Cucks: what is your real most humiliating experience?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Kudalskies, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Worth It

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    Since you mention it, my wife has told me about a previous lover, one I never met, who had a normal size dick, but a large, pronounced "helmet" as you call it. She calls it the corona. Audrey says that when they got the rhythm right it was one of the best feeling fucks she's ever had, the feel of the head pulling back. I'd be interested in seeing it (and seeing them in action), but at my request Audrey no longer fucks married guys where the wife doesn't know; plus she's really into FFM situations now, either with the other couple, or us and her girlfriend.
  2. UCUM666

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    I remember reading some cockamaimee story a long time ago by some evolutionary scientist who stated in so many words that early man with the big "helmet" heads on their penises were better equipped to "pull" the semen of other males out of the vagina and, assuming their penises were longer, could then insert and replace that semen with their own. Take it with gain of salt (obviously), but evolutionary science is interesting.
  3. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

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  4. cuckhusband

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    For personal reasons i couldnt post my MOST humiliating experience in a thread. But my first humiliating experience was early on in our marriage and my wife had been fucking her ex and trying to convince me to suck his cock (which i refused at first) until one night they were fucking doggy style and she got me to get under her to lick her clit. I did all i could to have no contact with him. Until suddenly he pulled out of her and shoved his cock in my mouth. I was stunned by it all and had no idea ehat to do so i just laid there and took it until after a short time he tool it back and put it in her and started fucking her again. I was so humiliated and ashamed by what happened i felt sick to my stomach. I got out of bed and left the room. I had trouble sleeping that night. And had trouble looking either one of them in the face. It really bothered me for sometime but the more i thought about it the less it bothered me. And i eventually began developing the desire to suck him again. Which i did and i turned out to be his regular cocksucker after that, and eventually more.
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  5. Worth It

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    Come on, yes you can. Most guys here will actually be jealous. At least give us a general idea of what was involved.
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  6. Jonandjess

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    Well it's a bit strange really but here goes. Jess, my wife knows another woman, Karen, who also cucks her husband (Dave I think?). They've known each other for over a year through a mutual black "friend" and sometimes go out together to a local bar/club where they meet up with their friend and his mates. I don't know the precise order of events, lets just say shes late back and very tied Anyway that's just the background. One evening about six months ago Karen came round to ours for a meal with Dave. It was a pretty boozy evening and, of course the talk turned eventually to their extra curricular activities. Sitting there and listening to them both laughing and describing this mans girth and anothers length and stamina was to say the least uncomfortable and both of us men shifted awkwardly in our seats dumbstruck that our cuckold status was being so freely shared! Eventually they turned to discuing our manhoods and speed at which we finished - all very embarrassing. However the worst for me was when Karen reached over slipped her hands into my jeans and boxers and wrapped her hands around my "very small cock" and "tiny balls" before laughing out loud at the same time as Karen did the same to Dave. That was the end of the evening and both of us men were bright red and couldn't look at each other - having had our cuckold status so freely discussed and our manhoods laughed at - believe me it's excruciating embarrassing. Funnily we've never discussed that evening!
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  7. SmallFry

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    I have a rampant SPH fetish so even though the experience was definitely humiliating it was also extremely arousing.
    My wife (Debbie) and I had been engaging in MMF and hook ups with other couples for a couple of years. I left it to her to source out people to engage with us as she had been doing this kind of thing before I even met her.
    Usually there would be a meet and greet before an actual sex date was arranged but this was a spur of the moment thing. She worked as a receptionist at a college and there was a tutor that casually flirted with her from time to time. She went out for a few drinks one evening with a group of college people to celebrate some ones birthday and he was part of the entourage.
    She discretely asked him (Paul) whether he would be into a hook up with her and myself. He was up for it and she called me from the pub they were at and ran it by me.
    Anyway, They came back to our place and to my (and his) complete surprise we actually knew each other. We had worked at the same job about a decade before.
    He was my subordinate. As I recall he was a beta type and rather shy around the female colleagues. Personalitywise I am definitely more alpha.
    After a bit of awkwardness we got on with it.
    I have a tiny flaccid penis but his soft was bigger than mine fully erect. Erect he was almost twice my size. (mine is only 4"so he was probably about 7 to 8 and a lot thicker) I had got an erection just seeing his soft cock.
    This is the first time my wife and I had engaged with someone I knew beforehand and the fact that we knew each other in a reverse situation (as in I was Formerly the Alpha) made the "humiliation" factor more a cute.
    We both fucked my wife but he did her first and last. He made her cum both times which is something I have never managed with my tiny penis.
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  8. Worth It

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    Why didn't you go down on her both before and after? You could have made her cum and she would have appreciated a good eating out. Performing oral on a woman is just common courtesy.
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  9. SmallFry

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    It is my usual custom if it is just myself and my wife/gf etc. but not always a necessity if someone else is involved and she gets satisfied properly.
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  10. Worth It

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    When my wife Audrey is in the mood to fuck, no one guy can satisfy her. She used to be happy with a guy and his wife, but since marrying me has found the joy of MFMs and just having me available for some follow ups after MFFs.

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