Cukolding hubby while talking to him on phone

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  1. anjali123

    anjali123 New Member

    Once I went to the national capital of my country on some official work. I had to spend several nights there.I stayed in my parents' vacant house there. I phoned my husband's old buddy, Rajpal, to pick me up from my office in the evening and drop me in my house.I got late in the office and it was nine p.m. when I reached the house. I invited RajPal for a cuppa of tea. He came inside. Then he told me frankly whether I would mind if he drank some whisky. At first I objected,then I relented as he had offered me a lift home.I wnt to the bedroom where the phone was located as I was waiting for a call from my hubby.All of a sudden, Rajpal entered the bedroom looking for the toilet. I was shocked when he came out naked.He had a big cock, very thick. He suddenly started kissing me. I tried to stop him but he started removing my clothes rather violently. I got aroused. He started sucking my breasts, nevel and pussy. I was making love sounds. Suddenly the phone rang.It was dear huuby. I told him Rajpal dropped me home. While I was talking my lover plunged his tool inside me. I cried out. My hubby got suspicious and asked me what happened. I replied it was a cockroach on the bed. I had roaring sex that night.
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  2. SNJ_Dom

    SNJ_Dom New Member

    very sexy post, dear! I take it you are in/near India or a part of the Far East near there?

    You make me wistful for a college girlfriend of mine , Neha... she was incredibly sexy. :)

    Would you have any photos of yourself that you would share with us?
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  3. anjali123

    anjali123 New Member


    I live in India. Tell us about Neha
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  4. detroitguy73

    detroitguy73 New Member

    This is another very hot story.

    I would love to be dominating a wife while she is on the phone with hubby. Phone sex is very erotic even more so when someone is actually getting fucked.
  5. Mike - uk

    Mike - uk New Member

    Do you let him know

    Hi Great story but did you ever let him know the truth in the end ?
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  6. anjali123

    anjali123 New Member

    Reply to mike

    Yeah, on my return from the tour I told my hubby about the enjoyable sex I had with his best friend.
  7. al10jones

    al10jones New Member

    I have never had the joy of having sex with a wife, while she talked on the phone to her hubby. I think that would be highly erotic, and help me achieve a totally awesome cum!!!
  8. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I've done it and it is just about as erotic as you can imagine. Here is she is beneath you - you are trying to keep it quiet, she's putting all her effort into keeping her voice stable as you see the look of lusty want on her face.

    "Yes, honey, I'm fine... I'll be home at 6. I miss you..."

    Nibbling on her ear as my hips grind and explore her deeply...

    "Talk to you soon, honey... I love you."

    At that point, you can't hold back any longer - and she must hang up for the most powerful cum you've had in years.
  9. Ohsobadd

    Ohsobadd Active Member

    Men do seem to enjoy it...

    I have had several lovers over the years who enjoy or have enjoyed me talking to my hubby while we were experiencing each other. My first hubby was the "victim" of it numerous times. I had one particular lover who showed me the joys of talking to my unknowing hubby on the phone. He would come to our home and sit in hubby's favorite chair while I sucked his marvelous cock.

    I would call my hubby on the phone and between conversation would suck and lick my lover like he was a big piece of candy. He enjoyed it immensely. It became a game for us. He would get excited the more I talked to hubby. I recall he would become incredibly aroused when I'd tell hubby I missed him or that I loved him, all the while sucking on his hard prick.

    Eventually he wanted me riding his cock while talking to hubby. I was happy to oblige. Several times he was able to cum inside me while I was speaking to hubby. The most sexually charged time I can recall with him while I was chatting with hubby, was when I was kneeling before my lover licking his big balls and fondling them with my hand.

    As I knelt before him he stroked his cock until he finally exploded all over my face...all the while hubby was babbling on about his day. I remember telling hubby goodby and making a noise as though I was giving him a kiss when in reality I was kissing the tip of my lover's cock while his warm creme dripped from my lover almost passed out... LOL... and hubby never knew.

