[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

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[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

  1. Not at all interested

  2. Dangerous stuff, I try not to think about

  3. I try not to think about, but still do

  4. Hot stuff, but we always play safe

  5. I want her Bull to cum in her, but with her on the pill

  6. I would love her to risk it with him, but not get pregnant

  7. I want her to give herself totally over to him, whereever that leads

  8. I want a bull that will convince her to carry his child

  1. vaman837

    vaman837 Active Member

    This is incredibly hot! Sizzling to a cuck-wanna-be (me). Thank you for sharing.
  2. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My wife got pregnant 3 times by others, one time from a black lover, another when she sex with 4 different men (one was me) over a weekend, and the other was probably my well hung boss. Unfortunatly she miscarried all 3 times after about 2-3 months, she wanted to have more children and I was fine with whatever happened. We started in this lifestyle long before AIDS was ever heard of and she couldn't stand condoms. All I know is we had a great life together. For us it was never a fantasy, we had talked about what if she got pregnant by someone other that me and decided that it really didn't matter to either one of us. GTR
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  3. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Even shortly before we married my wife was still seeing another guy, and I wasn't too surprised when she got pregnant. I'd had cuck fantasies since I was a teen, so when she started showing, it was like being on the best drug in the world. Yeah, hard reality definitely set in when "our" first son was born, but you can't help falling head over heels for the little buggers. I was a hands-on dad, changing diapers, getting up at night, etc. I did the best I could and sacrificed daily for him (and our other son) just like I would a bio son, and I think of them as mine. But of course there were and are times when the thought pops into my head that I'm raising other men's kids, and my own genes will never be passed on. That thought still gives me a tremendous thrill, but that doesn't mean I haven't bonded with my kids just as if they were from my seed.
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  4. Baz744

    Baz744 New Member

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  5. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    I haven't tried the site where you can upload pics of the parents and see what the baby would look like. I don't know how it works or anything about it, but I wonder if they have some kind of algorithm for determining eye color. I guess it generally wouldn't matter much, but in our case, my wife and I both have blue eyes, and the eye color of one of our sons is brown. This would be very unlikely if I were the bio father, although I have read somewhere that it can happen (about 1% chance if I recall correctly). We're all caucasian, and until I read about those stats, I didn't think too much about there being any really obvious signs that I was not our kids' father. Well, on the other hand, neither of the kids' features or hair color resemble mine very much, but even if they did, I guess eye color would give it away, at least with one of our kids.
  6. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Rob, I know that there are a lot of babies born than are the biological offspring of their "fathers."

    However, I think your information is wrong regarding eye color.


  7. Spiritogre

    Spiritogre New Member

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  8. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    I am a Straight White Bull. I have had a few Couples that have paid me in Money and in other stuff for getting the Woman Pregnant. There are a lot of cucks that want someone who is Superior to them to Breed their Woman or they can't get their Women pregnant. When they get a Bull to Impregnate their Woman, they are extatic that they will have a child even if it's not their biological child. I have doe it before and I will do it again. If I get any money for getting a Woman Pregnant or if I get any more gifts, that will be fine with me.

    =conBlues;11974]Sadly, my wife is past safe childbearing age. But I would so love to have anther child, just so long as the kid was healthy, I would not care one whit if my son or daughter had kinky hair or not, looked like the biological father, whatever. I would just be sooooo happy to have a healthy child. I mean that sincerely and seriously. I would actually pay, I could not afford much, but it would be worth at least $1,000 to me for her to be impregnated by a healthy (genetically sound) bull, any race would be fine, but he should be UNDER 40 years old.

    Well, my wife's age (47) really makes it a moot point. But as for a pregnancy fantasy, hell yes, I would absolutely love for a bull to get my wife pregnant.

    How much would anyone be willing to pay, for some super healthy athelete or some real genius to get their wife pregnant? I would, pay, and I would actually PREFER for another man to get her pregnant (my own genetice sometimes leave me and my wife a bit disappointed).[/QUOTE]
  9. Cranium

    Cranium Member

    pregnancy out of wedlock just isn't part of the fantasy for me/us. No offense to anyone who voted otherwise, but I firmly voted no in this poll....
  10. forcep88

    forcep88 New Member

    this HAS happened to me.....
  11. forcep88

    forcep88 New Member

    just looking at the baby picture website now....

  12. To be completely honest, in a fantasy world this incredibly sexually frustrating yet intensley erotic. To give the power of inseminating my wife over to another more aggressive man who only seeks his own pleasure is very arousing. Im hard as im writing this. I am not sure how i would react in real life, but this is very hot. I would even add the aspect of the wife wanting her bull to inseminate her but the husband be unwilling but helpless to stop it..he just gets to watch them do as they please. As far as a fantasy goes.its one of the hottest i can ever imagine.
  13. DeaconBlues

    DeaconBlues New Member

    Well don't just say "it happened" and then tell us nothing more! Tell us about it!
  14. forcep88

    forcep88 New Member

    well i have some images - just trying to work out how to add images to my post....
  15. z_penguin

    z_penguin New Member

    my gf love breeding fantasy. Its gets her off quick!
  16. minucuckold

    minucuckold New Member

    my exact thoughts!
  17. forcep88

    forcep88 New Member


    this is the night she was impregnated....

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  18. FamLover37

    FamLover37 New Member

    as long as I'm there to film her asking her Bull to impregnate her or I'm the son impregnating my roleplay mom or my roleplay sister with my roleplaying dad's encouragement.
  19. rfresco

    rfresco Active Member

    I really thought that I had replied to this thread before, but for the life of me, can't find what I had thought I had posted.
    Believe that the impregnation aspect is very, very common in this lifestyle. Otherwise, it's not much more than your wife playing with a dildo. To be sure, we take all the proper precautions - she is on the pill and insists upon condoms until she is comfortable with the Bull, but one she makes the decision to receive him bare, then we do roleplay the fantasy between the two of us. The Bull doesn't know of the game we're playing.
    This aspect of the lifestyle is hard to deny. I mean, all the proper things are present. The cock is erect, the balls are full the legs are open and the bare cock penetrates your wife. The only think stopping it from occurring is (in our case) a chemical imbalance within your wife (caused by the pill). So to us, it is a part of the lifestyle that we enjoy playing out - but we would NEVER seriously consider it actually happening.
    Just our take on the topic
    R n T
    rfresco_99 (yahoo)
  20. Exxciteus

    Exxciteus New Member

    I have had a cuckold fantasy since my wife told me the story of her sexual contact with a lover while we were broke up. It bothered me at first, but then I noticed I had a raging hardon.

    Shortly there after, we found out she was pregnant. I was firm in that I wouldn't raise his child. So we found a way to stop the pregnancy.

    Even though it bothered me that she was pregnant from another man, it turned me on to think about her having sex with him and him cumming in her.

    After a couple of years we got married, and tried to have kids. Turns out I cannot father a child. I have since had some regret for the decision I made in haste.

    I have a RAGING urge to share my wife. And now that I know I cannot make her pregnant, the thought of watching him cum in her, and her getting pregnant as a result, really turns me on. It is kind of crazy how you change over the years.

    Our lifestyle has recently changed, we moved from the city to a small county town. A perfect place to raise children. We had already decided not to have kids, but since moving here, she has brought the subject of children up a few times.

    I told her if she wants to have a kit, it has to by with another man while I watch.

    Now during sex we fantasize about whether we do it with someone we know or a stranger. I'm a little concerned about being with a guy we know. SHe's a little concerned about the risks of a stranger.

    MMM I can't wait to see what happens. We are in our mid to late 30s, so we can't wait to much longer.
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