amount of built up cum.....IF it is a session in which I have allowed him to cum. Of course I must mention that during these sessions he shoots that salty hot liquid into my pulsing pussy, he never hesitates to take a deep breath and slide down between my legs and seek out my hot damp hole and begin to lap up the rewards of the nectar we have just created. He seems to have really become addicted to the taste of the mixture of our liquids mixed together and heated inside my hot box. I love to hear the sounds of him lapping up every last drop. The moaning and groaning that accompanies the sound of his tongue swirling just on the edge of my opening he has spread as wide open as possible.

    Sometimes the sounds get me hot again and when he is finished I tell him I have another orgasm left in me and he must please me just one more time. It is this next time that I usually have those earth shattering vaginal orgasms. It is so nice that he now does not have to have me grab him by the head and force his head between my legs to clean the mess we have created like I used to.There were not many of those days because he began to develop a fondness for the taste of the drippings and of what it meant to me to have him be so submissive. When you can train your husband to clean up every last drop and love it your life becomes cleaner, easier and happier. When he becomes addicted to the taste he can hardly wait to dive in for his favorite desert.

    This particular afternoon was off to a great start....I thought. I sit up on the edge of the bed he has prepared for us and pull him close to me. His beautiful purple panties have a huge sticky wet spot staring me right in the face. I love reaching up with both hands and slowly unveiling his caged stick. I was ready to suck a bit of warm liquid onto my tongue from his cock that I have just released from the cold stainless steel jailhouse.

    Now this little cock usually springs to attention upon release at the mere thought of my bringing the key into his sight, but this time we have a limp dipstick that is dripping juice like a faucet left on. What is the problem here? Don't I have his full attention? What should I do? This is unacceptable to me when I have plans for so much action on this bed this afternoon. Only one way to remedy this situation and let him know that I take this seriously and that when I want a bit of salty drippings in my mouth, I want it from a firm warm throbbing ready for fucking my pussy kind of cock. I'm not going to put this limp and wimpy, short and skimpy soggy noodle in my mouth and try to shape it into something useable! So I only have one choice.
    He can tell I am disappointed. I immediately tell him to hand me that rigid pink cage made of resin that I have written in pink "Sam's Sissy". I put it on his tiny cock and gave him a pair of clean purple ruffled panties to put on. I tell him to get fully dressed from the waist down. While he is dressing I grab my robe from the chair and go to the dresser where I keep all of my husband's sissy clothing and I get out his purple training bra. I tell him to hold out his arms and I help him struggle into it and tell him to pick out a shirt to put on that he is headed to Walmart. Of course he does as he as told and within minutes he is dressed with sissy clothing barely visible under his loose button up shirt. I grin and he asks me what I need from the store. I hand him a list with only one item on diapers.....that will fit a woman that weighs 175......yes diapers for an adult woman.

    "Yes, honey, the time has come for me to let you know how important it is for me to have a ready cock at all times in my bedroom."

    He says he is sorry about his failure a few minutes ago, but explains he was extremely tired.

    "I know you are tired sweetheart, but the first 20 years of this marriage my pussy stayed ready for your cock at all times no matter where or when. You told me earlier this year that my needs would come first for the next 20 years after I caged you. That jail on your cock caused you to focus on my satisfaction and my bodies needs. This helped me learn to orgasm repeatedly which is a win win situation for both of us. So I want you to understand that I am not willing to give up on our new way of life. You will go to the store and purchase these diapers and they are for you to wear over that baby cock you have. You did not come to my bed prepared today, so now you will be caged and diapered. Go now and do not return to me until you have found the diapers that are most definitely going to be visibly feminine." He left feeling a bit embarrassed and nervous that he might be found to be wearing a bra under his shirt at the store. I sent him to Walmart in hopes that he might run into some of our friends. I could not allow him to go to a smaller store that there would be less chance of being seen. Being caught by our friends or people that work for him would the ultimate reprimand for his weak participation today. As soon as he returns with his new attire for his baby cock that will not come to attention for me, I strip him down to only his cage. I explain that he will no longer be wearing the panties I so adore seeing his cute little ass in. He will now only be allowed to wear the newly purchased diapers with the cute pink and purple flowers that are so adorable. This will serve as a reminder to him that if his cock was going to perform like a baby, then I would now dress his cock like a baby girl.

    I then got back on the bed in position for him to begin servicing my still wet and hot pussy. When I knew that he was ready and really into our session and that his cock was probably now throbbing and about to explode inside the cage and his diaper from all the nasty talk I am screaming at him while he is working away on my orgasms, I sneakily reach over to my phone hidden under the pillow and push SEND on the message I typed while he was gone to:

    CockNWaiting....."today is the day. I am ready to bring you into the mix. PLZ come up ready for action. Knock on the side door. He will let you in."

    Things are really getting hot in the bed and the sheet protector on the bed is already becoming wet because I am on the fourth or fifth clitoral orgasm had when I almost forget that I have sent out a text when I hear a knock on the door! Oh my, I tell him to go to the door like he is, diaper and cage and nectar on his face and don't worry. I say it is just a friend. Of course he assumes I mean one of my many close girl friends and he is so hot that at this point he just wants them to come on in and join us. Little does he know that today he won't be sucking on that FAKE lifelike cock. Today he gets the real thing! Now the desert recipe for this afternoon will have whipped cream on top! I'm sure it will only take a few times of forcing his head between my spread legs to taste the new recipe.

    This will be his favorite new addiction.
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    I hope I do not overstep my bounds, but I edited with paragraph breaks. It was driving me mad.
    Fun to read with good details, Thanks!
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    Of course I do not mind at all. Trust me, it was getting to me typing it. I wasn't sure how it would show up but now I know. My next submissions will be much tidier. I didn't get time to proof read it either and my caged husband didn't mention that he saw anything I needed to correct so I was in a hurry and hit submit. Glad you liked it. I think I might have seen "subbyhubby" somewhere. I'll have to look and see if you have some stuff to read. Nice to know that my husband is not the only sub out there!
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