Cuckolded on vacation (massage center)

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by suntane, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Last year we went together with my wife's parents to Turkey. My wife's parents had been in that hotel several times. My wife and I have a very open relationship on sexuality. One day when we were lying near the swimming pool, a young black guy came over to my wife and her mother asking if they were interested in having a massage in hotel Spa. He used some special skin oil on my wife's hand and showed how good the massage was for her skin. My wife was a little hesitant but my mother-in-law immediately told her that she had been taking the massage therapy ervery time they came over to this hotel and that it was very relaxing after a day of lying in the sun. There was a special discount if they took the massage week package (every evening a massage for 7 days). My mother in law insisted that they take that package. After some hesitation my wife agreed. Around 5pm my wife and my mother in law left us at the pool in went to the spa for the massage. Around 7 pm my wife arrived at our hotel room. I saw a blush on her cheaks and asked her how the massage had been. Then she surprised me with her story of what had happened:
    When my wife and mother in law had arrived at the spa they asked them at the reception if they wanted a male or female masseuse. My mother in law immediately told the lady at the reception that they wanted the male special massage. When they were taken to the dressing room my mother in law had immediately taken off all her clothes and was completely naked. My wife asked her if she could keep on her swimsuit during the massage but my mother in law had told her to take off all her clothes for the massage, better to have no oil on your clothes. When they entered the massage room completely naked, two black men where ready for the massage. After half an hour of massaging, my wife heared moaning sounds from her right. When she looked right, she saw the black masseur humping my mother in law and she was enjoying every second of it. She told my wife to also try it and so she did.
    It made me very horny knowing that my mother in law had been fucked every day during her last vacations by a black guy and her husband not having a clue. Every evening my wife and my mother went back to the spa for their special treatment.

    Do any of you have similar holiday experiences during holiday massages ?
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  2. michael1987

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    That must have been a very hot and entirely predictable (going by your "very open marriage" admission) natural and very exciting progression of your marriage into open cuckoldry.

    I happen to be bisexual, and so is my my strikingly handsome 25 year-old beautifully-built and extremely potent best buddy, who is several years younger than me and who my ex-wife married last year following my suggesting she divorce me to do that.

    Your above account says that it was a young black guy who approached you and your wife and mother-in-law beside the hotel swimming pool where he suggested they might like a massage at the hotel Spa.

    I am interested in two aspects of the pool-side propositioning of your wife and mother-in-law by the young black.

    Firstly, was he fully dressed, or mostly undressed? Did he have a slender or buffed physique of the type that white women are almost universally sexually aroused by on sight?

    What were your mental, emotional and visceral --including sexual, possibly homosexually-tinged responses--to seeing the young black applying his "special skin oil" to your wife's hand, and did his seductive and no doubt subtly cocky behaviour towards your wife then so arouse you that you had anticipatory visions of him fucking her? And if he was wearing only a swimming-slip or other close-fitting swim-trunks, did you notice if he was especially well hung, or sporting the beginnings of an erection while he was massaging your wife's hand?

    Finally, after she returned to you, did your wife say that the young black had barebacked her, or that a condom had been used?

    It seems that you more than gladly delivered up your wife to be fucked by him. I would have too, but would have asked the young black if I could watch her getting it from him, and hopefully his co-fucker as well; and that they took care to fuck her bare.

    As with a relaxing body-massage, so with a stimulating and truly satisfying vaginal massage---for both of them the ministering members of the masseur's body need to be fully bared, and in your wife's case I rather suspect that they were.

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  3. slavedaniele

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    I never had anything like that happen but my wife has been hit on at the beach and she has gone to the rooms of the guys that hit on her while I stayed on the beach.
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  4. Worth It

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    You never watch or participate? I give my wife her alone time with lovers, but we also both like it when I'm there as well.
  5. suntane

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    Mostly I let her go her own way. She knows that if she openly tells me afterwards, that i'm fine with that. We have been together to swingers clubs where we were together with lovers.
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  6. michael1987

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    Any chance of you posting your answers to the questions I put in the post above?

    Thanks Suntane!
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    Even couples not cuckolding/swinging could learn from this - it's not the fucking around that causes problems, it's the dishonesty. Just tell your spouse what you're thinking in a nonthreatening way, let him or her consider it, and in most cases a loving spouse will say ok, go for it.
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