Drugs and sex

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    I wanted to know if any one else has experiencd this. At one point in my past...just as I was getting myself acquainted with cuckolding, I used to do MDMA with friends. I was not addicted to it, but did it with friends. One time there was some extra stuff left over and my friends said that I could have the rest, since we were partying at my place.

    I started binge reading cuckold stories and I literally edged for 3 days straight, without even a blink of sleep. I had reapeated it a couple of times since then. I am glad that I got over it, because it started effecting my work and personal life. I just thought I would share and see if anyone else had similar experiences
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    I met a couple who liked using hard drugs and after meeting them I passed on further meetings. The pity was she was a knockout and he wanted to watch and clean.

    I have met couples who like to smoke a little pot and I am fine with that but don't need or use drugs. I get enough pleasure meeting and playing with couples. Just my 2 cents.
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