Edmonton, Alberta man looking for hotwife or cucking situation

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  1. I'm 58, a finance professional, recreational pilot, award-winning musician, 5'11" tall, 190 pounds. Fit, witty, and willing to meet with a wife for a short-term or ongoing relationship. Primarily, I'm in Edmonton, but travel through Red Deer to Calgary regularly. If you are looking for a great guy to be a FB / FWB / or cuck your hubby, I juuuuuust might be your guy. I prefer women who keep themselves in shape, have a good sense of humour. I have a flexible schedule. Above average on the "How big is it?" scale. Must unwrap for confirmation.
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    Too bad you're not in Australia, at 58yo, you my friend, would be my wifes ideal FWB, she LOVES the 55-65+yo age bracket, white collar CEO alpha types.
  3. Well, come to think of it, with winter just around the corner up here, I am open to being temporarily adopted by someone south of the equator...
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