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    Cuckold Training Tips (Author Unknown)
    (link removed - please contact us before posting links to commercial sites.) Black Owned Wife/Cuckold Comix!

    Here are a few little humiliations and training tips I’ve collected over time from various sources for cuckold hubby. The idea is to keep him on edge, stimulate his overactive imagination, and fill him with anticipation. My apologies if these seem too tame, or if you’ve seen them before.

    Dress to your lover’s specifications (not your hubby’s) to please your lover.
    • Make sure hubby knows who you are dressing for. Go a little over the top. Wear extra-short skirts, thongs or no panties, see through blouses, heels, hose, body stockings, teddies, baby-dolls, camisoles. (Wear full pajamas or long opaque gowns with hubby if
      you let him in your bed).
    Alter your body or look at the request of your lover that marks you as his (make sure hubby knows it’s your lover’s request).
    • Cut your hair short (or grow it long), dye it, curl it, braid it, straighten it, get a tattoo (temporary or permanent) that your lover elects, shave your pussy (either bare or trim it in a heart or a V shape for your lover), get a tongue, nipple, or clit piercing.

    - Wear an ankle bracelet or other jewelry that comes from your lover
    (make sure that hubby sees it and knows where it came from).

    Wear your lover’s college ring, an ankle bracelet or regular bracelet
    with your lover’s initials or first name, or a cameo necklace or pin
    with your lover’s picture in it.

    - Use sexy makeup that is different than you would normally wear that
    appeals to your lover .

    Make sure hubby knows that your lover likes you in the “slutâ€Â￾ look
    Things like blue eye shadow, orange or hot pink lipstick with dark
    lip liner, extra rouge, long eyelashes, etc.

    - Get a natural tan or a “tan from the bottleâ€Â￾ as requested by your

    Make sure the tan lines give you that “I wear a thong for my loverâ€Â￾
    look. Consider a design like a playboy bunny in your bikini line.

    - Shop frequently with hubby and spend, spend, spend, so he can carry,
    carry, carry!

    Make sure hubby carries all your sacks and packages and walk ahead
    of him so he is trailing behind like a puppy dog. Always buy something
    for your lover’s benefit, some lacy panties, a baby-doll nightie or
    Teddy, and make sure hubby (any anyone else within earshot) knows it
    is for your lover. Ask hubby a question he needs to respond to like:
    “Hon, don’t you think {my lover} will love me in this? If your hubby
    is a sissy (or if you want to make him into oneâ€â€￾and I recommend it highly)
    don’t forget to buy him something feminineâ€â€￾frilly panties, for example
    â€â€￾and while ringing them up saying, “Hon, wouldn’t these look cute on
    you while you are watching me with {my lover}â€Â￾ or, “Hon, are you sure
    these are going to fit you?â€Â￾

    - Make hubby into your chauffeur.

    If you want your hubby to drive you and your lover on dates, get hubby
    used to you riding in the back seat while he drives you around like your
    chauffeur. Always wait for him to open the door to let you in and out
    (Girls, this goes for all other doors tooâ€â€￾he should learn to dash ahead
    of you to open the door). Wear short skirts that ride up and high heels
    and hose to tease him and give him a nice view for incentive. This is how
    you will be dressed with your lover anyway so hubby might as well get
    used to it.

    - Train hubby as your masseur.

    Mold hubby into your valet and personal assistant. Teach him massageâ€â€￾feet
    (nice to get him kneeling), legs, and whole bodyâ€â€￾drawing your bath,
    serving you wine, shaving your legs and pussy, helping you choose your
    clothes and dressing. (Make sure he always kneels and puts on your shoes
    for you). He should become expert at applying finger and toenail polish
    and cinching corsets as well as brushing your hair. Praise him frequently.
    He will soon take pride in presenting you to your lover all dolled up.
    If your lover visits, hubby should greet him (in full sissy attire if
    he is one), be a good host and make him comfortable.

    - Teach hubby how to make and serve breakfast for you and your lover.

    Get him an appropriate feminine apron on one of your shopping trips.
    Have him go with you the first time or two to learn where the items are
    and what to look for in the grocery store. Then, he can go on his own
    later with a list. Show him how to prepare the eggs, toast or muffins,
    juice, hash browns, ham or bacon, French toast, cereal, or whatever,
    just the way you and your lover like them. Show him how to arrange the
    tray and decorate it with flowers. Also, make sure he is skilled with
    opening and serving champagne.

    - Converse publicly (and intimately) with your lover while hubby listens.