    Later lover's have come to enjoy this "scenario" as well...

    Men! You're so much fun to play with...

  10. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Classic OSB. Very delicious scenario. Now was this in the first or second marriage?
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  11. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    Kate did a similar thing, only I actually got to talk to the guy she was with.

    Kate went on a business trip. I told her to let me know if she picked up a guy in the bar. About 1:00 AM the phone rings and it is Kate. I asked her if she picked up a guy and she said that she did. I asked if she enjoyed fucking him and she said that she didn't know YET!

    I asked what she meant and she told me that they had just entered her room. I asked if the guy was there right now and she said yes. I asked what he was doing, and through irregular breathing, she said he was sucking her nipples and rubing her pussy.

    She kept the phone up to her ear as I continued to question her, and she kept stopping to kiss him. I could hear them kissing and moaning quietly. Everytime the guy stopped kissing her to lick her tits, she would talk to me some more.

    I told her that I wanted to hear her suck his cock. She told the guy that her husband wanted her to suck his cock. She was already on her knees in front of him because I could hear his zipper being lowered. She gasped excitedly and I could hear the sounds of her sucking his cock. She stopped sucking to tell me what a pretty cock he had and how big and hard it was.

    I asked Kate to hand the phone to the guy. She said that his name is Jim and handed him the phone. He said that he couldn't beleive that he was in a hotel room with this pretty blond sucking his cock and he was talking to her husband on the telephone.

    I asked him what she was doing and he said that she was sucking his cock. He was moaning and then he said "Oh shit...she is licking my balls now". He said that her mouth was very hot and she was really giving him a great blowjob. I told him that if he thought she sucks cock great, wait until he fucks her. I told him how tight her pussy is and he said he needed to find out.

    While he was talking to me, he had Kate lay on her back and he eased his hard cock into her. I could hear her moaning as he entered her. He said " You're right, your wife's pussy is really tight". I told him that she loves to fuck and he was welcome to fuck her as much as he wanted.

    I told him that I was gong to hang up now so that they could enjoy each other. I told him to have fun and fuck her good for me. He thanked me for sharing my wife with him. I masturbated until I came all over the place.

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  12. karenscuckold

    karenscuckold New Member

    Nice. My wife usually calls me when she is with someone. Not often when she is actually having sex, but sometime during the time they are together. Her most recent event they did call me. I came out of the gym and there was voice mail on my phone and I got to hear both of them talk about how much fun they were having. I was in public at the time so I couldn't play with myself while I listened. That made it even better.
  13. SDslut4bull

    SDslut4bull New Member

    I have done it

    One particular boyfriend was really into calling cucky while he was fucking me. He was a business man that would cum through our town occasionally. He had a HUGE cock 10" and so thick I couldn't walk right for days. Anyway, he would call me, I would cum to his hotel and he would fuck me crazy. But while he was fucking me he made sure I had my cell phone where I could reach it. And then once he had stretched my cunt fully and was plowing for all he was worth, he would tell me to call hubby. I would call him, and tell him to listen. then I would set the phone next to us, pull my legs up over his strong shoulders and he would fuck the hell out of me till I came. Sometimes he would also cum. But whenever my lover told me to I would just reach the phone & hang up on hubby. And of course when I got home, he would have to eat all that thick cum out of my well-used pussy.
  14. Regardeur

    Regardeur New Member

    Hearing him tell her to hang up the phone and then silence... incredible
  15. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member


    my wife calls me with chores to do whenever she is with her boyfriend, i imagine he is hoding her when she calls. she seems to have a never ending list of things for me to do whenever she is off with him. i guess i'm lucky she thinks of me!
  16. hotwifejenanddave

    hotwifejenanddave New Member

    Usually the calls I get from Jen are after she's been fooling around with a guy at a bar, making out or sucking his cock, then she calls me to ask if it's okay to go to his place or a motel for some fun.

