[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

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[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

  1. Not at all interested

  2. Dangerous stuff, I try not to think about

  3. I try not to think about, but still do

  4. Hot stuff, but we always play safe

  5. I want her Bull to cum in her, but with her on the pill

  6. I would love her to risk it with him, but not get pregnant

  7. I want her to give herself totally over to him, whereever that leads

  8. I want a bull that will convince her to carry his child

  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    A cuckold is a man with an unfaithful wife. That's the official and true definition of the word. It makes no mention of pregnancy.
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  2. poufio

    poufio New Member

    I agree, but i guess that the finality of a cuckold is to share his wife without limitation. My wife and i are in this case, but i can understand that some prefer just to be cuckold.
    My wife and i play very often in some gloryhole, then one day, 5 years ago she was impregnated by a stranger, and we had 9 month later a baby metis. It's a real pleasure for me to expose my lifestyle of cuckold to the family or friends...But really, you need to have a wife who share your fantasy. Because it's a responsability for the baby and now our children to understand and to explained to him why he had a different color than his father (me). We always have cuckold lifestyle, always with the risk of a new pregnancy, but this is our lifestyle and we love it, playing with the risk of a pregnancy is better than only be a simple cuckold. We can understand that some of you can be offensed by this life, but please respect us as we respect you and your lifestyle even if we go a little more far than you.
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  3. chakota36

    chakota36 New Member

    i do get nervous when i see blk guys shooting their thick fertile sperm deep inside her pussy....but at the same time it is a huge turn on for me...i have thought about haveing him pull out just before he cums,but so far i haven't been man enough to stop them....last week both of her BBCs came over,they ended up staying all nightand fucking her all night,i know both of them shot several loads ea. inside her....there was 2-3 times my wife begged them not it cum in her cunt but these guysdo what they want,and they wanted to cum in her pussy.....since these 2 blk bulls totally DOM. me i know it just a matter of time before they breed her.....

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  4. mc4fun

    mc4fun New Member

    My wife has a guy that's trying to get in between her legs at the moment. They have had fore play in a carpark (until the police turned up). He really wants to get her to bed now he has finger her bald pussy.
    She has shown me a text from him asking if he should bring any protection when they go to a hotel room. She has replied that she isn't on the pill so it's upto him. And she loves bareback sex. It's weather HE can live with the consequenses.
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  5. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    Loving Pregnant Slut

    My girlfriend is beyond the age of conception but the idea of her getting pregnant by another man is unbelievably exciting. For her to flaunt herself naked with a fat pregnant belly and teasing me that she is full of her lover's baby would keep me erect and hard permanently.
    I know......there is much more than just the excitement and the child would have to be of the paramount importance. But provided the child comes first and is in a loving environment, I can't see why this lifestyle wouldn't work out. An intelligent loving couple where the cuckold baby sits while the woman teases him like the slut she is and goes out getting fucked and impregnated again would be something which would thrill me if I were in that situation.
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  6. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    Interresting and important question!
    One of the scenarios that I find most exciting is that my wife and her partner (the Bull?) get so horny that they forget about condoms, while she is ovulating.

    First, when we were beginners, the idea that she would come home creampied was almost too exciting. Later, when it had actually happed (wonderful!), and continued to happen more and more often , it was finally she who asked me if I would like her to stop taking the pill. I almost fainted...

    PS. Sorry for my poor English.
  7. lovetolick7

    lovetolick7 New Member

    Its always possible!!

    My wife and I have had several MFM over the past number of years. We have never used condoms and realize there is always the small possibility that she could be bred. However it never happened but I must admit it was not for the lack of trying on her bulls behalf.
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  8. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    I wonder if this isn't a fantasy with many women because they might want a kind, gentle provider to raise their children but they want to get the DNA from a studly, alpha male. Not to tell women how they think, but I wonder if some women might feel this way.
  9. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    I would like to correct myself: The idea of my wife getting impregnated by an other man is in fact THE most exciting fantasy I have, and teasing me about it is a great turn on for her. As I wrote, she is on the pill, but sometimes asks me if I would like her not to, and sometimes makes me beg her not to...

    Reading the Wikipedias article on cuckold makes a lot of sense, and explains the urge to lick her clean and fuck her afterwards.
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  10. harvie parker

    harvie parker New Member


    Not being able to impregnate my wife has always been a concern for me but if you have duff sperm thems the breaks as they say. Having unprotected sex as she does from time to time i have resigned myself to the fact that whilst i cant someone else could impregnate her. Naturally i would support my wife in anyway she wishes
  11. lollie

    lollie New Member


    The only thing that helps me get off anymore is thinking about my girl getting pregnant
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  12. swampdragon

    swampdragon New Member

    I absolutely love it when the other man cums in her, and that is a requirement when she is with another man, but she is unable to get pregnant, and I have had a vasectomy so am unable to get other women pregnant.
  13. breeder4u

    breeder4u New Member

    As a experianced bull i have been lucky and bred a hot wife it was so much fun and so wonderfull we are still in touch for the health reasons and the cuck has now taken over as the father ans is loving it i am looking for another to breed ?
  14. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    My wife had to have an emergency hyst after our youngest child was born so she cnanot get preg anymore. Which is VERY unfortunate because she has had 2 lovers she REALLY WANTED to get preg by. Which i would have been ok with. I have already raised the child of her first husband as my own. and would have no problem raising another of her extra-marital love children as a real father. she lieks the fact that every day of my life i would look at the child and i would know it was the product of a "real man" and not me. And that is a significant turn on to me. So i guess the answer is yes i would LOVE it.
    The only good thing about her having a hyst is that she has never had to use condoms (which she hates) whether she is with a guy she would like to be preg by or just a casual sex partner. And that always leaves a nice tasty mess for me to lick out of her.
  15. lynnylover

    lynnylover New Member

    Very, Very Hot

    First off, the poll asked for cucks to reply, so before anyone calls me out on it, let me state I am a just a wanna-be-cuck, but hopefully everyone agrees that this is such a good question, its worth of any and all of us chiming in on it, cucks and wannabe cucks alike.

    With that said, I think that this is a very, very hot fantasy.

    I guess that what I think is hot about it is that, in my impregnation fantasies, my wife would be giving all of herself; mouth, ass, vagina and womb, and taking all of her bull; huge cock and thick fertile sperm and making something beautiful and precious with it, which is something that she has not ever done before.

  16. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    I was working in the Middle East a few years back on a years contract, I had been there nine months and the company paid for ten of the wives to fly out, As she stepped off the plane it was obvious to everyone she was well Pregnant, I found out later that she was right up against the 24 weeks limit laid down by airlines. All the guys on site knew it was obviously not mine, and for the rest of the contract I had to put up with there snide remarks. I never did find out who the father was.
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  17. Hanrejfam

    Hanrejfam New Member

    Impregnation stories

    Not only cuckolding stories, but plenty: asstr.org
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  18. halfjob2

    halfjob2 New Member

    My wife loves to tease me about this.When we first started dating she thought there was a chance she was pregnant from unexpected bareback sex a few hours before our first date.She told me the details -it was so hot.Since then she teases me that she would go bareback if she found the right man!
  19. bparty

    bparty New Member

    I know this thread is stale, but I agree with lollie: Impregnation is really the only thing that gets me off-either having someone get my girl pregnant or me getting someone elses' girl pregnant....
  20. vaman837

    vaman837 Active Member

    Great Philosophy

    How wonderful it would be if the whole world were that way, if everyone were accepting of this way of life.

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