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  1. DSale

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    My wife has allowed me to post these images of her sharing her most secret place with her Bull - not something she does very often, but it was his birthday. I would have loved to have been there!
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  2. DSale

    DSale Guest

    After years of fucking her ex BF Bull, my wife agrees to take on another - a neighbour.

    This is their first session and as my wife is very shy, she has told me it will be her last photo shoot (well grabbed images from video). More details of the adventures of my sexy wife are supplied in the thread "My Wife Might be Fucking Bull No 2 Tomorrow"

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  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Hot!! Your neighbor's sexily-veined and girthy uncut cock looks plenty big enough for your wife. Just a pity that impressive load of cum wasn't pumped into the mouth of her womb instead of onto her beautifully-presented butt. And what a beautiful butt it is, you lucky hubby. How young is your neighbor?
  4. DSale

    DSale Guest

    Michael - you are right. I am a very (very) luck guy to have met this gorgeous, intelligent, vivacious - and of course, incredibly sexy and playful woman!

    To be honest, I wasn't sure how old her new friend is so have just text her. He is 31 years old - but like my wife, very athletic and appears younger!
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I guessed as much---athletic and in his prime. You're a very lucky guy wife-wise, DS. But the photographic evidence suggests to me that your wife is even luckier, having a virile young lover like him. Clearly he has already fucked her bareback. I can't wait to hear how much she enjoys the feeling of him eventually ejaculating balls-deep in her. Don't forget to ask her, and let us know how much you enjoy the ensuing sloppy seconds.
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  6. DSale

    DSale Guest

    To be honest Michael, I am not sure about the barebacking side of things. She has gone bareback with her long term Bull for many years. He's a single man who we know doesn't sleep around and we are confident (as far as its possible without testing) that he is safe and healthy

    The new Bull is younger at 31. By his confident nature and how good he was in bed, I am sure he has had many women - perhaps recently. My wife and I have talked about it since they met up and she agrees barebacking him is a higher risk than Bull No 1, but she said she became drunk with lust when she saw his hard cock and simply needed to feel as much of it as possible. She says she will get him to cover up if there's any more 'lessons' but she wants to suck & swallow him without a condom and wants to let him cum over her from time to time. I am happy with this

    However, she loves cum. No, I means she adores it. . She has a fantasy of her face being completely covered by cum from many cocks like in those bukkake porn shoots and, as I have mentioned before, loves to let it dry on her skin after rubbing it in and all over like a moisturiser.

    At 56, I am proud to be able to get as hard as did when I was 15 and can stay hard with no problem. But if I am honest, I do not cum as much now and certainly no in the quantities he did on the video. I know now that now she's aware of what the neighbour can deliver, she will want more
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that, DS. I was very careful in choosing my wife's present young lover for her. I was helped in that by the fact he had been my own and exclusive lover since he was 17 and that in respect of women he was a virgin, and that before he first went bareback with my wife he was fully tested for STIs, as the three of us continue to be at 4 monthly intervals. She is very sensitive to and loves the feeling of semen being spurted hard and copiously into the back of her vagina and so has always got off much more satisfyingly from being fucked bareback than with a condom-clad cock. As well, she finds that freshly ejaculated semen, especially her lover's, has a beautifully soothing effect on her body and mind and stimulates slow but extremely pleasurable post-orgasmic contractions of her womb which continue for up to 2 hours after insemination, during which she often drifts off to sleep in her lover's arms. I attribute much of the very rapid emotional and physical bonding with him which began 4 years ago and is now pretty much rock solid, to the hormonal effect of the prostaglandins in his semen as much as to his extreme physical attractiveness and superb lovemaking skills and enviable ability to bring wife so easily to orgasm during penetrative sex. In introducing him to my wife I had no thought of having her forgo the intense pleasure of having him fuck her bareback, and so it has continued. Of course from the outset I was very aware of the virtual certainty that him fucking her bareback would over time cause her to fall in love with him. And it did, proving for me that the risk of lover-focussed romantic and biological deep attachment developing in one's wife is very high in such long-continued cuckolding scenarios. But realistically, from my excited witnessing of it, that could easily have been a consequence of their very first bareback fuck. In fact I am not so sure it wasn't.
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  8. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    You are so lucky to have that on video. Make sure you back that up in several places (including a solid state device of some type) so you never lose it. If faces are in it and that's a concern, you could/should encrypt it before backing it up in those several places. :)
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  9. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    BTW, am I really the only one who likes those pics in the first post? Come on people! Hit that like button!
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    No, you're most emphatically not, Saturn, as you will realeyes on reading my third-to-last post above.

    Nevertheless, I have obediently just hit all of the relevant buttons.

    By the way, I note that today I have received my 200th "Like" after having posted only 588 times, beginning 28th May 2011.

    Might that not count for something?

    MICHAEL (Active Member)
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  11. dirtybull111

    dirtybull111 New Member

    typical fuckkmeattt ..wd love to ramm dat ass....wannaa see her pussyyy
  12. lovepleats

    lovepleats Guest

  13. DSale

    DSale Guest

    I have an admission to make.

    While I (and my wife) am happy to show the photos of Bull No 1 fucking my wife's ass, I have never been there. I tried again last weekend as we were both drunk, but it wasn't to be.

    She says she's not happy to do it as despite me being smaller than either of her two bulls (she has only fucked Bull No 1 anally), it isn't comfortable and she'll probably never do it again

    I will of course respect her views as I would never ever inflict pain on any woman - or do anything a woman doesn't want to do. But I watched her chatting to Bull No 2 recently on Skype when he was talking about fucking her ass, and it really turned her on. She used to be equally turned on by the thought of a DP - so we will see!

    She does pop by this site from time to time, so I expect to get a bollocking for posting this. But she does have a lovely ass, so you can't blame me for fantasising :)
  14. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    Her ass is amazing!
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