Cucks: what is your real most humiliating experience?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Kudalskies, Aug 1, 2019.

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    Since you mention it, my wife has told me about a previous lover, one I never met, who had a normal size dick, but a large, pronounced "helmet" as you call it. She calls it the corona. Audrey says that when they got the rhythm right it was one of the best feeling fucks she's ever had, the feel of the head pulling back. I'd be interested in seeing it (and seeing them in action), but at my request Audrey no longer fucks married guys where the wife doesn't know; plus she's really into FFM situations now, either with the other couple, or us and her girlfriend.
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    I remember reading some cockamaimee story a long time ago by some evolutionary scientist who stated in so many words that early man with the big "helmet" heads on their penises were better equipped to "pull" the semen of other males out of the vagina and, assuming their penises were longer, could then insert and replace that semen with their own. Take it with gain of salt (obviously), but evolutionary science is interesting.
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