[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by mrmultispeed, Jan 21, 2006.


[Cucks] How do you feel about impregnation fantasies?

  1. Not at all interested

  2. Dangerous stuff, I try not to think about

  3. I try not to think about, but still do

  4. Hot stuff, but we always play safe

  5. I want her Bull to cum in her, but with her on the pill

  6. I would love her to risk it with him, but not get pregnant

  7. I want her to give herself totally over to him, whereever that leads

  8. I want a bull that will convince her to carry his child

  1. mrmultispeed

    mrmultispeed New Member

    So I have them. What about you?
  2. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    Doing the Math

    Well, let's see now, she conceived on or around Jan. 21, where was I on Jan. 21? Oh yeah, that's when we were separated for month. The fishing trip, the convention in Vegas, was I with her then? Oh Olivia, I've been doing the math here and, "Oh Bumper, your so paranoid and stupid, (giggle). I'm not even gonna talk about this." Aha! Now I know why that bundle had kinky hair!

    Bottom line, hot topic. It makes my neck stick out and feeding time. But don't you love them, (wives), all the more. They were so vulnerable with him, they had his baby. But it isn't his anymore, it's ours and case closed except for the turn-on aspects and it is a turn on. It's usually something we think of while having sex with her, and then turn the meter off afterwards. Those lactating titties we love to suck on, milk derivative from him. (btw, that takes some gettin used to, but so does a lot of other things) The beauty of it all, you got 9mths of creamy, juicy sex, 4 of it sideways or her on your belly, all thanks to him.

    I've never known a bull to pull it with another mans wife. What would be the point in that? Nor do they worry if she took her birth control. He's got a built in daddy standing in the wings to take over the tough part. Some caring, loving, teasing, interesting spinoffs on the topic. If handled well, a cuck will only bring the subject up with her in the heat of passion. Otherwise, it's off to the Dentist to pay for the braces, and be the best father a man can be. That is the essence and true value in a Real Man! cucks over bulls on this one
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  3. jon4love2000

    jon4love2000 New Member

    My wife and I have talked about this topic. While it is not my fantasy for her to get pregnant from her lover, I would not be upset by it either. It is important for him to cum in her for me and for her. If that leads to a pregnancy, as long as the baby is raised as mine, I am ok with that.
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  4. sissycuck22

    sissycuck22 New Member


    According to the official true definition of the term "cuckold", A CUCKOLD is someone whose wife gave birth to another man's baby.
    You are not really an official CUCKOLD until this happens.
    So, since I desire to be a TRUE CUCKOLD, i allow my wife to have sex with her lovers, eventhough she uses no birth control and the bull goes bareback. I just let nature take its course. Just as God created the universe, if God and mother nature make my wifes pussy wet and her nipples hard for her lover, and also make her lovers cock rock hard and ready to ejaculate, then that is how mother nature allows and wants it to be. So I just sit back rubbing my own rock hard cock, as I become totally submissive to the forces of nature! I am ready to accept the hand that fate and destiny plays for my wife and her l,over.

    TO BUMPER: You are so correct when you stated in your post that you never knew a bull to pull out in time from a hot wife. I can state from a real life experience that my wife Gail confessed to me that her lover Jim was supposed to pull out, but to her surprise she felt as she told me "something sticky and wet" inside her. She realized that Jim shot a full load of sperm deep inside her vagina. She said that Jim said "Wooops!" Like BUMPER said, a Bull gets the sexual thrill of it all, a nice piece of married ass to brag about, and the husband gets the responsibility.
    Thought I would share this true life experience!
  5. incomingwillie

    incomingwillie New Member

    My wife has always hated condoms, she has only used them once or twice when she was young. So I know that everyone one of her past lovers has cum inside her
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  6. NewGuy

    NewGuy New Member

    the idea of another man cumming in my girl is a turn on but only if it were absolutely safe to do so the pill plus the snip because the idea of her getting pregnant with somone elses child just brings up too many possibilities. and i could imagine for those who like the idea or at least are indifferent towards the possiblity. that there could be some increadibly complicated problems arising years down the road.
  7. eastandwest

    eastandwest New Member

    We Must Be Different

    My wife and I openly discuss the possibility of her getting pregnant by one of her male friends. We find the concept an incredibly exciting part of our sexuality. We both feel the child would be one of the best loved and best looked after children on the planet so who cares who the biological father is so long as it is a positive experience for all involved.

