Day at the park

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    Okay it was Saturday and my wife had an afternoon date with this cowboy. He showed up at the house at noon in a big 4wheel drive truck, he was late 20's. My wife left with him so then I decided I had some time to spare, it would be late when she got home.
    So I went to this local park that men go to looking for other men. I met this man around 60. He asked me to go back to his house with him. He told me he mostly liked getting sucked off but did not mind touching me but would not suck me.
    When we got to his house he basically took charge, told me to undress, I was doing so when he opened a drawer and pulled out some panties and bra. Threw them at me and said put those on. They were a pair of red lace thong and matching bra. The bra already had padding in it. I did what he said. He was naked laying on the bed. He was grey a little over weight with about a 5 inch cock. He spread his legs and told me to come lick his balls and cock.
    I did, sucking his balls in my mouth then his soft cock. He slowly started to get hard. I licked and sucked on his cock in that position for awhile then he told me to lay on my back and he got in a 69 position on top of me. I could feel his weight holding me down pressing hard on me. His cock was in my mouth and he was face fucking me, pushing his cock as deep down my throat as he could. Lucky it was only 5 inches so I took it with no problem. While he was fucking me he was rubbing my cock through the panties.
    After about 20 minutes of him on top of me with all his weight and his cock down my throat and his belly pressing on me he pushed as deep down my throat as he could and started cumming. I could not moved because he had me pinned down so I had to just start swallowing, it was quite a big load.
    After he rolled off me, breathing hard he told me to caress his balls and cock. So I did, gently running my fingers across his cock and balls.
    After a few minutes he told me to take off the panties and bra and put them back in the drawer and leave. I did without ever having and orgasm
    I got home and sat and thought about it. Later that evening Sara got home and then did her normal humiliation thing telling me about her lover letting me look at her pussy and taste it, but she said it was sore so did not let me do a lot with it. She told me how good her lover was and let me jack off my pathetic cock on my stomach. It was actually a good day.
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    good....nice real story...why dont write more on the humilaiation from wife

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