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  1. I realize part of this story begin in my thread previous thread, "Cycle Continues" which focuses mostly on the repeating cuckold cycle, but I wanted to chronicle my wife's new love affair, especially since it's in progress.

    About 10-12 days ago my wife had to take our daughter to the hospital were she met this young 33-35 year old new brain surgeon in training. He is taller, thin and handsome guy but she was not easily take by him. He was instantly in love and pursued her actively. That same day he even brought over drugs for a house-call which shocked me. They have had 3-4 encounters but one official date before today.

    First date when something like this, they talked, walked and when it ended he moved in for a kiss. He grabbed her ass (in public) and this pissed my wife off as she don't want to be a cheap piece of ass so she punched him in the noise. Holly shit, bleeding and it was a good jab. This guy, quickly realized he was in-over his head with a strong woman. Strangely, he actually liked her more and was quickly apologizing and following up with gifts, calls and all sorts of attention that and the next day. My wife called me and gave me all the news with disappointment saying, men are just animals. He persisted for a week and they scheduled to meet for a second date at our apartment. Now, he does not know about me, she told him she is divorced and has been rather annoyed by his 'instant love' actions, promising to marry her, wanting kids, etc. etc. like a teenager in first love. We have joked about him and his signs that he is a bit freakish.. Seems to enjoy the brutal treatment she gives him. He has no idea she is a "mistress" and with so many skills but he hops along trying to assert himself as the "bull" and leader while she fights back control. Verbal and physical power struggle which is unusual. My wife seems visibly upset about it as she is used to guys easily melting to her will.

    I started to call this guy, "Dr. Strange Love" because his views, pleadings, offerings, etc. all were very strange. I warned my wife that I think he is also a bit of a freak. Might have a big cock but I think he enjoys some naughty shit, perhaps even loves the dominate woman because he's used to pushing girls around. She has not offered much in the way of protest on this name.

    Second date was today. I wrote earlier about things (1-2 hours before their) date and all my anxiety and nerves. It's been a long time since she had a new man (4 years) and considering how things have gone so far, conflicts and aggression between her and him, didn't know what to expect. Basically, they were supposed to meet at the apartment and fuck. My wife said it's possibility but was also not ready to commit to it as she had questions about settling him down from all this instant love, marriage and future goal shit he talks about. They met at 11am and I heard nothing than I got a call from her - asking if everything was ok and I said yes. Than she said, oh, he is here and hung up. 3 hours go by and I'm outside with my daughter who plays at the park. I'm so nervous I pace the grounds. I feel like I need to use the bathroom and I can hardly think. I'm so fucking jealous I want to cry, start to tear up and yet I'm so lustfully desiring that she call me and say she is waiting with a big creampie that I can't focus on anything. Time ticks by in slow motion, and I'm almost not aware of what's going on around me. Finally I get a message about 14:15 saying, "start walking to me". I write back a reply "Is everything ok?, etc.." but no reply. I write another message, "OK call me when it's clear to home in." and I remove the previous message... After walking in the sun/heat and sweating also from nerves I'm just glad to be near the point of finding out what happened. At 2:45 she calls and her voice is still and not exactly "happy" so my heart slumps. She greets me at the door and I can tell she is angry. She tells me that she was on his lap, with clothes but could feel his huge cock stiffening up under her and they were grinding a bit but talking. She asked him to stop all this crazy love bullshit as they hardly know each other and he said something really stupid, asked her "how would you reply if you caught me cheating.." she went crazy. Again beat him and send him out the door, suspecting he is cheating on his wife and thinks of her as easy pussy. The problem is, my wife wanted to fuck him badly but he said and did all the wrong things. My arrival she told her feelings and was very upset. I could tell she was horny. We went into the bathroom were she let me lick her and jerk but she refused to fuck me spite my requests. Also increased the price of this "worshiping" by 40% which made me upset. I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy trying to taste, checking, just maybe she was hiding something. But she didn't look stretched or puffy and I could only taste a sweet wetness that she was horny but not recently fucked or cleaned. Than she gave me golden rain as she told me, "You want me to fuck him don't you?" "You want him to push that huge cock deep inside and cum, splashing against my back wall so you can clean it up later.." and I cummed so hard I was shaking. We composed ourselves and I felt sorry for her but also was relived the torture was over. Than she asked, if I would again watch our daughter for 3 hours tomorrow because she planned to fuck him, maybe, rape him if needed because she needed his cock. She said his cock was much bigger than her last lover of so many years; which made me happy to hear also. Now, I know she will never return to him and since she seems to have so much conflict with this new guy, I could tell they will not be lovers for long-time.. Makes me feel more secure.. Still I pleaded with her a few hours later when she called me to complain about the day, and I asked her to accept me back. She said on viber chat, "I feel sick" and I wrote: "Your sick because your upset about today's expectations and this always makes your hormones go crazy and feel bad. Why i was asking you to calm down. Need to have big release. Been through this countless times with you. Same cycles with men. You can't help your brutal aggressive nature."

    I pleaded with her and wrote: "Wouldn't it be better to rebuild our relationship? I don't need to cheat and less stress on life/survival/money, and trying to find people who will accept our strange ways.. No more need to punish me with gross stuff, can be normal and find ways to please and serve you better. We can do dating and I can give all attention to you as you want. I don't need to chase pussies. It will effect how we work together also. We are stronger together, always end up together doing most things. Just had some wrong turns in the beginning of our relationship. I love you and want to spend all my life with my cuckoldress."

    She wrote: "STOP!" and "Got angry" and send send her money. Which I did.

    Now, I can't stop from thinking about tomorrow. Will they fuck? Will it be for a long time? Will I get a creampie or will it be too old to enjoy. Will she enjoy it? Will their relationship change or remain just fuck buddies? Million thoughts and well, nice to detail this agony as it goes along... Until tomorrow I guess. But I very much wonder what his cock looks like, how long he can fuck her and what they taste like. I feel like strange sick fuck for wanting to know and partake in all this but who am I kidding.. Fetish is too addicting. Emotional torture that has a strange addiction unlike anything ever experienced. I do fear her falling in love. I wish him only to be her playtoy and to bring us closer...

    Still wondering what they did together that she didn't tell me. I would give almost anything to be their, see, how they make love and hear her moan in pleasure. Been years since I have been able to do that...

    I continue to encourage her to write on this site but she has not done so yet.. Pity. Love to see her view. I also asked her to verify.
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    You're overthinking it.
  3. As far as I know they still didn't fuck or at least she is not telling me and pretending not too. He has a strange nose and is really crazy about her. Often outside her door, bringing gifts, trying to make surprises like a young idiot in love for the first time. He knows she has kids and is hard ass. She claims to me to play with him as a pet, like a new slave and she claims while she can see his cock is nice size that she has not yet fucked him and not sure if she wants too. Yet, she still continues to hear from him once a week with love letters and other shit he sends.

    She does seem to have some aggression and general dislike about some parts of his behavior and perhaps he is not bull enough.
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