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Eating His Cum Off of Her

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Bugle_Boy, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Bugle_Boy

    Bugle_Boy New Member

    SoCalCucky put up a good post recently, which I replied to... but it was under a Blog. I thought it deserved more exposure over here... I hope you'll agree and offer your own thoughts regarding cum on your gf/wife, and consumption there of.

    here's the link: http://www.ultimatecuckold.net/blogs/socalcucky/651-cum-covered.html#comment1478

    Cum Covered
    Posted 10-11-2008 at 11:18 PM by SoCalCucky
    I'm sitting here hard and horny imagining how hot it would be to have my g/f come to bed after being gang banged and covered in cum.
    It turns me on big time to see a girl all full of cum.

    I could just imagine her being tired, coming into my arms and whispering in my ear, "clean me up a little". While at the same time getting me all wet with it as we embrace and kiss. Her body reaking of cum and the smell of it on her driving my cock nuts.

    Her pushing me down after some kissing to get to lapping. Then laying back to watch me as I lick her up.

    Then after a while when she see's me lap up a big gob, she reaches for me and says "come here, let me taste me lovers cum", as she kisses me and we swirl cum between our tongues.

    Reply by Bugle_Boy
    Well... whether your present or not when your gf/wife gets fucked, actually SEEING her still covered in cum is quantifiable proof of her infidelity. Other proof may be hickies, scratches, bruises, etc... but cum is the ultimate symbol of male sexual release and satisfaction, and if it's not your cum on your gf/wife, then seeing it all over her serves as a double whammy... both undeniable proof and high impact symbol of your cuckold status.

    Moving further, having it rubbed onto your own body, licking it up, and cum-swap kissing is THEE strongest action you can possibly do to signal your total acceptance of her sexual escapades. You're ultimately CONSUMING her deeds, like that of a "sin-eater", if you will.

    Cuckolding is exciting for both partners largely because of the psychological implications that go with cuckold relationship dynamics. I have to agree with you that going all out and diving into and consuming the evidence, proving your total acceptance without a doubt and clearing her of consequences/blame... that this is the height of mental excitement for a cuckold... or at least one of several.

    To push this even further, to ridiculous levels, perhaps receiving your gf/wife after she's done the equivalent of a bukkake session... literally drenched from head to toe in the cum of countless men... and to receive and embrace her as such... well, that would be pushing it, perhaps.

    Good post though.
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  2. PDXsubcuck

    PDXsubcuck Active Member

    Interesting topic....

    My wife loves me eating her creampies (see a thread elsewhere). But more than that she has had lover's tit fuck her and come on her chest and she likes grabbing their cocks and rubbing their come into her chest, concentrating on her nipples...then she has me lick and suck her tits and nipples. She finds the tit fucking to be very erotic and loves feeling their hot come on her (she has a bit of come fetish). Having me lick it off just seems to add to her pleasure.
  3. watch_her

    watch_her Guest

    Great post
    Personally I love cleaning her after she has had a load dumped inside her. We have often spoke of and fantasized about having a gang bang where I would be on my knees having the guys to pass by me to get them hard and then fuck her and blow their load inside her, I would then clean her up after a couple of guys had their way with her and then start fluffing the next group of guys to repeat the process. It has been difficult to organize as many guys either are all talk or we do ot feel they are "safe"
  4. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    A few years ago I worked in my home office all of the time. Kate would invite guys to come over and fuck her, even though I was home. She would just tell the guy that her husband would be working in his office but that it was ok for them to come over. She would close my office door and take them upsatirs.

    My office was right below our bedroom. I never could get anything done, except stroking my cock, when she had a boyfriend over during the day. Listening to guys fuck her in our bed was wonderful.

    One day when she had been upsatirs with some guy for awhile, she came into my office wearing one of my dress shirts (I love that look). She said that the guys who had fucked her was taking a shower but that she had something to show me. She opened the shirt and her tits were covered in cum.

    She said the guy pulled out of her and unloaded on her tits. I started licking the cum off of her tits immediately. She heard the shower stop and ran back upstairs.

    I heard them walking down the stairs and there was a knock on my door. Kate entered with the guy and said to me, "I wanted you to meet Don". She knew that I still had the taste of this guys cum in my mouth and she was introducing him to me. I shook hands with the guy who had been banging my wife and whose cum I had just licked off of her tits.

    Kate was still just wearing the dress shirt and nothing else. I fucked the hell out of her after he left.

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