Deep, dark secret.

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    When my wife and I first met, we agreed we would never have any secrets, sexual or otherwise. As our relationship progressed, we talked about what we’d like to try sexually, and what we would like the other to do. We also talked about our past experiences, and like any cuckold, I loved to hear her stories.

    My wife is an extremely sensual woman, and always has been. She discovered the joys of her own body at a young age and soon discovered the joy of sex with other. She was quite the wild child which, of course, alarmed her mother.

    With the long summer vacation approaching, her mother packed her off to stay with her cousin in the country. That stopped her running around, but only because her mom’s cousin had a son, Bobby. They instantly became lovers and the affair lasted all summer.

    They would fuck at every opportunity and, being young and vigorous, it wasn’t unusual for them to fuck three times a day. After a week or so, when my wife got her period, Bobby rolled her over and took her virgin ass. She said he made it seem very natural and by the end of her period, her little ass was well and truly broken in.

    They were young, but not stupid, and used condoms for birth control. But at the rate of two or three a day, they were constantly running out and my wife’s ass was being fucked more often than her pussy. Not being totally selfish, Bobby would rub her clit or finger fuck her cunt while he sodomized her, usually bringing her to an orgasm.

    Even so, I asked her if she enjoyed it. She said she did, but on a mental rather than physical level. She explained that she craved the feeling of being totally possessed by him, being his in the deepest way while his cock was filling her ass.

    After that summer, they continued a secret affair for years, on and off, even when they were both married, and even once when she was six months pregnant. She said it didn’t feel like cheating on her (first) husband because a part of her belonged to Bobby. They might have continued indefinitely, if she hadn’t moved away.

    Although I’ve never met him, I’m very grateful to Bobby for making my wife so anally receptive. So many women make such a big deal out of anal, but not her. When we started swinging (hot-wifing) she wanted to save her ass for me, but only because of the ‘possession’ thing. However, she soon realized that being possessed by a complete stranger while her husband licked her cunt was a huge turn on for us both.

    As we progressed into cuckoldry she became more sexually assertive. Having previously gone down on another woman at my urging, she saw no reason why I shouldn’t suck some guy’s cock for her enjoyment. It was a difficult point to argue, not least since I was happy to lick their cum out of her cunt.

    When she began teasing my ass with her dildo, I was somewhat reluctant, but I didn’t have a leg to stand on. I’d shoved that dildo up her ass many times, sometimes just for the fun of seeing her ring stretch around it. When it hurt she told me not to be a baby. After all, if she could stand it two or three times a day as a ninety pound teenager, a grown man certainly could.

    Of course, I knew where all this was leading, and thought about what I would tell her when she wanted to take it to the next level. I want to please her, and since I love to see her being fucked in the ass, I could hardly just say ‘no’. But, putting aside all the homophobia, this was a big deal, much bigger than sucking cock for her.

    Not only would there be some guy out there that had fucked me deep in my ass, he would be my first, the man I bent over for so he could shove his hard cock up my ass and take my virginity. Just knowing this guy would exist is a huge deal for me.

    When the point came up, she made her case well. She told me it would bond us because I would get to experience what she experiences, and she asked me to imagine us waking up together, both slick and sore from being possessed by the same man.

    I explained how I felt, that it was a huge big deal, but I told her I really wanted to give her whatever she wants sexually, as she has for me. I could only think of one solution; Bobby! What could be better than losing my virginity to the guy who took my wife’s?

    She liked the idea in principle, but she hadn’t heard from him in five years, and then it was only a Christmas card. I left her to figure that out. If it means enough to her, she can track him through the family. A few days later, she idly said she wasn’t sure Bobby would consider a threesome, let alone bisexual intercourse, he was too ‘normal’.

    I reminded her about the footnote to her ‘summer of love’ story. As the summer was ending, a friend of Bobby’s came for the weekend. This made their secret affair more difficult, but also more exciting. On the Saturday night, Bobby told her he was worried that people suspected them, and it would throw everyone off if she was ‘nice’ to his friend, Tom.

    She reluctantly agreed to make the ultimate sacrifice for him to protect their secret. Of course, the idea of ‘taking one for the team’ made her wet and Tom was good looking, but she would rather have stayed faithful to Bobby. When the time came, she surrendered easily to Tom, but she noticed Bobby spying on them throughout, peering through the cracked door.

    When Tom was done and out the way, Bobby explained he had been watching over her. He was all over her, licking and kissing, touching and fucking everywhere that Tom had, which was everywhere, pussy, ass and mouth. He was so excited, and so was she as he reclaimed her well fucked body.

    After I had her recount the story, I asked her to think about a couple of details. First, even if someone did suspect, what difference would fucking Tom make? How would anyone know? Was there some plan to broadcast the news? Second, Tom would have counted himself very lucky to get to third base in the circumstances. Who expects oral and anal on a first try, unless someone told them it was there to be had?

    Bobby had set her up. He had hot-wifed her and he’d gotten off on seeing her being used. Pretty kinky for a teenager, so what’s he like now? I told her not to be mad at him. After all, she had always said that night was the best fuck of her life for the next ten years! I said maybe it was time to set Bobby up.

    I don’t know if she’s looking for him, and not knowing turns me on. My virginity is in my wife’s hands. Maybe she can’t be bothered, which is fine with me. Maybe she’s putting real effort into busting my cherry, which is kind of exciting. I write again when I know.

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