[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by mrmultispeed, Jan 21, 2006.


[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

  1. Not at all interested

  2. Dangerous stuff, I try not to think about

  3. I try not to think about, but still do

  4. Hot stuff, but we always play safe

  5. I want her Bull to cum in her, but with her on the pill

  6. I would love her to risk it with him, but not get pregnant

  7. I want her to give herself totally over to him, whereever that leads

  8. I want a bull that will convince her to carry his child

  1. HammerHeart

    HammerHeart Member

    No that's not at all the definition of a cuckold, but if you want to believe that, well whatever rocks your boat. And btw, the words 'true' cuckold are meaningless. It's like being pregnant; either you are or you're not.
  2. kane77

    kane77 New Member

    The Thought of My Wife Moaning like a Whore in Heat and Pushing out a Bulls Baby out of Her Whored out Pussyhole is very Hot to Me.
  3. jimbobin

    jimbobin New Member

    as a fantasy I find impregnation extremely hot. I very much enjoy the idea of being a faithful and chastised cuckold while my wife fucks whoever she likes. For me the fantasy is that she uses me as her form of birth control. So after her and her boyfriend finish, I link and suck the cum out from her. I have to ensure to do a good job to make sure my wife does not get pregnant. I guess like a game, her stud needs to deposit and much and as deep as he can, and I need to get it all out only using my oral skills.
  4. Biblkcuck

    Biblkcuck New Member

    I love this I would love for my wife to get pregnant by her bull, seeing her stomach grows with his child would turn me on so much that I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off he and I would keep a hardon all the time, and having her to tell me how good it feel knowing her bull made her pregnant would make me so horny, I would want her to get pregnant and I would love to know that everyone know it wasn't mine further humiliation, and she let me watch her getting fucked and he cumming deep inside her,resulting in her pregnancy
  5. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I didn't vote in the poll, because my wife and I don't have impregnation fantasies for sexual reasons, but plan to have another fellow get her pregnant for very practical reasons. As I wrote in a post a while back:

    "One of the reasons I allow my wife her lovers is that eventually she wants to have a child or two and I've had a vasectomy. She's younger, 28, and I'm much older with grown children. We're going to try a reversal and/or direct sperm recovery from the testicles, but if that doesn't work she can choose one or more of her lovers to impregnate her. It just seems better and more intimate for both of us compared to using donor sperm. Anyone here gone that route?"
  6. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    Her present Bull is young student, highly intelligent, well built, well endowed, in all total alrounder and ideally suited for impregnating any woman. Hoping that the child will inherit his genes, I do hope he will be the father of our child. wife agrees , but does not want him to know that he has made her pregnant. She says that once she misses her period, she will stop seeing her and loose all contact, hence waiting for him to finidh his studies and move out of the country for his higher studies.
  7. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    She should continue seeing him until she is at least 3 months gone, just to be sure.
  8. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    We understand that, therefore she has already stopped taking her pills since a month. He is coming here at the beginning of next month for his preparatory holidays. He will be here for nearly 2 days, according to her calculation, her fertile period will be 5 days after he comes here. Hope his sperm will hit the target during that period., In case it does not happen, she will be asking him to come between exams, to have a break and refresh himself. Even if this fails, which is very unlikely, she will have a chance to get impregnated when he spends some time after his examinations, since he has got admission in America which starts in August/September. :D
  9. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    As she has only recently stopped taking BC, maybe a visit to her Gyne and ask them to prescribe clomiphene and gonadotropins, which will increase her fertility, the most common side affects is multiple births, so she may have somewhere between twins and quins. good luck.
  10. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    Thanks for your advise. She has already discussed with her gyno and was told that it is possible to concieve after 2-3 months without any medication and it will be her third month without pills in March. when he will be here. He will be in again in april/may before he goes back.
    We are quite sure that she will concieve his baby before he goes back. In case it doesnot happen, sge will find a way to meet him. but I hope and pray that it will not be necessary
    In any case, we are determined that he will father our first child
  11. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    That is such a lovely way to plan it, is he the same ethnicity as you both ?
  12. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    first off I'd like to say this is a very exciting thread, and it sounds like you're getting some pretty diverse decisions and comments. In our case, or should I say my case, knowing that your wife is taking the pill and going bareback is totally different then when she openly tells you that her and her lover are trying to have a baby. It's one thing to see him cum in your wife and the little cream pie afterwards, but it's totally different knowing that when he's cuming in her, its for a very specific reason and they're both doing everything they can to make sure it happens. It is incredibly hot for me when their breeding, watching him cum deep inside of her, her twitching and moaning and then him pulling out and watching her lean back so the cum doesn't come out,. It's even hotter when you know she's not letting you have the cream pie, because there's little or none to have. The only cream pie you get is the next morning when its leftover. There is a feeling that you just can't describe knowing that your wife is full of her bulls come and laying her watching her lay there falling asleep knowing that any split second that she could become pregnant. In our case, it's more that will keep trying until she does get pregnant.
  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    All well and good so long as you're able and willing to responsibly love and raise the child. Not that I doubt it - people adopt children with whom they have no physical ties and it works. In our case we would otherwise adopt or use sperm donation, but using a wife's lover is easier, cheaper, less hassle, and more intimate in that she has a bond with the father and the child comes from her body. For me being older and already having grown children, I'm not hung up on biological fatherhood.
  14. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    Yes We are Indians and he is the son of non resident Indians living in America. The difference is we are Hindus, but he is son of Muslim father and an Hindu mother. He has been brought up as a Muslim. His mother wanted her son to be exposed her son to her roots, that is how, he was sent to India for his studies and we were made his local gaurdians. He was asked to spend his holidays with us in our home and get to know about our culture, our religion. Incidentally, my wife works in the Indian branch of his father's American company
  15. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    I understand now why your wife wants to be bred by him, it will your family so much stronger. Best wishes
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  16. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    My wife's lovers always cum inside her; she loves spunk. Obviously that creates a risk. Before she was first unfaithful she made it very clear that if she became pregnant she would keep the child, even if it was obviously not mine, and expect me, as her husband, to raise it as mine. Of course, I agreed.

