Cuckolds insight needed.

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  1. slinky1

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    Agree, for a lot of hot wives, mine included, we seek out a gent who can give her what she isn't or can't get at home. The intensity of raw primal sex is near impossible to compare to anything else for exhilaration, so just read the unspoken language. You're there to push her buttons, desire her, pamper her, fuck her like there is no tomorrow... so don't forget who you are as well. If you're a great fuck, then just keep showing them how good you are, and reaffirm why you've been given the privilege of fucking another mans wife.
  2. open2it

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    Other things that are important include encouraging interplay between the cuck and his wife. Have her encourage her cuck to guide you into her pussy or have her thank her hubby for letting her enjoy the type of sex she now craves with you. As long as he doesn't feel his marriage is threatened and he feels his wife loves him because he is her cuckold he may be more likely to encourage the cuckolding to continue.
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  3. slinky1

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    Yep, I can't keep count of the amount of bulls that have shot themselves in the foot and ruined the opportunity of sex on tap, at almost whenever they want or need it. My wife says most alpha's (her ex included) don't have a line in the sand that they aren't used to not crossing. Its what makes them an alpha in the first place, they are used to getting what they want, and most don't struggle getting pussy, so its either arrogance, swagger, confidence or just not caring whether they get to fuck your wife or not.

    And as much as an alpha can get my wifes pussy dripping like a tap and be eager to mate with them, she won't tolerate any poor attitude towards herself and especially myself. But the smart ones that read the play well and know if they play their cards right (with the cuck as well), they'll be getting the wife to open her legs for them much more often than they even realise.
  4. michael1987

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    "Have her encourage her cuck to guide you into her pussy".

    Oh Yessss!!

    In my bulling, especially to impregnate the wife, I often whisper her to do this when I'm about to penetrate her. Most cucks oblige, some of the first-time ones a bit tremulously, other more experienced and hard-wired ones enthusiatically.

    Especially with a first-time cuck, the physical feeling and erotic mind-thrill I get from having his hand obediently wrap itself around the shaft of my hardon and guide its head between his wife's love-lips are among the most sexually intoxicating ones I get in bulling for couples.

    Sometimes when the husbands clasps my cock to guide it into his wife I hold back from penetrating her for a minute or two during which I deliberately contract the muscles in the root of my cock rhythmically and strongly so that it expands grossly and the husband gets to feel something of what his wife is about to feel in her. I always pause my first inward thrust for some 30 seconds when the whole head of my cock is just within the rim of his wife's vagina so that she too can feel the effect of her husband's handclasp on my shaft.

    When I commence thrusting in earnest I sometimes whisper to the wife to get her husband to caress my thrusting shaft as well as the muscular pump-bulge up behind my balls. Especially when my bulling is for the purpose of impregnating his wife, the husband often gets off wildly on feeling my cum-spurts propulsing hard into her.

    The experience of being so intimately in on my baby-making with their wives have led some husbands to describe as not simply "hot" but "beautiful" the ejaculatory contractions of my cock and their wives' responses to them. To feel and hear such a husband pass from a state of fear at what he is going to feel to openly ecstasising over the beauty of his wife being penetrated, well- fucked and inseminated is for me one of the most satisfying aspects of bulling in the husband's presence, especially with his hands-on assistance.
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  5. open2it

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    One additional thing I would like is her lover describing how much he really enjoys having sex with my wife. How good her pussy feels gripping his cock, how responsive she is when they couple and how he can't wait until the next time they get together. He should respect me as a cuckold for being willing to share my wife with him by giving me a glimpse into the erotic intimacy they share. He should also respect my wife and our marriage. He may be her primary sex partner but she and I are life partners albeit in a non conventional, kinky way.
  6. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My hubby LOVES watching me and my lovers have sex, he says it's like having a porn movie right in your room. He loves to watch me suck my lovers big cocks and then when they insert that big monster in my pussy and my lips part and in it goes, drives him wild. He likes to eat all my lovers cum what else can a women ask for?
  7. slave2131

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    my wife usually has me lick her ss or her feet while she is getting fucked
  8. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    I LOVE having my feet massaged and licked by hubby when I'm getting fucked, the feeling is amazing !!
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  9. HerSubmissiveHubby

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    For us the attraction is my desire to see or watch my wife climax. Although she routinely reaches orgasm when we have sex together it is entirely different to watch her orgasm build and intensify. After 30 plus years of marriage we still enjoy an active and satisfying sex life with each other and use the meeting of other men for her pleasure as an added indulgence and to keep things hot.