    One time though, Jen went to her boytoy's apartment with a sexy nightie during the daytime while I happened to be at home with the kids. She really wanted to fuck him, but I couldn't go because we didn't have a babysitter. She called me from the parkinglot before going in and said, "this is your last chance to back out honey." I told her to go for it and have a good time. About 5 minutes later the phone rang again. I picked it up and heard the sound of her sucking his big cock. Then Jen made her famous POP! sound pulling off the end of his cock, and she said, "I"m sucking his cock."

    I was so turned on, I was close to cumming instantly. I stayed on the phone and listened to my wife suck his big cock for a few minutes, then she told me he was going to fuck her missionary. She had the phone close to her head so I could hear her moan, and I could hear him moaning and grunting too. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and came in my pants. She said, "Did you just cum?" When I said yes, she told him, and I could hear him yell, "YEAH!!!" like it was the coolest thing he'd ever heard. He came a couple of minutes later in her pussy, and he was really loud, so I heard it perfectly. She told me she was hanging up and would be home soon. She got home about an hour later and told me he fucked her one more time before letting her leave.

    It's funny that with all the hundreds of times we've done kinky lifestyle stuff involving other people, this is one of the only times she's let me listen in on her over the phone. I can think of maybe three other times, but that one's my favorite!
  17. snd679

    snd679 New Member

    That is hot!

    I had a GF who had an on again off again relationship with a Navy guy.
    I knew nothing about it until one night while at her place he called while I was there and she spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with him. She kept giving me the most seductive looks. We had never discussed this prior and I was surprised at her willingness to throw all caution to the wind about my feelings and be so open with her talk with him. He told her when his next home leave was and they set up a date to see each other. I could tell by her demeanor that the conversation turned sexual, but she mostly just listened and rubbed herself through her jeans a few times. I was overcome with feelings of jealousy but did nothing to stop her. When she finally finished the call she smiled at me and said, "I hope that was okay?" It was as much a statement as a question. She saw him exclusively every leave he had, and as far as he knew, he was her one and only. The experience turned me on so much that I actually hoped he would call while I was present. when that happened we usually ended up with me giving her a foot massage or brushing her hair while she talked. The most humiliating occurrence was when he called and eventually stated talking sexy to her. I have no doubt he was getting off on it and it turned her on as well. Soon she loosened the front of her jeans and started to work herself with her fingers. Then she got this smile on her face and motioned me over to her while she slid to the edge of the couch. She directed my face to her pussy and I continued to eat her through 2 orgasms while she and he talked. She then pushed me away and proceed to thank her Navy boy for being such a turn on and getting her off!
  18. Lks2wtcher

    Lks2wtcher New Member

    It is amazing...

    my girlfriend and I were having sex in a motel room a few weeks ago when all of a sudden her ce;; phone rang. I had to jump up to shut off the radio, but then after she answered it, I climbed back onto the bed and proceeded to continue fucking her.

    the effort she put into having a "normal" phone conversation while I was banging her was as amazing as it was erotic. She couldn't get off the phone quick enough.

    It made for a memorable afternoon...
  19. likes2wait

    likes2wait New Member

    One evening when I was away on business, i get a call from my wife saying she had just brought someone home. I was put back at first, then told her to put the phone on our night stand and bring him in and fuck his brains out.. Well that is exactly what happend, but her brains got fucked out.

    It didnt take any time at all before I heard them come in the room and start making out, and in no time she was moaning. For the next hour I listened while he gaver her a good pounding. I couldnt believe the noises coming from her. It was pure animalistic. THe hotest thing I have ever heard.

    WHen they were done, she picked up the phone when he went to the bathroom and said could you hear. I of coarse told her I could, she replied when he droped his pants, i new you would be hearing this.

    She drove him home and when she returned home she called and we had great phone sex. I have listend once more, but she put the phone so far away that I only heard her moan a couple of times in the whole hour.

    But these are fun and really exciting experiences...... Have Fun.....
  20. snd679

    snd679 New Member

    Nothing is more exciting than when your wife takes the initiative!

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