Cucks, do you ever wear panties?

Discussion in 'Polls and Humor' started by CuckCouple04, Feb 12, 2010.


Cucks, do you ever wear panties?

  1. Yes

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  2. Sometimes, when the mood strikes me

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  3. Never

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  1. CuckCouple04

    CuckCouple04 New Member

    Do you ever wear panties?
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  2. SPCuck

    SPCuck Cuckold Obsessive

    My mistress likes to dress me up in a French maid's outfit, including panties, when she has her lover over as part of the humiliation and feminisation aspect. I enjoy it, it's hard to be anything but submissive when you are dressed like that and another guy is screwing your partner in front of you.

    When I'm having sex with her, I also enjoy taking her worn panties off her, giving them a good lingering sniff, and then wearing them, pulled to one side, as I fuck her. It drives me absolutely wild with lust.

    She also lets me sniff her used panties while she is having sex with her lover.
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  3. slavetimmi

    slavetimmi New Member

    Exclusively for 7 years

    i wore panties and clearly feminine socks for the entire 7 years that i was a cuckold to my former wife. They were a constant reminder of my place in our lives.
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  4. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    Pantyhose Are My Favorite

    Panties , and, or, pantyhose. wearing woman's clothing is important, in my opinion as a sissy cuckold. my Wife likes to dress me up before she goes out.:rolleyes:
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  5. slaveForRobert

    slaveForRobert New Member

    want to

    No, I want to but it turns her off. Hopefully her lover will like humiliating me that way. Hopefully if her lover fucks her harder when humiliating me, she will let me.
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  6. LeaFemBoi

    LeaFemBoi New Member

    Yes, my wife and our Master find me to be better part of relationship if I am feminized
    and by wearing panties 24/7 and a bra most of the time, it serves them and it
    allows me to become a true submissive cuckold, because frankly Master loves his bisexuality
    and his large 10 inch cock can subordinate me and bring
    joyful orgasms to my gal. They have me shave and and go out in public and purchase
    my new girlie panties and hosiery. It is very exciting to wear panties and adore
    my Master and my wife, it is quite a heavenly feeling to be under HIS hand, cock, and mind.
  7. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    Yes, my wife makes me wear panties, pantyhose and even leotards and tights. She make me wear spandex shorts with pantyhose and takes me shopping with her like that. She also takes me to her aerobics class in a leotard and tights. Her lover has seen me in these things but he's not real into it. The only thing he will allow is when he's done fucking her I am allowed to clean his cock before cleaning my wife.
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  8. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    Yes, but my wife hates it. I have to do it when she is not around. I am a coward about shopping for them so I don't often have them.
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  9. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    One of my wife's lovers insisted that I not only wear panties, but I had to shave my chest, legs and pubic hair. He also likes for me to wear a woman's blonde wig and wear bright red lipstick. I don't mind except that I'm afraid he may want to fuck my ass. I'm orally bi but hate the idea of being butt fucked, I had one experience and it was horrible.
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  10. aaaaaas

    aaaaaas New Member

  11. meijer

    meijer New Member

    Hey all
    WOW, I really like this thread, this idea. 58 yr old hubby wife is not a how wife. However, getting very excited and interested in panites and bras and hose. Hope to hear from others. Open to suggestionsand comments
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  12. phadley1234

    phadley1234 New Member

    i wish i were made to but my wife will not play yet.... i need a bull to help
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  13. ShyBiGuy954

    ShyBiGuy954 New Member

    Yes, quite often, especially when spending time with a more Dominant man, usually sucking his cock.
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  14. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    A lot can depend on the skill of the guy doing the fucking. I've had it a number of times that were really very nice.

    The position you're in can make a lot of difference. For instance, the easiest way for a beginner to be on the receiving end (no pun intended) is to be lying face down on the bed, completely flat, with your legs spread apart very slightly.

    If he had you on your hands and knees, that would be the problem. While it seems like the right idea, it's actually not a great position for being introduced to anal sex.


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  15. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Do I ever wear panties? am wearing a pink thong right now that wifey put on me.
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  16. msslave

    msslave Member

    I was slowly introduced to wearing panties. Wife/Mistress got me a couple of pair and would order me to wear them every now and then. As my panty collection increased I was required to ask each day it I was to wear men's undies or my "bitch" panties. It wasn't much longer all my men's underwear was gone. (Mistress kept one pair in case of Dr. appts.) Humiliation was added as I was now to start picking out and buying my own. Mistress was stand where she could watch, but as far as the clerks were concerned I was a man alone in the panty dept. They'd all come up and ask to help, no doubt thinking I was buying for the wife. Even though I knew that was what they were thinking my stomach did "flip flops" every time.

    The ultimate humiliation was when Mistress came into the panty section with me. She'd pick out a pair she liked and I was to get the same thing only in my size. After we had several different panties selected we went to the check out. I was told to buy mine, while Mistress would pay for hers. There were two clerks, a lady in her 50's and a young girl, maybe late teens being trained in. Mistress check out first, then I came along with the same panties in a much smaller size, and the same name on the credit card. The young girl finally figured out what was going on and whispered something to the older lady. She just nodded and said something about "you'll see things like this now and then. As we left the department we could hear them laughting. My face was bright red and burning as we left the store.
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  17. strippednakedmale

    strippednakedmale New Member

    Yes I wear panties. One day while shopping with a quite young girl I hung out with, she noticed my interest in panties while she picked out some to buy. She put me on the spot right in the store by saying it was obvious by the way I acted that I enjoyed it when she took me to the panty section so we would be doing it a lot more. She then asked how often I wore panties. When I said never, she laughed it off and said it was easy to see my interest in them so she was positive I wore them often. She handed me the ones she had in her hand and told me to go buy them and meet at the car. It was so embarrassing. From then on, we had an agreement that I would be buying ALL the panties she wanted. The deal was if she got them, I paid her back. If I had to go to the store alone, I still had to pay her for them as well as thank her for making me humiliate myself. Plus, I would buy every pair of her old ones and let her take pictures of me in them or naked while I put them on. It wasn't long until her sister saw the pics and said that since they shared panties.... I would do the same for her. To top it off, each picture they took was now public property and WOULD BE shown around. Nude or crossdressed.
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  18. Cucked-Up

    Cucked-Up New Member

    Do I wear panties? All the time. Not only that, but my body is kept shaved from my nose to my toes. I wear skirts more often than pants, pantyhose, bra's, and nail polish.

    Cuckolding days are long past because of our age, but most of my clothes are from the other side of the women's department. I still clean the house, cook the food, do the laundry because I am retired at home and she works outside the home.

    There is no humiliation in any of this. We are comfortable in who we are and life is for living.
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  19. Shirley111

    Shirley111 New Member

    Always in panties - pink, mauve, lacy, tight .. as long as they are ladies they are fine with me.
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  20. Silverback

    Silverback Active Member

    Early in our marriage, Maria noticed the effect wearing panties had on me. It wasn't until she took me shopping for my own. Once I got used to shopping for panties, I started to buy all kinds of feminine clothes and accessories. As soon as I got home from work I couldn't wait to get dressed en femme. She even showed me how to do my makeup, and how to style a wig. We would One day Maria told me that she was beginning to see me more as a woman than a man, and that it was making her uncomfortable.
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