    As far as eating cum from her pussy or sucking the other guys cock, that is something that we have done but it is not the routine or required as a part of our playing. Also, she likes a dominant man, a man who takes charge and is an ALPHA male. However, for us, there has to be a comfort level for me before anything happens sexually between him and my wife. I guess for us the keyword is RESPECT and that means respect for both her and me as her husband and we give that back to the person who we bring in.

    This past weekend we were at a place where there was a large multi person hot tub. We were in the tub when a young guy of 27 entered and immediately began talking to my wife. My wife was deeply attracted to him, he was young, in good shape and his cock was probably 2X the size of mine or more. He was a huge flirt and used all the right pick-up lines, telling her she looked like she was in her mid twenties and complimenting her looks, tits and ass. He also spent time kissing her which turned pretty passionate quickly. After about an hour I invited him back to our room and he looked perplexed. I had given them room sitting and talking to others on the other side of the tub. He came back and he and I took turns with him wearing a condom inside my wife. There was really no contact or interaction between he and I. After he finished I came inside my wife and shortly afterward he left and outside of his first name we don't really know anything else about him. I loved watching my wife climax on his cock and she had a great time.

    Other situations are different for us, sometimes I am the one watching or my wife asks me to engage in activity with the other man, I guess for us it is all about making the most of each situation without any preconceived notions or ideas and no expectations but rather going with what is hot in the moment. This past weekend I was a man, husband sharing my wife with another man. With others like her detailed account of hooking up with Jay he is the "bull" and I would be the cuck in that role.
  10. pigr75

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    This is one question I am eager to answer. Before I became a cuckold myself, I had cuckolded several husbands, but I had missed even more opportunities for just the reason you state--I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the husband would get from me fucking his wife. In those days, I didn't know anything at all about this game, and neither did the couples I was dealing with. All any of us knew was that I wanted to fuck her, she was very excited about the prospect, and he was fascinated by the whole encounter. I now understand that they needed me to take charge and tell them what to do, but I had no clue at the time, so most of my opportunities with couples fizzled.

    My wife and I had over the years done a couple of MMF 3-somes with a good friend, but these were more in the vein of hotwifing than cuckolding, with the 2 of us essentially tag-teaming her. But then we had a three-way with a guy she had hooked up with on a long foreign business trip. They had planned for the 2 of them to get together but circumstances dictated that the only way they could do it was to include me, so she sent me to his hotel to pick him up and bring him home to our bed. The sex was a lot of fun, but we also learned a couple of things from it. First, she was eager to be much more submissive with him than she was ever comfortable being with me, and second, that meant she insisted that I must be submissive to him, too. She said that otherwise, she couldn't relax, feeling like the 2 of us were jockeying for control, and she REALLY needed him to be in charge. That led us down the cuckolding path, and we have been playing that game ever since.

    So what do I get out of it? Here's the thing. Sex, when done right, is all about the woman. Male orgasm is tied to the delivery of sperm, so we're engineered to pretty much always cum. Not so for a woman. Hers is not easy to come by. She has to be very excited, but also feel very safe. But once she starts, she can cum over and over again. So, over time, sex with the wife becomes all about her pleasure. I'm going to get off, anyway, but success is making her com again and again. A lover can provide much more excitement than a husband can, and we've found that each new lover does something special that no other man has done. Sex with a husband is tied up with the wife and mother roles. Sex with a lover is just about sex. That can be amazingly liberating. Put this all together, and a lover can give her things sexually that I cannot. That is wonderful to behold, and makes me very happy.

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