Emailed my new Girlfriend a no pics sex message (mistake?)

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by SmallFry, May 21, 2020.

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    Only in the dating stage but under the influence of wine and hanging out on this forum I sent my gf an e mail with a confession.
    We have not even sexually flirted yet let alone knowing about each other's unclothed bodies or sexual proclivities/history.
    I have had a rampant SPH fetish for a long time which had led to a very expansive sexual lifestyle with my (now former) wife. Although I would love to engage in such things with my gf (Janice) we are in very early stages and I can't even guess her sexual interests/experiences/ fantasies are. Quite possibly she will be more conventional than explorative and I may never broach the subject if we indeed go past the dating/just friends stage.
    Having said that the wine and the tittilating recollections caused me to post an e mail to her. It may be more of a matter of fact wanna be open and honest in nature but it was spurred on by lust and going too long without flesh to flesh sexual activity. Unfortunately I wish I had stayed more within a conventional flirtatious mode rather than succumbing to my fetish. I have absolutely no idea how she may react.
    I was not overtly sexual. Absolutely no reference to any fetish, fantasy, sexual history or current desires but I decided to be candid (to allegedly spare her ant shock or surprise) .
    I provided a short missive detailing the fact that I actually am very underendowed. No pics but dimensional detail and basically telling her I am hung like a mouse not a moose.
    I also related some examples how I have been embarrassed and humiliated in the past in regards to my tiny penis.
    Even though in the heat of the moment it was very arousing for me to do this as I was thinking she may probably appreciate my honesty I should have masturbated first before being so rash. Some decisions acted on when horny can be ill advised. It is like going food shopping on an empty stomach. I now fear opening the next email I get from her.
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    "... Even though in the heat of the moment it was very arousing for me to do this as I was thinking she may probably appreciate my honesty.."

    The good thing is if this is important to you, you're better off know sooner rather than later if she's into it. Otherwise a couple of years from now, you'll be one of those guys asking in a post, "How do I get my wife interested in my fantasies." Better off starting with a woman who is.

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