Dressing up for cuckolding

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    "Often with L and him [your wife's first lover] holding hands".

    as did my 19 year-old super-attentive buddy and my besotted wife when the three of us occasionally went shopping in the mornings---usually after he had gloriously fucked her beside me on the bed.

    As often as not it was her that was out-fitting him (always very sexily for a night out alone with him) and casting adoring looks at his stunning body, which the shop attendants and I visibly got off on too. Grrrrrrrr!!

    Five years on my wife is still tastily dressing him, including with Italian suits, Levi skinny jeans (to emphasize his very well-sexercised butt), cotton-lycra hipster briefs to emphasize his already impressive genital package, and close-fitting T-shirts to better outline his perfect pecs. Naturally, I always foot the bill.

    But that romantic hand-holding! It still tops our clothes-shopping sessions off, as well as occasionally giving me the beginnings of an erection.

    Hot. Very hot, thank you Don.
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    My wife usually wears a simple cotton dress when we entertain a bull or bulls. No makeup. I'm always locked in my cage when a bull is with her.
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