Do You Feel the Site is Worthy of Receiving Donations?

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  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    Do you think the site is good enough to receive some nominal donations now and then, even just once a year?

    If you aren't aware of it, I pay for this site out of my own pocket. Have been doing so for over 10 years now, and it is a joy to provide it to you for free. The costs have ranged between $50 to $120 per month in hosting, which boils down to thousands in costs. My short stint with my book which I sold a few years ago (not available right now) helped to defray these costs for a little while. Also, some ads helped out in lowering costs.

    But I have never really made a profit with the site, as that wasn't really the point. Any earnings went directly to hosting and maintenance. It's all been free for everyone who comes here, and I see it as always being free.

    Right now, I need your help. I've been doing this a long time on my own dime. Server fees (those fees hosting companies charge to make your site visible on the internet) are getting expensive. I'm between jobs right now, so I have to watch costs closely.

    So here is what I'm doing. I've gotta be practical, so I'm setting up a donation fund for the site. My goal is $1,200 or more within two weeks. This will cover hosting and admin fees for the entire year.

    The only other time I'd asked people to donate was in an emergency situation when the site could have possibly closed due to obsolete software. Many people very generously donated to the site. It was amazing and humbling. See that thread here:

    And once we reached the donation goal, I did not accept any more money.

    Out of necessity, I'm asking folks to show generosity once more. I love this site - quite proud of it, actually, and hope you are, too. The community is truly awesome, the moderators are amazing (Saturn does a fabulous job and asks nothing in return), and I love reading your stories.

    The reality is it costs money to run a site, (not to mention spending time as well) and that is a bit strained at the moment.

    If you feel the site has created value for you in your own life, donate to my Paypal address at

    Any amount is good. Even $10 will help. If only 30 people donate just $40, we'd be set for the year.

    Also, ideas are welcome for monetizing the site so we don't need to ask for donations from you anymore. If anyone has any other ideas for monetizing the site to take care of hosting and admin fees, I'm all ears. I've tried ads with limited success. Was thinking up a paid newsletter of some sort.

    Was going to set something up on Patreon, but I don't believe they allow sites like this to use their services, or their Terms of Service are extremely ambiguous.

    In any case, keep in mind that these donations are entirely voluntary. You are NOT required to donate to the site in any way. You can enjoy all of the free information and experiences for as along as you wish without concern.

    But if you feel generous, donate to via PayPal.

    Also, the site is not going offline like it could have last time, so don't worry about that.

    Lastly, your information will never be shared. All donations are completely anonymous.

    Thanks, everyone. I'm proud to be your Kingbull.
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  2. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, so no donations at all so far. I was thinking there would have been some sort of response or interest in sustaining the site, considering how many people view it for free and have been doing so for years.

    I'm looking at my budget right now. There is literally nothing there to keep this site running anymore. I have no other choice at this point. If I cannot raise the necessary funds for hosting by December 1st ($1,200), I will have to close down forever. I cannot afford to pay for this site out of my own pocket anymore. I earn no profit at all from this endeavor and it takes up time moderating things - time I don't have.

    If you are waiting for someone else to donate, don't. It's you reading this which makes the difference.

    Donate whatever you can to via PayPal.

    Thanks for the help. I hope we can do it. I will keep the thread updated when (if) people donate.
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  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Kingbull, I answered the call last time and were I in a better position this time, I'd answer the call again. I certainly hope some of my fellow members will heed the call, perhaps those who did not last time.

    I'm sure people will donate. This is a fine forum and deserves to stay. If my circumstances change and I become flush with a windfall of cash, I would certainly throw some your way again. Least we can do for all the time you put into the forum.

    I do encourage others, especially those who have not donated before, to please do so now. This is our community - support it.
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  4. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    All, I would hate to see this forum disappear. I know it sounds like fearmongering, but it's real. KingBull makes nothing from this site, although he has tried. It is really hard to find honest advertisers that accept adult material like this. We had bad ones before, with awful popups, viruses, spam, etc. Everything I do here is voluntary/free; none of the other/previous moderators have been paid mods. KingBull is not trying to scan/bilk you. If you can give, please do so.

    Of course, I'm sure KingBull is open to other suggestions to generate revenue from this site that would sustain it. No theory crafting as time is short, but if you have actual experience or a hard lead on something like this send KingBull and I a PM (click KingBull's name and hit start a conversation).
  5. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Quick question for you all. If a donation site was used where you could anonymously donate to the "donation campaign", and that "donation campaign" had absolutely no references to cuckold or other adult material would you be more likely to donate?

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  6. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Someone donated $50 - thank you very much.
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  7. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks, Saturn - well spoken. I earn nothing from the site except seeing happy people post. I'd only ask for donations once a year or so. It's not fearmongering at all, just reality. Takes money to run a site of this size and scope.
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  8. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

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  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Done, did a 100 before and again now. Even though I don't have money to throw around, I've gotten a Lot of Pleasure from the Forum and it's contributors. Hope they step up too. I've enjoyed recalling, and Especially Reliving My Cuckold Life. If it's helped some other Cucks or want-to-be cucks, all the better.

    I've checked out the other sites, so I REALLY Hope this one doesn't go away.

    Hoping to find some time to continue My Cuckold Life Memoirs Soon. IF this Deserving site Survives that is
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  10. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Pathedick - thank you so much for your contribution. You are amazingly generous.
  11. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Wront time to ask for donations so close up to christmas xD
    Could spare 10$ but that aint gonna help much.

    I honestly would prefer that cuckoldsforum was subscription based.
    Both to remove unseriouse users (the usually wont bother to pay),
    and to make it a more viable site that can grow and expand if needed (have picture archive, live chats etc).
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  12. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Making parts of the site may be one of the only options left to me if donations do not get to the $1,200 mark within a few days. I'd always said the forum would be free but can't honor that if money is not coming in to sustain it.

    If I do decide to make some forums paid, anyone who has donated a certain amount will get a free lifetime access to all forums.

    Feedback would be appreciated.
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  13. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I pay for enough crap that I would just move along. It's not like there is enough traffic other than lurkers. The same 30 people do all the chatting and I noticed they are already on the other sites, CF is no longer first in the search engines.

    But because of Saturn's tech skill and a few sweet cucks I am attached to you guys and gave $50.
  14. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Awe snap guys, you are changing the look of the site.......
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  15. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the donation, Deanna. Not sure what terms you use to see the site on Google, but I used "cuckold forum" and it comes up #1.

    Look of the site changed a bit because the new chat program (located at the bottom of all pages at the bottom) was incompatible with the other one.

    You can now chat with each other live.

    I've done this for a reason - it's not going to be free forever. I plan to make it exclusive within a couple of days.
  16. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Awe pumpkin, take out the space between the Cuckold and Forum. I can send you screen shots of google and yahoo if you like? I am very helpful. Deanna

    Edit: Well it looks like I was able to add them. Woot woot.

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  17. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not worried about it, but thanks.
  18. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I've seen those other sites, but I like this one best. It's because of the members.

    Today was supposed to be D-Day, though, and it looks like we didn't come close to the $1,200 goal. That's disappointing. So what's the verdict, King Bull?
  19. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    As some people did provide donations, I must provide something. So the only other option now is to make some aspects of the site paid. I am working on a thread explaining it. People who donated will be first in line - stay tuned.
  20. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Kingbull. Why no option to donate through PayPal?? Many people including myself don't feel comfy or inconvenienced to put in there credit cards info
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