Do you think my Angie is Sexy?

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Would you Fuck my wife?

  1. Would you like to watch me lick your cum off of her pussy?

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  2. Would you like to fuck me in the ass while she watches?

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  1. cockednready

    cockednready New Member

    So what do you guys think of Angie? Do the hot, & sexy pics of her make your cock a little stiff? When you look at her lovely lips do you wonder what it would feel like to have those full lips wrapped around the head of your throbbing cock head? Tell me, is your dick getting harder? She will look you in the eyes and with a slight smirk open her sexy mouth and go down on your cock making sure that she catches every drop of pre-cum that leaks out and is beyond your control. She makes sure that you are watching as she does this. Slowly with a firm suction, she rises, & with a "pop" as her lips release your swollen cockhead she looks up at you & her lips are glistening with all of the sex juice that is oozing out of your throbbing cock. She looks into your eyes and licks her lips. she knows that it won't be long and she will be able to make you explode loads of your hot liquid and it will all be beyond your control! So fellas.... do you think my wife is sexy? Watching her put you through all of that ecstasy now has me hot and I come over & cleanup all of that warm, sticky cum with my tongue! Your cock has not felt this good in a long time!!

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  2. Jzzheart

    Jzzheart Member

    Yes she is hot and very sexy..!
  3. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Very sexy and appreciate you doing clean up on her. Do you do clean up on the Bull 2? Wasn't sure after reading your post.
  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

  5. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Active Member

    Yes I Would Love to Fuck Her.

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