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    My wife's best friend was over a few nights ago with another mutual friend; both of whom know I'm a cuckold.

    One of the two friends is a bubbly blonde, 28 year old school teacher named Brie who my wife and her best friend met in May at a class on fellatio for women put on by one of those sex-positive stores. As they had met in a very sexually open-minded environment and have no mutual friends besides my wife's best friend who already knows, my wife was soon comfortable revealing the truth about our relationship to her new friend.

    This may come as a disappointment to people who would assume this would create a humiliating situation for me, but the new friend was very intrigued and interested to learn more about this kink which in fact she had already heard about although didn't know much about. It has been explained to her in fairly non chalant terms that simply put, my wife has the freedom to have sex with other men and does have a number of lovers in addition to a main "bull" that my wife considers a boyfriend. My side of it was explained in even simpler terms; I am faithful to my wife and supportive of her infidelity. Brie has absorbed all of this without any negative judgement toward me at all, she actually thinks its "awesome" that we do this.

    Between just the four of us in conversation, my wife mentioned that she was looking forward to a date this weekend, tomorrow night in fact.

    Brie seized upon this to engage me in conversation on this too, as if totally fascinated by it. "So do you find this hot? Are you going to be excited when she goes on her date?" My wife and her best friend looked to me to see how I'd answer under the gun. I answered calmly that yes, I was excited to know she was going to have fun and would be looking forward to hearing all about it.

    "So this turns you on too, right?"

    "Yes, yes absolutely." I answered, catching my wife's best friend grinning before Brie answered back.

    "Oh my god, that is so kinky, I absolutely love it." Her face turning quite serious, but in a cheerful and supportive way, she added: "Good for you. Good for both of you!"

    She further aired the opinion that in the era of "#metoo" and with abuses towards women making the headlines in recent times that it's amazing this dynamic exists in a quiet, hidden way, almost as if represents the polar opposite of suppression of women and how it's so great that my wife is fully engaging her sexuality and enjoying the fun of multiple partners. She thought it's a shame more people don't know about this kink which she seemed to feel so obviously benefits the women who participate in it.

    That's when my wife's best friend suggested, jokingly that perhaps there should be a "#CuckoldedToo" movement of men coming forward to admit to taking part in this lifestyle.

    Readers into humiliation can take note that this prompted a laugh from all three women.

    "You could start this on social media" my wife's best friend urged sarcastically. "You could be the face of the #CuckoldedToo movement!"

    "You should!" Brie added, me not sure whether or not she was joking.

    "We are very private about this." My wife reminded both of them almost as if a warning to them.

    "I understand." Brie said. Turning to me she asked "Do any of your friends know?"

    "Absolutely not."

    The conversation petered out after that. But one final thing I think some of you will enjoy. A little later all four of us left our place, myself, my wife and her best friend were going to get a drink down the street and Brie, while invited, was leaving early to get up the following morning for a hike. Everyone exchanged hugs and pleasantries, including Brie remarking to my wife: "if I don't see you before Saturday, enjoy your date."

    My wife's best friend turned to me and made a hashtag symbol with her fingers and announced "Hashtag: Cuckolded Too!" The three of them all laughed and we parted ways.
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    It is always such a refreshing moment when you can just be yourself(s) around other people who you are not actually 'engaging with' in the lifestyle.
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    I would have enjoyed that. My wife is very private about her affairs for good reasons, but then confides in a few friends to share her experience. I respect that and don't talk about it with other people. However, a part of the pleasure I take out of being a cuckold is other people knowing about it. Talking with them about it would be even better, but just knowing that they know is hot. I would absolutely make it public if I would be allowed to do so. I am so proud of my promiscuous wife.
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    You are very lucky that your wife chooses to confide in a couple of friends about your lifestyle having been as cuck for 34 years nobody knows except us and her lovers. However my wife's second and she would say her current main fetish is BDSM her lover is her master. Through this we have met up with a lovely group of people who surprisingly mainly don't play with their husbands or wife's but with their playmates, also surprisingly this doesn't go as far as having sex with those play partners. Through these meets however I am often asked what area of BDSM I am into and its seams so strange to admit none, that I am a cuck, it surprises me how many folk into BDSM actually don't understand what that means. It feels surreal explaining what this means about me and my wife especially if done in front of her.
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    Having been on both sides, first my wife having lovers and now me fucking the bulls' wives and her single girlfriend, I'm in the #CuckoldedTwo movement.
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    i love it when Her friends make fun of me and/or humiliate me...

    hot, so hot!

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