Emotional Long Term-Sexually Retired?

Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by poormissy, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    Ms. Emma and i have been exploring chastity and long term teasing/denial for several years now. We both find this direction very fulfilling. In fact, when i cum it is sort or a let down...i feel like i somehow failed a bit. i know that it's necessary for health but i am talking emotionally here.

    i think Ms. Emma finds it a little endearing that it bothers me. She seems to enjoy my emotional dilemma. . . i desperately want to cum and yet i desperately don't want to. She wins both ways.

    As i am 21 yrs older than Her, we talk about someday retiring me sexually if she finds a suitable long term partner. i believe this is a goal we both would find erotic and interesting.

    We would appreciate any experience or insight others of you may have regarding a wife with a long term lover who has cut off hubby's sexual access.


  2. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Not speaking from personal experience but from what I have read, it's fairly common for a wife with a long-term lover to cut off her husband's access to her sex. I might be mistaken but I don't think permanent sexual denial (to the husband) is all that commonplace when a wife has a long-term lover.

    Sexual denial is a large part of being a 'voluntary cuckold', as you know. My wife and I share your enjoyment of chastity and long term teasing/denial and have also been engaged in the same kind of relationship for some years, now, to our mutual benefit and enjoyment. She denies her pussy to me for months on end. However, I do masturbate when I please, as does my wife, but it isn't all that often for me although it certainly is for her, which is fine with me. Should she ever actually take a long-term lover, I would not expect to be having sex with her very often, if at all. It's just a part of the 'deal'. Still, masturbation is natural and should probably not be ended forever, as you said, for emotional as well as physical health.
  3. gato

    gato New Member

    Yeah its common

    A pretty large number of cucks are also cutoff. There is a great cutoff cuck page on fmsb.org. they don't update often but what is there is pretty cool. She cuts me off whenever she has a lover. still get to lick her pussy but no intercourse.
  4. poormissy

    poormissy New Member


    Interesting you should mention that site as we are one of the featured cut-off cuckold/Mistress couples there under the handle, "second fiddle." We were busier a year or so ago but have slowed down due to the arrival of the baby. But lately things have been heating up a bit and the pot is about ready to boil over.

    Hope to have many new adventures in the near future.
  5. Ms Jacquelyn

    Ms Jacquelyn New Member

    denial access and headspace

    I find this topic very interesting in terms of semanticism -for example -a 'vanilla couple' if you'll pardon the expression doesnt get to have sex for a certain period of time due to health and schedules for instance -a fem dom couple doesnt have sex for the same period of time and the husband is termed "denied" -both males go the same period of time without intercourse but one is "denied" -and there is the turn-on for the fem dom couple and the very thing the vanilla couple doesnt understand -but I think its really the way each of the couples think about it.
    what I personally espouse instead of denial -is depletion -which is the opposite of chastity but with the same -if not intensified effect -the male wants to have sex -but he is all empty depleted -in fact he is not allowed to carry one little drop of come in his balls and has to deplete regularly for mistress in a variety of humiliating ways for her -when one thinks of an orgasm as a release of tension and as a moment of edification of dominance -then depletion supplies submission at a much faster rate than chastity -thats just my opinion -but I digress -what I think is an appropriate measure is for mistress and submissive to have sex that doesnt involve intercourse -strap-on play -prostate pleay supervised masturbation etc -then access is still denied -chastity devices still inhibit
    submissive sexual free will -submissive is bonded to mistress .cuckoldress
    is still cuckolding sub with intercourse with male of her choosing -submissive is retired from intercourse but sexual bonding is still taking place and all of the 'orgasm as a negative experience 'is alleviated and everyone is happy -just my opinion but there it is -Happy relationship -Ms Jacquelyn
  6. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    Ms Jacquelyn

    Well, Ms Jacquelyn, i have to admit that after years in Femdom/chastity/cuckolding You have zapped me with a whole new spin on things.

    Depletion is interesting...reduction of sexual arousal. It would seem there is some fantasy relationship here with castration.

    It's also interesting how you picture the interpersonal dynamics shifting to the advantage of the Dominant.

    Would love to go more deeply into this topic.
  7. jj62

    jj62 New Member

    Exactly the situation I am in when my wife is dating. She believes that full penetrative sex would be 'cheating' on her b/f, but that does leave the door open to lots of T&D and masturbation. I am also allowed to go down on her, as she sees this as a form of sexual release for her when her b/f is not around.

    When she is not dating, then the 'ban' is off and I am able to enjoy a full sex life again.

  8. ontheside

    ontheside New Member

    Giggling ... my POV is different. If I'm denied access to my hubby's cock ... then I feel as if I'm cheated!

    I don't pledge fidelity to my b/fs anymore than I do to my hubby. Why would I want to limit myself?
  9. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Hey, OTS, does your hubby have any sexual dominance in the bedroom with you?

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