    She had not mentioned it since, until last week when she was telling me about her afternoon with her lover, and how he was telling her how much he loved using her married pussy and filling her fertile womb with his spunk. I looked at her slightly quizzically and she hasten to reassure me she was still on the pill and it was just his imagination running away with him. I did, though, get the impression the idea turned her on. I certainly can't stop thinking about it. Not that I actually want it to happen ....
  17. robb32

    robb32 Member

    She's really beyond that stage now, you can fill her honeyhole to your hearts content..but in retrospect..the idea if a sperm penetrating my wife's egg and the thought if her carrying one of my/her friends baby is simply red hot. We wouldnt ever have to tell him, of coyrse unless the baby is biracial, then EVERYONE KNOWS.. the ultimate cuckolding
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  18. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Well since I'm 68, I obviously have no interest in raising a child now. Mine or anyone elses. For several years however, both my wife and I had an impregnation fantasy and have always allowed her partners to fuck her bareback, and cum in her. Plus, she has never been on the pill. We are now glad that she never did get pregnant, but we loved the risk.

    I could stretch the meaning of this question and claim that she did get bred once. She was 20 and it was 9 years before we even met that she got knocked up by her best friends husband. Since his wife was also pregnant, things got pretty messy. Even though I didn't know her back then, I love to fantasize that we were already married when he got her pregnant and I was watching him fuck her when it happened.

    It's just a fantasy. But it's one of my favorite.
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  19. Pampersben

    Pampersben New Member

    When my mom (wife) met her boyfriend, he always used a condom and she used the pill for safety.

    But he is now the man in the house and everyone has their tasks. She asked me what I think about proper traffic and my answer was - between a couple there should be proper insemination - with a condom, the woman feels little or nothing.

    She praised me for my answer - but then she said - you're degraded - from husband and father to a baby who needs diapers and so on.

    When they slept without a condom and without a pill, I had a queasy feeling in the stomach area. Then I heard her moan and inseminate me and I cried a little. He is inside her and she receives his sperm and could get pregnant.

    I calmed down - it is normal for mommy and daddy to have sex, it is normal for daddy mommy to pump his semen in and it is normal for mommy to get pregnant. I will be a proud little baby brother
  20. SmallFry

    SmallFry Member

    Definitely have entertained this fantasy but in no way would I be into the reality.
    There are plenty of fantasy scenarios I find arousing to imagine but doubt very much I would enjoy them as a reality.

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