    Make sure you carry your cell phone so your lover can call you
    (or you can call him) while you are out with hubby. Leave no doubt in
    hubby’s mind (or anyone within ear shot) that you are talking to your
    lover and are excited about it. Say things like: “You know you own it,
    baby,â€Â￾ or, “Oooh, sugar, that sounds soooo naughty, I can’t wait!â€Â￾
    “Don’t worry about him, he’s just my sissy wimp,â€Â￾ “Oh, honey, you’re my
    real man,â€Â￾ “I’ve never done that, but of course for you, I’ll do it baby
    , you know I’ll do whatever you want,â€Â￾ “You make me feel like such a virgin,â€Â￾
    “I love it when you talk like that!â€Â￾ Keep your lover on the phone
    (or pretend to) until you see hubby squirming, then keep him just a little
    bit longer and sign off with something like: “bye, bye, lover,â€Â￾ or,
    “see you soon, baby,â€Â￾ or, “keep that big thing hard for me, lover,â€Â￾
    and make an obvious kissing sound into the phone.

    - Stay out later than expected on girl’s night out.

    If hubby expects you at 10 or 11 come back at midnight or 1am in the
    morning. Lose your panties (or if they are soaked, then put them where
    hubby can “accidentallyâ€Â￾ find them) and if he is waiting up for you,
    give him a teasing glimpse of your bare pussy and breasts. If he’s not
    waiting up, consider sleeping in your sexy dress so hubby will be
    reminded in the morning how you went out the night before. You’ll
    look tousled and disheveled.

    - ALWAYS give your hubby direct orders and commands so he can get used
    to being treated as a sub.

    This is hard to learn, but menâ€â€￾and especially cuckold hubbiesâ€â€￾respond
    best to directness. It even turns them on. Never ask, “Do you want to…?â€Â￾
    or, “Would you like to…?â€Â￾ or even, “Why don’t we…?â€Â￾ Instead, be direct
    and state clearly what you want or don’t want him to do. Say,
    “I want you to…(take the trash out now, clean up your room now, get my
    car washed today, etc.). Ultimately, hubby will enjoy being treated
    like a subâ€â€￾someone to give orders toâ€â€￾and you will enjoy the results.

    - Switch him over completely to wearing women’s panties.

    There are many benefits to this. You not only increase his chances of
    being faithful (he will be embarrassed to show his panties to other
    women), but he will slide a little further into sub space. Pink is best,
    but get him a mixture of colors. Stretchy “Body by Victoriaâ€Â￾ bikini
    briefs are nice. Also, have some extra frilly, lacy, and feminine kind
    he can wear when your lover is over. Throw away ALL of his male underwear
    and let him wear a neutral color panty (like gray or blue) to the
    doctor’s office. Make sure he wears his panties everywhereâ€â€￾to work,
    to dinner, to the gym, and also takes them on trips.

    - Shave his pubic area and make sure he keeps it shaved.

    This gives him a little boy look and begins your control of his sexuality.
    It also makes his panties feel sexier. Let him know how much you like
    it and want him to keep it that way. (Consider giving him a hand job
    or blowjob after shaving as an incentive). Get him a special razor
    (woman’s razor like Silk Effects is good), and special cream (Skintimate
    gel is nice). Teach him how to apply moisturizer or Aloe Vera to prevent
    razor rash. Once he is shaving regularly, he will be a perfect candidate
    for a chastity device later.

    -ALWAYS compare your hubby’s penis size unfavorably (whether it is or not)
    to your lover’s.

    Say things like: “Honey, he is soooo much bigger (or longer, or thicker)
    than you!â€Â￾ “He goes so much deeper than you,â€Â￾ It feels so good when he
    stretches me out like you can’t do,â€Â￾ “I feel so split open, so full, so
    stretched to the max with him,â€Â￾ His strokes are so much longer and deeper
    than yours,â€Â￾ “He slides past my cervix and touches me in places that you
    never will.â€Â￾

    - ALWAYS be very vocal and demonstrative when having sex with your lover,
    NEVER with hubby

    Be quiet, yawn, check your watch, and act bored when having sex with
    hubby. Never thrust against him, or admit to, or show that you are having
    an orgasm (even if it actually happens). Look like you are thinking
    about your grocery list. Say things like: “Are you in yet?â€Â￾ “Can you
    hurry it up?â€Â￾ Be very demonstrative with your hubby when he licks you,
    and act more interested in stimulating him by hand, or better yet,
    watching him masturbate. Tell him how much it turns you on. On the other
    hand, ALWAYS be extremely vocal, admit to, marvel at, and show multiple
    orgasms with your lover. Moan, scream, smile, buck, hump, wrap your
    legs around him tightly, dig your fingernails in his back, French-kiss
    him. Make it clear that you are his slut.

