Do any other White bulls like Asian Ladyboys ?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by TopJohn, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    The topic of bisexuality has been touched on before so I figured this topic might be worth bringing up for discussion.
    I've had sex and fetish experiences (albeit limited) w/ both Asian females and Asian ladyboys/transsexuals in the past. Females are still my preferred partners but I have to admit the 'he-shes' can also be a great deal of fun. The one I actually fucked and the other two that I exchanged foreplay w/ were very enjoyable and satisfying. Their soft surrender style to my thrusts (both cock and fingers) was a huge turn on and watching the one 'gal' slurp up my cum as I cuddled 'her' in my arms was awesome as well. Hopefully I will make it to Thailand one day when money permits! ;)
    I just wondered if other White bulls had similar experiences or desires.
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  2. anand3

    anand3 New Member

    I can't speak for ladyboys, but as a sissy asian male I know that many of us love being submissive to white bulls and pleasing them any way we can. You probably don't need to go Thailand to find girly asian males..
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  3. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    Asian WOMEN. YES!
    Any WOMAN. YES!

    Any Ladyboy. HELL NO!!!!!!
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  4. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    I love submissive, sissy Asian guys as well! ;)
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  5. TennGuy50

    TennGuy50 New Member

    I've never had any experiences with Asian ladyboys but I'm open to the experience.
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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Haven't had any experience with orientals of either sex, but I've heard that even if an Asian leaves you feeling really satisfied you're horny again in an hour.
  7. bicuck49

    bicuck49 New Member

    I have never had the chance to try but sure am game
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  8. Alan1970

    Alan1970 New Member

    I'd love to experiance asian ladyboys
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  9. T_toy8

    T_toy8 New Member

    This is a topic I know very well, because I have been with a few thai ladyboys and from a personal stance it’s about my power I always choose the feminine sub types.

    There’s a whole range of clients that thai ladyboys service it’s not black and white as some people think, for instance cuck’s will as for a ladyboy with “power” which in their talk mean’s they want a ladyboy with big one for obvious reasons
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have. Only once. It was with a very exotic (but not Asian) lad and was a very erotic encounter indeed. He was 24 and psychologically but not physically transexual, verging on femme but with very hot and definite masculine undertones. He had the sexiest treasure-trail I have ever licked, and rather than female-hormone-grown breasts he had small-nippled perfectly scuplted pecs. He was very handsome, full-mouthed, French-Polynesian, slimly athletic with a naturally perfectly-defined musculature and the most beautiful and provocative bubble-butt I have ever beheld on a young man. His hair was black, silky, glossy and shoulder-length and very invitingly framed his oval rather feminine face which, however, was barely perceptably mustached and bearded with 5-o'clock-shadowed raspy black stubble. At 5'5" he was much shorter than I am (6'3") and that, along with what he obviously saw as my suitably dominant masculine stance, played a big part in his being very strongly attracted to me on our first meeting. After indulging his fantastically beautiful, supple and exquisitely sensitive laid-back body front and back with kisses, lickings and long and desperately arousing caressings with my hands, I fucked him missionary. I penetrated him very smoothly and slowly and took special care to work the head of my cock firmly all over the back of his prostate then upwards and outwards to thrust against the full length of each of his bulging seminal vesicles. I thrust slowly in him to begin with, then increasingly more strongly until he convulsed and cried out and ejaculated in long upward spurtings all over his face and neck and upper chest. His openness and sexual responses to me were deliciously spontaneous and feminine throughout, at times actually more appreciatively yeilding and orgasmically ecstatic than those of many sexually-experienced younger and older women I have fucked. He was touchingly shy and it had been four years since he had been with a man. Our encounter, which took place on a double-bed in a luxury motel, was an overnight one. He woke me at daybreak and we showered together before joining with each other on the bed for two more hours of extremely passionate no-holds-barred sex during which he orgasmed twice again under me. Come check-out time we had showered again, taken coffee and exchanged very fond adieuxes, with him pleading with me to get together with him very soon. Which I did. Femininity and deeply touching femaleness can manifest very unexpectedly and beautifully in many very different forms and ways in either sex, but with some transexual men needing to be truly loved it is sometimes simply breathtaking.
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  11. JohnnyChristo

    JohnnyChristo New Member

    Yes have now.
  12. Allintogether

    Allintogether New Member

    I love white balls, a couple of my wife’s white bulls, have taken me to bed on seperate occasions, both my wife and I submit to white dominating men, we are Polynesian and get aroused when we think how white men dominated us from the beginning, fucking whoever they wanted, wherever they wanted.
  13. SmallFry

    SmallFry Active Member

    A long time fantasy is to be outmanned by a ladyboy in the bedroom with a woman involved. I knew an Asian guy who was very effeminate and his profession was as a cross dressing escort for men to various soirées etc. I crossed paths with him at the urinals in a pub and although he didn't know it I was very aroused by the fact that he had a much bigger dick than me and the fact he saw how tiny mine is.

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