Do not post Classified Ads ("Looking for") here.

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    If you are new to the site, you probably are getting acquainted with all of the nifty features and tools. Sometimes it can be confusing as to what should be posted where. Do not worry too much as the moderators are here to help you. They might move your post if they feel it is in the wrong forum. In order to keep it a high-quality place, we've created a special forum for people who want to meet up with other people - the Classifieds and Personals forum.

    The Real Life Experiences forum (and every other forum that isn't the Classifieds and Personals forum) is not the place to be posting "looking for" type ads. Do not post them here, or they will be deleted immediately. Example of a classified ad post:

    "We are a bi couple in Milwaukee looking for a 19 inch hung black guy to satisfy the wife. If you're in the Milwaukee area, drop us a line, thx."

    Posts like these (in this section) will be deleted. Please post them in the Classifieds and Personals forum noted above.

    You might also want to review the other forum rules which you can find here:
    CuckoldsForum Guidelines and Rules

    Happy Hunting!
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