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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by tjr, Aug 24, 2006.

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    sissytoy_forwomen, Have you ever considered yourself a Slave???
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    wow, yess.. that s it....

    ....yess.... i thin k about my next steps, your post sounds fantastic...



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    Partial feminisation is more than just a panty

    Partial feminisation is very important. Putting him in a panty is not really enough of a reminder of his standing with you and your lover. Your husband should at all times wear expensive panties, a push-up brassiere and tights. The Perla air padded support bra is beautiful and the Tania Boom push-up bra is gorgeous: both will need a bra extender because the Perla only goes up to 34 and the Tania Boom to 36.

    A brassiere will not normally be noticeable under work clothing so add a necklace and ear rings. When your lover is in the house a short, sheer babydoll and high heel shoes are appropriate. Make sure your friends, neighbours, his work mates etc. know that he wears bra, tights and panty by photographing him and telling him to send the picture to his workmates' e-mails.

    A mild breast growth stimulant like Fulfilment will improve the fit of a brassiere over time. Keep the breasts shaven and ensure the husband wears thickly padded support brassieres.

    The locked chastity tube is essential if the husband is to be in the same room as you (the wife) and your lovers, or if he is to sleep in the same bed as you while you and he are alone together. Penetration must not occur. Other writers have stressed the importance of cutting down the number of times the husband gets sex and controlling the quality of it, e.g. by putting a stop to his humpings when an egg timer runs out. In my own case my marriage has been intercourse free for nine years now, and the husband is not allowed any penetrative sex. Flashes and hand relief are given regularly. The key to the CB2000 is in my bag or on a ring on my finger.

    Punishment for inadequate behaviour also has a part to play. Buy a set of canes and use them on him.


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    Sometimes I feel like a slave. But I ... is there anyone thinking that I am a slave?
    Or am I just in a D/s relationship... Just consider a man cheating on his wife i... Is she a slave also?
    Yea, I am working at her beauty saloon with her conditions, but.
    Can you share your ideas about this? Especially women...
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    Vixen my dreams will never be the same having read this lovely item from you. The idea incidentally was used in a film in the 60's .. the bed moved up and down so the person under it was virtually involved in the action as the two on the bed .. i would so love to be under your action erotic and i suppose it would have involved milking before hand .. could be in rubber too!! oh so hot and sticky and other nice thoughts ... and so to bed :)
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    ordering the cuck bed

    Don't forget to make the cuck custom order the bed and explain what each of the features is for. I would love to see the look on the salesman"s face when the cuck lays down on the floor to have the height of his ass measured!
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    Boyfriend may give relief to hubby

    Absolutely! I always invite my boyfriends to give my husband a hand quicky, and if he (the boyfriend) accepts, then hubby's CB 3000 comes off for a while and he enjoys a massage. Some boyfriend give really good, slow relief. It's up to the boyfriend whether he lets hubby climax or whether he just gets hubby excited and leaves him feeling uncomfortable. Hubby of course does not get into me at any time, whether the boyfriend is present or not.

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  9. mistressmyra

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    Thought I'd revive this thread for the benefit for newer members.

    I'd like to add a few things to it.

    bra training for your sub. An interesting website (with KB approval, I hope) is especially the chapter 5 about locking the bra on your sub.

    Have a pillowcase or sheets covered with pictures. pictures of your lover's cock or of the two of you together. Or your sub cleaning up or eating cum. You can print the pictures onto transfer media and iron the pictures to your fabric. Look for "t shirt" design paper" at the office supply store. " Sweet dreams".

    Finally, my sub likes to be shaved except for his arms which show at his work. That's all good for him except one day I was upset by something he didn't do for me. While shaving him I "accidently slipped" with the shaver and cut a long path down his arm. Might as well finish the job I said to him and shaved that arm and the other to match (wouldn't look right would it?). Even though he was upset he still managed to cum more than usual when I was done. Every now and then I threaten to do it again. And, I will.

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    That is totally unrealistic. First of all, you'd ruin his career and therefore, his and probably your livelihood. Secondly, you two would probably be run out of your neighborhood.

    With the exception of whatever you do in the house, that mostly sounds like fantasy fodder. Not to mention that you're involving others (neighbors, friends and coworkers) in some strange things they don't want to be a part of. I'm sure none of his coworkers have an interest in seeing him in feminine garb.

    I'm all for doing whatever you do in private or with like minded people, but forcing kinky perversions on others, surprising them with a pantied husband email, that's a bit much. You guys will definitely win the neighborhood weirdo award.
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    Ohh my
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