Entertaining Hubbys' Guests?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by DieSt, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. DieSt

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    If the wife were to whore herself to hubby's guests (while watched/participated), would she consider this as being a good hostess to her guests, making them feel more comfortable and wanted? Or would she consider this as just another part of the play in the cuckold lifestyle? Or would she consider it both?
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  2. the6ulprsn

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    Hubby's guests

    I certainly can't speak for anyone else, but my wife has been the 'house slut' for many years to overnight guests. Invariably, she spends every night in their bed instead of mine. The men have expressed appreciation for her willingness to make them feel welcome when away from home. She, in turn, has always seemed pleased at being wanted. Certainly her role is a direct result of cuckolding me. So the short answer is - both!!
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  3. hotmonica

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    My hubby has a guy friend that comes over every weekend and I entertain him . We have even went into the bedroom and left hubby in the livingroom after hubby fell asleep
    . Then made hubby lick out the creampie after. I also make him take pictures to jerk off to later on after I make him eat the creampie , he does not like it but i make him do his job and clean me up. then he might get lucky and get sloppy seconds. I find myself counting the days till the weekend .... with my bull i actually enjoy the four play , my bull sits beside me before the fun .
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  4. Hawke82

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    My wife rarely plays at home (we have kids), but one of her favorites (a good well hung friend of ours) was coming for a visit on the same weekend that the kids were going to be away at summer camp. I picked him up at the airport, and when we got home, my wife asked me to run to the corner store to pick up some wine.

    I was gone less than 15 minutes, but when I got home, my friend and my wife were no where to be seen. It didn't take long to find then in the guest room, having passionate sex. She ended up spending each night of his visit in his room, and she lost count of the times they had sex.

    After he left on monday, she ended up taking the next day off, just to catch up on sleep.
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  5. jphenor

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    At home

    Personally I have found that wives are more comfortable if they can play at home. They are more relaxed, know where everything is etc. For some I believe there is also that little extra in a cucks wife having another man in the bed she on other nights shares with her cuck hubby.
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  6. cuckhusband

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    My wife USUALLY entertains my guests. My best friend often stays with us on weekends and they go at it all weekend long either right in front of me or they will go into our bed and fuck while i sit in the other room. I usually do not bother them but sometimes I do take pics or vids. I am almost always expected to lick her out afterwards while they snuggle. He is the most common but there have been many others. Usually she will tell me she would like to fuck a guy, and I will soon invite him over for one reason or another and watch as seduces him. Even if I am having a guy over that she has no intention of fucking she will dress in such a way as to give them a bit of a show and try to get them hard for her (often wearing daisy dukes, or short skirts and she never wears a bra in our house). Often times the "guests" she has entertained were male family members of mine. It usually depends on the guy and how at ease or nervous he is with me around as to whether she will fuck him in front of me or lead him into our bed and fuck him there. While I am left out at times like this I do not mind one bit. It is also very exciting to sit in one room with your wife in another getting fucked by another man. If the guy is any good i also get the added pleasure of hearing the moans, groans, and grunts, as he pounds her which is also very erotic. And if I hear the headboard banging against the wall I know he is giving it to her good. I often get the most turned on by watching as she seduces a new man for the very first time. Seeing her prance around in front of him dressed in fairly revealing clothes and being very obvious in her flirting with him. You can just feel the tension, excitement, uncertainty, and raw lust in the air. I have often spent the night sleeping in the other room, or the couch while she, and a lover take our bed for the night. And one night recently I slept on the floor next to the bed after being edged off of it by her and, my buddy going at it hot, and heavy. Asking my wife about how she felt about it she considers it to be a bit of both "good hostess" and "part of cucking" but she says, in the long run she doesnt really care about either, as long as she gets what she needs ;)
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  7. robb32

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    If my wife from early on only had this willingness, there would be a lot more happy people. she has been but Wish she had been THIS open.
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