Does your wife have anal with her lover?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by ma_couple, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. ma_couple

    ma_couple Guest

    just curious how many wife give it up
  2. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    I haven't at this point. It has been the
    on of the only real "rules" we had, was
    that that particular thing was reserved
    for him. Now, he's changed his mind and
    said I could if I found that I was comfort-
    able with someone and really wanted to
    but, I'm not sure it's something I want
    to do, or leave things as they are.
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  3. Cordon

    Cordon New Member

    Yes, my wife has allowed her current boyfriend to have anal with her once, as it was something he really wanted. While not overly long, he is pretty thick and it was not comfortable for her.

    Anal is not her favorite, so he'll not likely get a repeat. I, on the other hand, am quite a bit thinner, so when she's in the mood, I get that treat. We have had double penetrations on a few occasions, he on the bottom, her staddling him, I straddling her. When the mood hits her, she says she loves the "full" feeling.

    I find it quite the sight, afterwards... our sperm leaking out of her!
  4. gussie

    gussie New Member

    Yes, Joanne has done it at request she likes it but sometimes it can be painful. Usually I am underneath her while doing so. It is usually on the 2nd or 3rd meeting after we get to know the Bull better.
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    REDTIGER New Member

    Only for him

    So far she will only give up her ass for her ex. She says he knows how to do it the way she really enjoys it. Sometimes when we are fucking around by ourselves I'll put a fingertip on her little asshole and she'll slap my hand away, reminding me that "that's not your area". I'll try to beg my way in but it always comes back to "that's only for him". I do get to watch her do it with him though. A couple of weeks ago, I had my knees spread while she was leaning her head on my chest, ass in the air for him. Once he was in she was lost in her own world. The look on her face ... cheeks flushed, eyes closed ... was beautiful. After about 10 minutes of them both being oblivious to my presence, he came all over her ass. She told him to go to the bathroom to wash himself so she could suck his cock again. Then she looked at me and asked "what are you waiting for? Come lick this up!" So of course I did as I was told.
  6. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    If in the mood I will except it's only with lovers husband is not aloowed in there
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  7. colleenslittletoy

    colleenslittletoy New Member


    my first wife, the one who really taught me the art of submission, used to tease me about her lovers and her ass.

    some background: when i married Sue, she had lots of lovers, most of them black. for some reason, i really don't know why, she chose to marry me.

    not up to her standards as far as size, endurance or sexiness, she taught me to please her with my mouth, tongue and fingers. when she needed cock, she would go "dancing with the girls."

    since i was young, i didn't realize what was going on. at first.

    then it dawned on me that she tasted different after her nights out and it wasn't due to sweat.

    angry initially, i never said anything because i loved her too much and needed her no matter what the situation.

    seeing that i had gotten accustomed to her misbehavior she didn't try to hide it any more.

    somewhere along this time she taught me the art of worshipping her ass. you have to realize that i probably married her for her gorgeous ass and could not keep my hands off it.

    after a long and very pleasant time between her legs, for both of us, she rolled to her side. my mouth followed. the next thing i knew, i was trying to sneak my tongue into her backside.

    sensing a new direction, she continued rolling over until she was on her stomach. as i appreciated the honor, i rubbed myself against the bed until i came.

    shame, embarrassment, humiliation all overcame me and i tried to dismiss the act of total subjagation and debasement by not mentioning it.

    alas, she was smarter than me and from that point on, denied me access to her pussy with anything other than my worshipful tongue. from then on, i only came while licking her beautiful rear end.

    needless to say one day she mentioned the fact that her current lover also liked her sexy derriere. the only difference was he got to fuck it while i only got to lick it.
  8. davey

    davey New Member

    Wish I knew! I would assume as hot as she seems to be for him that they have done everything, atleast once. In all my 20 years with her she only allowed me to do that twice. Well once we never could get it in (she was too tense), but the second time worked great for both of us and she seemed to like it. That was probably 13 or 14 years ago now. She enjoyed herself but never seemed interested again....with me anyway.
  9. Triadz

    Triadz New Member

    That's pretty hot guys. My wife is also seeing her ex. She says she wants him to and I know she will tell me all about it. I would like that, especially if she saved it just for him.
  10. syndi

    syndi Sissy Cuckslut

    So the question for me is, when your wife cheats does she do anal? i know she likes it because we did it once at her request and she has a butt toy in her collection. She never asked for it again because she said it did nothing for her as my non-dick is like sticking my thumb up her butt. One time when she was traveling on business she got a brazilian wax and, correct me if i am wrong, that means she got her crack waxed. So i can only guess this was in preparation for doing anal with whoever she is fucking on the road.
  11. perlina1602

    perlina1602 New Member

    Si,lo prende volentieri
  12. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    My wife never let me do anal with her. I tried many times. During a MMF the guy put it in her ass. She just laid there and let him do it. I was kind of upset about it but it was fun watching him fucking her ass. I tried to have anal sex with her after that but she still wouldn't let me and she still won't stop another guy from going in her ass if he wants to. I think she is just being polite to the guest.
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  13. Laran

    Laran New Member

    Yes she does every time they meet.
  14. OmahaNECuck

    OmahaNECuck New Member

    My wife had never done anal with anyone until last month. She was with a guy and they had been drinking. She didn't plan for it but he was doing her doggy and she was really wet and he apparently just slipped it in. Turns out she loved it as she came everywhere. She told him afterward that even her husband hadn't gotten to do that and his response was that he liked being the first and "maybe he will benefit now that you know how much it makes you cum." I haven't had the pleasure yet but she is open to it now (she never used to be). She has been back to see him and he fucked her ass yet again so this experience is definitely opening us up to new things...which we both love!
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  15. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    2 times with different men. She doesn't like it too big in her ass. Vaginally and orally she can take big ones with ease. Anal is mostly reserved for me
  16. david200064

    david200064 New Member

    My wife did anal with her old boyfriend, but her new boyfriend is too big.
  17. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    of course She does anal...
  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I find the idea of putting my dick into anyone's shitter repugnant and have never done it despite being offered. My wife doesn't mind it and does it with her lovers on occasion. If they want to do it, doesn't bother me. Whenever we have DP with one of the wives, I always go into the woman's pussy.
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  19. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    My wife gave me her virginity when she was 16, my best friend and her lover got to take her anal cherry she was in her early 20s. She allowed me to try but said I was too big. In her 30s during a threesome her lover took her up the ass as I fucked her that was very kinky. Now in her 40s her lover has taken her up the ass a few times, she has asked me to watch as he pounded into her. I haven't asked her again if I may as it isn't really my thing
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  20. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My wife has the best anal with her lovers. when I try to do it she complains it hurts. last weekend I've seen her lover fuck her in the ass in ever position and actually made her cum banging her in the ass

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