    She is totally aware of my cuckold nature and is herself excited with the idea that she will, with all likelyhood, become pregnant to a someone outside our marriage.

    So how do I feel? Before I met my wife I didn't think there were really women who would contemplate have a cuckold husband, not to mention the consider more extreme act of pregnancy from another man. I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have found this woman and to have actually experienced my fantasies for real.
  8. incomingwillie

    incomingwillie New Member

    You are very lucky eastwest to have an open minded wife and to be so generous in yourself to care for anothers child
  9. cuckollie

    cuckollie New Member

    been there!


    if anyone follows what I have been / will be posting, they will slowly unravel my story.

    BAsically, I ahve already experienced being cucked and even that my long term girlfriend got pregnant by her lover. But it is a LONG story, of course!

    I asnwered the poll that I woudl like her to let the relatinship lead whereever it would, but that is not entirely true. If I had the choice now, I would say that it is a great turn on, but woudl be very careful.

    In reality, it was like this: After a few years together, we came closer and closer, and she told me her fantasies. I finally revealed mine, mainly of watchign her with another woman and making me her submissive. I would write her stories in which she met anothe rbeuatiful woman and fell in love with her, and they made me watch them and serve them while she denied me sex.

    M used ot write stories back to me, but M was not really into women, so she would write very similar stories, albeit with her havign sex with another man. Slowly i began to accept this, and also enjoyed it.
    The most important thign was the submission and humilation aspect for me. And of course the voyeurism.

    After lots of fantasy talk and playing, m humiliated me a couple of times at parties by going to the bathroom and sucking off another guy (a frien dof mine, no less!) Peopel began to suspect that our relationship was a bit funny.

    Anyway, at one point I had to live in another country for my job, and she stayed home. During this time, we called and wrote letters. Each one had an erotic section, usually a LONG erotic section. Sh eteased me that she woudl make my fantasy coem true, but that I woudl not be there to see it, and that's what I deserved for leaving her alone.

    Finally, she really DID go out on a few dates, and later had sex with another guy. She didn't admit this for a while, because we had never goen beyond fantasy yet. When she finally did, I was so aroused it was incredible. We talked about it a logn time on the phone, and she wrote me a very detailed letter about it. It had begun!

    That guy dumped her, but she later met another guy who really turned her on. So much that again, she was afraid to tell me. Finally she did, after some coaxing from me, askign if she hadn't found another one yet.

    But this one was very different. Now, she became much more confident over the phone and in letters, and started telling me that when I cam eback, it woudl not just be fantasy any more, and nto just when I thought it was appropriate, or when I was horny. She woul dhave sex with him whenever she wanted. And she made clear that she also had no intention of keepign it a secret, as I had really elt uncomfortable if other people (our friends) knew about our special relationship. She insisted taht everyone would know.

    Of course, this all turned me on incredibly. She said she woudl marry me when I got back, but on her terms.

    To cut the story a bit shorter, she really fell in love with him, and I was jealous. She still called me, but somethign had changed. She said she didn't know if she ever wanted sex with me again, because she loved him so much. yet she never said we shoudl break up. She said she wanted me to come back and live together with her. It was strange.

    When I did come back, she was pregnant with his child. Ahh, the sexy details I coudl go into here... I will save them all for alter posts.

    Suffice it to say, I found her taught round belly incredibyl sexy, as well as her now much larger, firmer breasts. She had me eat her out, but not fuck her.

