Dressing up for cuckolding

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by BoobyGirl, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    I so love being cruel to my poor hubby, teasing and denying him while he suffer so much with jealousy of my bulls lol. He’s so addicted to my boobies and I torment him so much about how other men enjoy my boobs while denying him, but I so love to dress up in his fave outfit for a date with my lover and leave him while I have so much fun. He suffers so much with jealousy when he sees me dressed in lovely lingerie or the sexy leather outfit other men will enjoy. Do u cuckys love watching ur naughty wife dress up for her lover? Have any of u bulls had a naughty wife dress in sexy leather or latex for u to cuckold poor hubby? lol
  2. Wife4others

    Wife4others Active Member

    Love watching my wife dress up for our bulls. They like her in a short summer dress. No bra or panties.
    Especially cute now with her little baby bump thanks to the bulls.
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  3. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    It never gets any better for the cuck!!
  4. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My hubby actually buys me outfits for me to wear to meet my lovers.
    Wonderful guy !!
  5. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    Oh how lovely, what does he buy u?
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  6. slave2131

    slave2131 Member

    i buy my wife outfits for her dates, i love seeing her dressed up
  7. philkaren

    philkaren New Member

    Phil and I always shop together before I have a night away, makes for a loverly day out and really hot to pick out things together for another guy to enjoy.
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  8. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    Oh how wonderful, what outfits do u buy?
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  9. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    ohhhhhhhh GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gulp ............
  10. wifewatcher62

    wifewatcher62 New Member

    When my wife goes out of town by herself I always buy her some sexy tops to wear. I make sure she has jeans that accent her sexy ass so she can be admired. I even pack condoms for her. It's nice knowing that other men will see her in an outfit I bought before I see her in it. If we are together I will point out the guys that are checking her out just so she knows that she turns heads.
  11. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    The jealousy would be tough to handle
  12. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    A cuck should buy this great outfit to wear for her bull
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  13. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    i love shopping for Her...

    it is such a huge turn on to dress Her up for Her 'dates'...

    She makes me watch Her get ready or help Her as She teases me how Her 'date' would enjoy Her lingerie/dress/heels/stockings/pantyhose...
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  14. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I will definitely check what my wife will be wearing tomorrow as she is heading out to meet her lover. It is pretty sexy and if that relationship goes any further, I will discuss getting new lingerie for her to wear when she is meeting him. I want my wife to be a excitingly wrapped-up present to her lover who I consider to be my friend. Of course only metaphorically, I don't see my wife as an item I own and give away to friends. Obviously not.
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  15. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

  16. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My wife.. got this for her to wear as BBC bride. still waiting for her to find him o_O

  17. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    Back in university I was monogamous to my (now) husband. I still had the chance to go as a date to a school dance with my recently single guy friend. I made my husband go dress shopping with me so he could tell me if my butt looks good, because I was going to let my friend hold it during slow songs. He was just a regular monogamous guy, who made to make sure another guy had a great time holding his gf's ass.
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  18. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    L's first lover has taken us shopping to buy clothes and lingerie for L. We used to go to a small privately owned shop that specialized in high-end women's clothing, lots of unique dresses, blouses and skirts that bordered on sexy but were classy enough to wear to dressy events. Their lingerie and underwear was so revealing I was always surprised the women that shopped there would wear it. I think that was the shop's dirty little secret. The three of us would go in together, often with L and him holding hands or showing some kind of affectionate behavior. He'd pick the outfits, bras and panties for her to try on, and usually peek in the dressing room to see her in them. He'd buy her what he thought she looked good in - usually a pile of stuff on the counter when L was done "modeling" for him.

    When it was time to pay, either he or L would make it known, sometimes discreetly, sometimes not so much, that I was her husband and I would be paying. Handing over my credit card with my name on it was a mix of humiliation and excitement. L always thanked me there at the counter, again usually making it known that I was her husband. The owner's two daughters usually worked when we were there - a couple of pretty twenty-somethings. As hard as they tried at first, they couldn't hold back some very sexy grins when we came in and I paid. I always thought they kind of admired L, the wife with two men. They mostly ignored me and him, but always chatted up L with thinly veiled questions about the three of us. They were always glad to see us come back to shop, whether it was the three of us or just L and me. They never asked L where her boyfriend was when L and I went together, but I always imagined they wanted to.

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  19. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    WOW. She is absolutely beautiful. May I ask, are her breasts natural?
  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife Audrey dressing up for a lover usually consists of a t-shirt (no bra) and gym shorts. They seem to like it, quick and easy access.
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