Cucks, do you ever wear panties?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by CuckCouple04, Feb 12, 2010.


Cucks, do you ever wear panties?

  1. Yes

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  2. Sometimes, when the mood strikes me

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  3. Never

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  1. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I think you should wear them ALL the time especially after reading all your posts. Maybe lipstick as well. You want to be looking your best for the Bull.
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  2. I have worn nothing but panties for well over 25 years now since I was feminized by my ex. For the past 12 years I have been in a role reversed marriage and I am the wife. I own no male underwear, instead I have drawers full of wonderful feminine lingerie.
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  3. reb4fun

    reb4fun New Member

    I wear panties 24/7. My wife likes me in cute panties and she locks my little dicklet in a cage when she goes out with her lovers. This way she knows I won't be playing with myself and will be more attentive to her needs when she returns.
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  4. Gussy

    Gussy New Member

    Only when instructed by one of my wife's men
  5. asianfun

    asianfun Member

    my gf would insist on it. She purchased several sets of lingerie for me. I would come home and there would be a set waitiing for me to wear along with a maid outfit or saree. I would also have to wear lingerie under my clothes when we went out. She would love it when I wore lingerie and did a lapdance for her.
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  6. jagman1957

    jagman1957 Member

    Yes. It started with us looking at cuckold porn and seeing cucks in panties. I asked her if she was going to put me in panties. She said "I don't think so." She didn't until after she fucked her first bull. Then it started, not all the time. She says since my dicklet is small enough to fit, even when hard, and since when soft she can't tell there is a dick in them, I should have to wear them as a reminder that I am not big enough to fuck her. She also makes me shave because it isn't even the size of a teenage boy. Sometimes have to wear them when we go out. received_10211151880177317.jpeg
  7. kevtat

    kevtat New Member

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  8. dan.dan

    dan.dan New Member

    I wear them when ever I can, but I'm not in a cuck relationship
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  9. Yes, preferably pink satin.
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  10. Bicuck68

    Bicuck68 New Member

    I have no choice in the matter as both my Master & Mistress make me wear them
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  11. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    I am a normal masculine cuckold man, I always wear knickers haven't worn undies for a long time mainly selected for me by my wife
  12. mdking

    mdking Guest

    I too have no choice in the matter... panties and a bra under my clothes everyday.
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  13. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    Now that I would like to see
  14. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    I don't like wearing panties or female attire. My girlfriend knows this and she uses it against me for punishment. She threatens to make me wear panties if I get too bratty. So far I've managed not to get to that level of punishment with the exception of one time. I had to wear her thigh high stockings. It just happened to be to my works Christmas party that night. I pissed her off and she made me wear them under a pair of my dress pants.
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  15. Gazdenied

    Gazdenied Member

    I love wearing panties. Tight and small are best. I don't have any male underwear.

    I've only been outed a few times and have just enjoyed the humiliation.
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  16. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    Outed? please continue
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  17. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Prefer Lacy ones and Yes nothing looks more Girly than Pink Panties
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  18. Gazdenied

    Gazdenied Member

    One memorable time was one night after a day at the cricket with a group of guys. We were sitting in a beer garden, pretty pissed, when one of them reached down the back of my jeans and pulled on the waistband of the white frilly knickers I was wearing. He shouted that I was wearing women's pants to the delight of everyone in the beer garden. Being a Saturday night, there was a big crowd. Lots of people wanted a look down the back of my jeans and there was lots of laughter.

    The next time I went to the loo, a guy came in and called me Frilly Knickers. He wanted to see them and told me to drop my jeans. Of course I did. He laughed a lot.

    It was pretty much the same sort of thing for the rest of the night. When we finally left three of us were staying at a hotel and they both insisted that I show them my knickers when we got back to the rooms. I stripped down to my knickers so they could have a good laugh.

    It was a glorious night. Thank goodness I love humiliation.
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  19. Gazdenied

    Gazdenied Member

    Another time was about ten years ago when I went for a week's holiday with my sister. We had twin rooms around Ireland. Apart from having a great time, the third day proved interesting.

    I was wearing a small pair of pink hi-cut panties and a t-shirt to bed the night before and sometime during the night I'd kicked the blankets and sheet off. My sister is an early riser and was up before me. When I woke up she was sitting with a cup of tea watching me. I said good morning then realised I wasn't covered by anything.

    "Like you panties," She said and laughed.

    For the rest of the holiday she teased me about my underwear and managed to find out about my married life. Our relationship has never been the same a good way.
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  20. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    Gazdenied thanks for the examples appears you had a better time with your sister example wise thankfully I have suffered nothing similar although my brother in law once turned up unannounced whilst I was in a field I didn't see him approaching it wasn't my knickers that were the issue I was wearing a heavy collar, he didn't say anything but that was embarrassing suppose that just went to support what her family may think after her mother ironed my wife's 100% authentic school uniform one day my wife is in her early 40s .
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