Cuckolding, hotwifing or right in between

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Tell us what mostly describes your relationship

  1. Cuckolding

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  2. Hotwifing

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  3. Right in between

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  1. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Tell us what suits your lifestyle mostly

    Cuckold: Sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck, even if it means denying her husband. A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers. Cuckolds are usually submissive, often have a small penis, suffer from premature ejaculation, 'enjoy' sexual humiliations and are rarely able to satisfy their wives.

    Hotwife: A married woman whom has sexual relations with other men, with the husbands approval. Usually while the husband watches or joins. A sexually uninhibited married woman with both the freedom and inclination/desire to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Hotwife with a strong lesbian side. Prefers FFMs with another married couple or her husband and another single woman. Also enjoys swinging situations with her husband and one or two other couples.
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  3. extrafun69

    extrafun69 New Member

    I love Hotwife with FFM or MMF including swinging.
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  4. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My hubby says I"m a hotwife…..
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  5. gwil1414

    gwil1414 Member

    I would like the hotwifing. Think it would be a kick to see my wife have her way with a new one and or two (me at same time) at once. I love her so much. Don’t feel inadequate and don’t have any body hangups. I’m just a bit freaky I guess. And my wife is a hottie.
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  6. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    I picked in between.

    No. My wife enjoys having sex with me.

    I'm the one who denies her. I'll tease her so that she is super horny and ready for him.

    I get so horny watching my wife getting fucked by another man that when I take my turn I cum after only a few strokes. It's embarrassing after he fucked her for what seemed like forever.

    Every thing you said in Hotwife is true for me.

    What makes me in between is that once she became uninhibited she began flirting and picking up men on her own. I didn't have to "introduce" her to other men.

    Sometimes I wasn't happy about her choices especially when she was drunk. There was never a time that I vetoed her choice. There were times that her choice was disrespectful to me and I played along to make her experience with him satisfying for her.

    She has never tried to humiliate me.
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  7. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    We are a cuckold couple. I only cum in condoms during sex with my wife. I'm small and cum very easily. Love humiliation. My wifes bulls take her condom free only. They are the alpha men sexually in our relationship. My wife recently gave birth to their child. Not sure who the actual biological father but it is not me.
  8. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    If she also fucks behind your back / cheats then you are a 100% true cuckold.
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  9. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I love it all except finding out I'm being cheated on, that killed it all for me. I guest that makes me only into the hotwifing thing.
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  10. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Completely agree on your sentiment there. My wife does actively cheat on me without my knowledge. If she finds a man or men that strike her fancy shell enjoy them. Then I will be introduced to them.
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  11. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    We're not into the humilitation thing and I'm not sexually inadequate, so cuckold is not the answer. It's more like I'm a voyeur. I just plain love to watch another man's ass pumping between my wifes legs. And as it turns out, she is more than willing to spread those leg's for just about any man that asks. I know because I was once one of those men that only had to ask. I fucked her less than 2 ours after being introduced to her, and I was not her first that day.
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  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    And the best thing about your wife, and mine in her own way, is that uninhibited sex does not make her less of a wife, wear out her pussy, make her a worse sex partner or love her husband less. It makes her happy and better in all ways.
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  13. Sticky_Cuck77

    Sticky_Cuck77 Active Member

    Well, I would definitely fall into the cuckold category. Premature ejaculation and unable to satisfy. But that kind of humiliation turns me on. I am very happy to be cuckolded and cheated on. I like finding out she has been flirting and cheating after the event. It increases the sense of helplessness and angst.
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  14. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Well, KS,---As you can see from my postings, I don't meet any of the criteria you list for the identification of a cuckold.

    But that's not to say that on occasions, usually while I'm watching my wife being so beautifully fucked by my physically very superior and multi-orgasmic young black buddy, that I don't very privately (but, I add, not very thrillingly) indulge and get off on entirely baseless fantasies of my being a helpless, under-hung, puny, prematurely-ejaculating and humiliation-loving cuckold who cannot and never will satisfy his wife. I do.

    But acting out, or attempting to act out, such cuckold fantasies is simply not my Bag. Nor my wife's. She still wildly loves the way I fuck her despite my not quite measuring up, in both her mind and heart and vagina, to my beautifully satisfying buddy.

    However, my wife (now my ex-wife for the last few months) perfectly fits your Hotwife description; except that she is not my wife anymore.

    But of course that fact doesn't bar or dissuade her from enthusiastically playing the Hotwife role with me as her lover in our delicious threesomes with her new husband, my super-potent and superbly satisfying buddy in our role-changed but increasingly beautiful menage-a-trois.

    The cream on the erotic cake is that on every occasion he watches me fuck my ex-wife, my buddy very privately entertains and gets wildly off on exactly the same cuckold fantasies that I sometimes do when watching him with her---these days in a kind of Reverse-Cuckolding mode.

    Not so surprising considering that my buddy and I are passionate switch-hitters in respect of each other and my ex-wife adores us for it.

    Life and Love are sure strange, aren't they KS?

    Long may they remain so :p
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  15. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    While I don’t agree with the narrow definition of cuckolding which you provided here, I cast my vote for it as that’s the word we use to describe our relationship.

    As my username might suggest and as I’ve previously said elsewhere on this forum, I think wittol is a more accurate description of me, however, for whatever reason, my wife despises that word and refuses to speak it.

    My wife prefers to call me a cuckold and you know what they say....happy wife, happy life!
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  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You are correct, it is the better word for nearly all of us here and should be used. The true cuckolds don't know it except as something that happened in the past. It's likely "cuckold" has been taken over by the humiliation crowd to amplify their humiliation, even though they love having a wife with lovers.
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  17. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Yes - plus the fact, as my wife might put it, that "wittol" would imply that it is my idea, or at least that she entertains other men with my full blessing. This is 100% the case in our situation.

    HOWEVER - she prefers "cuckold" as it would better imply that it was her idea, that she is in charge and that she owns her sexuality. My wife is not into humiliation but does like to say (and rather proudly) that she has "made a cuckold" of me.

    So while wittol is the better descriptor, I think the use of cuckold better helps my wife to enjoy the lifestyle as she feels more empowered at the idea of "cuckolding" me rather than merely being married to a permissive wittol.

    As a side note on this topic; my wife has slept with men who I have not approved of and in one case even one man who I specifically asked her not to sleep with. Certainly in these instances I have felt more like a "cuckold" than a "wittol" and in retrospect experiencing the difference has been interesting and while not always enjoyable nor always well handled by myself, I do think ultimately a great learning experience and perhaps most importantly of all, an opportunity to make my wife happy.
  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Great points in your entire post, but especially:

    My wife and I don't use either word, other than me here occasionally, but she was committed to nonmonogamy when we met, so it was indeed her idea and not something that I talked her into. One point for cuckold.

    None of us (Audrey, me or our play partners) are into taking or dispensing humiliation, and no one has ever even gone as far as saying that I, the other husbands or wives are being cucked. Audrey and the other women are as you say, however, totally in charge of their sexuality. But it doesn't require cuckolding, just freedom. Although the wives enjoy variety in cocks, much of it now involves sex among the women, especially in FFM situations.

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