    Finally her boyfriend left her, scared by the pregnancy. The child has my name as a middle name. Guess what he has for a first name?
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  10. orcuckold

    orcuckold New Member

    Been there done ALMOST that

    I know you saying how can you be ALMOST pregnant, it’s the age old adage, your either are or your not, no sort of pregnant. Well to answer that question my wife has played Russian roulette with my best friend before, not on the pill and allowed him to cum in her over and over, she just never conceived with him.
    She hates condoms so to stop the risk of pregnancy she has had her tubes tied. Now I’m sure I will get the Safe sex advocates saying we are playing with fire not using condoms, and they are correct but the flame is on low, we are very selective with her partners they reside in the “circle of trustâ€Â.
    So we play “cautiously risky, but for the record she LOVES the fantasy of being impregnated by another man, and has even taunted me with the thought of getting her tubes untied.
    Anyways that’s our spin for what it’s worth.
  11. Whitespermdonor

    Whitespermdonor New Member

    I will impregnate your wife!

    I will impregnate your wife in front of you if you need help getting her pregnant. I'm a successful donor with one child born two months ago. The child will be yours to raise as long as you treat him/her good. All I ask for is pictures emailed to me or maybe an Uncle type situation where I could still come and fuck your wife. I am between Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul so I can cover alot of ground. Write to me so we can exchange email addresses and photos.
  12. socogun

    socogun New Member

    Impregnating Wife

    Dear WSDonor,
    Please see my reply to your post unde Breeding. I asked a few questions there and I truly hope you can take the time to enlighten the forum with your responses.
  13. jamie69ny

    jamie69ny New Member

    fantasy / reality

    I am definitely headed now into fantasies about her having a stud awaken her inner desire for children and impregnate her, only I can't imagine either of us would ever get to this reality...hot stuff...am I living in denial?
  14. DeaconBlues

    DeaconBlues New Member

    I would absolutly love for her to be pregnant!

    Sadly, my wife is past safe childbearing age. But I would so love to have anther child, just so long as the kid was healthy, I would not care one whit if my son or daughter had kinky hair or not, looked like the biological father, whatever. I would just be sooooo happy to have a healthy child. I mean that sincerely and seriously. I would actually pay, I could not afford much, but it would be worth at least $1,000 to me for her to be impregnated by a healthy (genetically sound) bull, any race would be fine, but he should be UNDER 40 years old.

    Well, my wife's age (47) really makes it a moot point. But as for a pregnancy fantasy, hell yes, I would absolutely love for a bull to get my wife pregnant.

    How much would anyone be willing to pay, for some super healthy athelete or some real genius to get their wife pregnant? I would, pay, and I would actually PREFER for another man to get her pregnant (my own genetice sometimes leave me and my wife a bit disappointed).
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  15. nova_husband

    nova_husband New Member

    I was a little confused...the poll asks about *fantasies*, but then seems to ask what folks would really like to happen. I'm quite different on this...

    Fantasy: I love reading cuck stories involving impregnation and other extreme scenes

    Reality: I'd never, ever want my wife pregnant by another man.

    So...what was really being asked?
  16. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    Noticed there weren't too many women here saying, Yes, this is my fantasy.

    As a woman who hated being pregnant, I can't imagine anything more UNSEXY than being pregnant again by anyone!

    Do you guys have wives who have been pregnant? How sexy a time was that for you? Most people end up not having sex at all for something like a year during pregnancy and after.

    It tooks ages for my husband and I to get back to a "normal" sex life after our daughter was born. This is really a fantasy I don't get.
  17. nova_husband

    nova_husband New Member


    Speaking solely for myself, I found my wife's pregnant body to be
    incredibly sexy.

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  18. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    But the question is how much sex were you having during that time. Did she find herself sexy and did you have a lot of sex while she was pregnant and after your child was born?
  19. nova_husband

    nova_husband New Member

    My wife was more sexual during the 4-8 month period of pregnancy than she was non-pregnant. Something in her hormones obviously made her crave it more. By 9 months it was getting uncomfortable for her, simply because *everything* was uncomfortable at that point. She was significantly wetter and had much puffier lips during that time than non-pregnant. Her breasts grew almost 2 cups and while sensitive, were obviously a turn on for us both.

    Afterwards is a whole different story. Pregnancy sex can't be compared to the post-birth "I haven't slept more than 3 hours straight for a week" sex. :)
  20. davey

    davey New Member

    Its a sexy fantasy but I am not certain I could truelly handle it in real life. If things progressed slowly in that direction naturally then maybe. But I surely wouldn't want it to just be BANG, I'm having another man's child.

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