Cukolding hubby while talking to him on phone

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    This is a topic that hits kind of close to home for me....

    A couple years back I was dating a girl long distance, about 1000 miles from where I lived. She was a hot blonde with the biggest pillow-like dick sucking lips I have ever seen. Needless to say we talked on the phone almost every day, and I'd only get to see her maybe once a month when she flew in to visit. Lots of times when we were talking on the phone, she'd let out a little coo, or a moan of extasy suddenly in the middle of our conversation, and I'd say "God babe, it sounds like you are getting fucked! haha", and she'd reply something like, "No honey, that would sound more like: Uh, oh my god, your cock is soooo big! *uhh... whimper...* *giggle*" .... My cock would go from 3" to 6" and oozing precum instantly!

    One day I decided to cut it off for various reasons, and a week or so later we were chatting online about how she was talking to a new guy now, who supposedly had a very large cock (She was a major size queen...) The guy wanted to fuck her and dominate her completely, and she was debating doing it.... She signed off IM after saying something like, "If you get a crazy voicemail tomorrow on your phone, don't be surprised!"

    Sure enough, the voicemail came in around noon (Who fucks at noon, I was thinking!?!) -- but sure enough it was her getting fucked in the most violent way imaginable... She called me later to tell me that she had rug burns on her knees and face -- it was the hottest thing I had ever heard.... Over the next month this new guy defiled her in every way possible... He made her bake him cookies before blowing him.... He had her meet him in public places wearing only a trench coat, where he would finger her and send her home.... All kinds of stuff....

    Finally I got back with this girl... After awhile the passion was rekindled and I couldn't stand sharing her anymore, so I had to have her back... She flew in and and I took her to an expensive restaurant, where I noticed she had a new fancy handbag. When I inquired about it, she revealed it had been from this other guy.... My jealousy meter went from 0 to 100 instantly. She then explained that he presented it to her after making her strip naked and get fucked on a picnic table in a park in the middle of the night like a cheap whore. Fine table chatter for a 5 star restaurant, right?

    Anyway, before sending her home that trip -- I countered by buying her a nice 5" pair of designer platform shoes. Extremely sexy. We had several phone calls after, where I could hear her wearing them on the hardwood floors of her house. I'd ask, "Why are you wearing my shoes?" and she'd reply, "Just getting used to wearing such high heels honey... I'm still so wobbley!" -- and I'd say, "Well don't even think of going out in those -- they are way too hot...", and she'd reply, "I'd only have to walk to the front door.... *giggle*"

    Later, after we broke up again.... I got a voicemial on my cellphone while she was literally getting fucked in the ass while wearing my shoes, and the man was in the background saying, "Thanks for the shoes kyle!"

    This woman was one of the craziest girls I have ever dated, but when it came to holding my passion through jealousy -- She was a master....
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    p.s. -- I never did find out if she was screwing other guys while we were talking on the phone, but to this day my mind races when I think about it!
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    Great story! Nothing like doing a taken lady while she's on the phone with someone else, especially a BF or ex.
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  4. I have something that relates to this topic. Back when I was about 20 I was seeing this girl I went to automotive school with, obviously the school was a complete sausage fest so any girl attending was more than just noticed. My girlfriend at that time whom I'd met there was really good looking. Curly long dirty blond hair, perky chest with long legs, beautiful blue eyes and she had a very carnal sexual side to her.

    I had to move to the morning classes due to a job change, she stayed in afternoon classes. There was a guy that I knew she fancied a little bit and sometimes they'd go hang out for lunch together. Back then it drove me crazy when they hung out, I didn't get along with this guy at all and (while I think a lot of my cuckold fantasies came about because of her) I wasn't really fully accepting or aware of my cuckolding wants at that time.

    As was custom, I'd call her on her lunch break to say hi and hear about her day, one day I called her she told me she was with Brad at Burger King, they had eaten already and were in the parking lot in his car. I was annoyed by this at the time but kept on talking about my day. A part of me during the conversation got the idea that they were probably up to something they shouldn't be. I remember she wouldn't say any words for a few seconds after I finished talking and awaited her response. After a few more minutes she said she had to let me go and get back to school so we hung up. She denied anything happened then, but much later after we broke up when I was a full blown cuckold wannabe, she brought that time back up and asked if I remember it, which of course I did. She described to me that when I called and her phone began ringing, he had his cock in her mouth and she almost didn't answer but he told her it would be fun if she did. She said that when ever I'd start talking, she'd go back down on him, she could hear his breathing getting longer and deeper so she said she wanted to keep it all to herself and just after she got off the phone with me, he blew his load deep in her mouth and she took it all.

    If only I would have still been with her when I came to better understand my fantasies.
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    Hot story.

    My poker game would be in shreds after that call.
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    I vividly recall Ohsobadd's legendary postings years ago - I wonder why she stopped. She was absolutely a woman of desire :)
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    ohhhhhhhh god yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i love this fantasy
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gasp
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    I'm hard just reading through this thread.
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    ohhhhhhhhhhh god
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    love to talk to Her as She is licking a hard cock...

    or getting fucked hard...

    makes me feel so humiliated...

    but, again, i love the feeling...
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    Your husband knows; there are no cockroaches in the Capitol city.

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