    - Do things sexually with your lover that you’ve never done (and say
    you never will do) with your hubby.

    Make sure you let your hubby see or hear about sexual things you do with
    your lover that you haven’t done with hubby. Things like: 69 with him on
    top, sucking and swallowing, rimming, anal sex, fucking him backwards
    with you on top (facing hubby), French kissing (NEVER French kiss hubby).
    And if hubby asks for any of these things say, “No Hon, I only do that
    for {my lover}â€Â￾ or, “No Hon, there’s no pointâ€â€￾you’re just not big enough
    for that position.â€Â￾

    By themselves, these are just little things, but taken together, they
    can add up to something big. (And we all do like something big, don’t
    we girls?).

    Does anyone have any little (or even big) humiliations to add?

    pictorial link as a single source to Black on White Free Content
    (link removed - contact us, we may be interested in exchanging links with you)
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  2. kingbull

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    Many of these match up with the comprehensive list I have in my book. There's a list of 101 ideas you can use to cuck your cuck. See link in my signature.
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  3. Maara

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    i know, it s working.... i use several techniques.....conditioning him....
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  4. Maara

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    And happy new year..., what you really wanna do...

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  5. Cucksmaid

    Cucksmaid New Member

    The more fun the woman has the bigger the turn on for the cuck. Well it is for me...
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  6. KellyLacey8401

    KellyLacey8401 New Member

    Very nice list

    Love the list! I can only add two items.

    1. make him eat his own cum.

    2. Place him in chastity. Ensure that you have control of the key at all times.
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  7. panty princess

    panty princess New Member

    I would agree with Kelly, those are two of the things that pushed me over the edge.
  8. Smoothneager

    Smoothneager New Member

    Great suggestions

    Since I am a wantabe I can only say that going shopping with a cluck and asking if a particular selection will do a good job of attracting a lover would not only humiliate the cluck (at least me) but confirm his role as well.

    I agree with Kelly on both suggestions. Chastity is such a nice way of controlling a cuck and keeping him attentive.

    Kingbull is right in saying the tome he has written has many suggestions. I think there can never be enough input and "lists" since each couple will select suggestions that appeal to them and have the most affect on the cuck.
  9. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    Yes I have another Humiliation Idea for us cuckold hubbies, when your lover comes over to be with you in your bed. Make the husband lay underneath the bed while you and your lover are having sex. It benefits all parties because he gets to listen to you and your lover and he is close to call on when you need something or for clean up duties. this also conditions him for getting used to his new spot for permanent sleeping quarters when your lover moves in and sleeps with you in your bed. The hubby slave can be close at hand for you and your lover to call on. For me as a naturally born cuckold, that is my dream spot because if you dont want me insite and watching then i can at least be under the bed being humiliated and listening to both of you.
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  10. casio7

    casio7 New Member

    My wife does that for me and wears the key on her necklace. I am not in chastity all the time though because she needs cock too much. Perhaps if she finally takes a lover I will be enforced to wear my Sentinel or CB3000 more. I guess hope that she will then have me performing cleanup duties rather than my own cum then.
  11. tazsbill

    tazsbill New Member

    My wife, who is a very accomplished Domme, is training me to also be dominated by her partner. i must respond to all of his commands as i would from her. i am also required to accept punishment from her partner as i would from her.

    Basically, when she is entertaining a lover, i have 2 dominants to keep satisfied which seems to slide me deeper into subspace. i guess this would not work in a non D/s relationship, but it certainly works for us!
  12. underherheel

    underherheel New Member

    An other tip: When your hubby has a picture of you at work, let your lover cum over the picture and let it get dry. Then put it back into the frame and order him to put it on his desk again. Now every time he looks in his office on your pic he must see the stains of your lovers cum and he will know what you are doing in that moment. Have fun, when he has to explain these spots on the pic to his co-workers ("oh, it is an old pic, but i love it").
    Best would be if one of his co-workers is your lover.
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  13. Vixen

    Vixen New Member

    I love the notion of my cuck shub being under the bed whilst I am entertaining my lover. I have carted this particular pic of a Cuckbed around with me for years, through the incarnation of about 3 or 4 progressive computers. (So you know it is eminent on my “Someday” list) Now, my sadistically creative mind whirled with “How can I make this bed better?” My idea of the bed would be slightly modified from the original pic. Hence, I have considered the idea of making the following additions to the overall look of it to “nillafy” the bed so it would like a regular bed for most people, when they viewed it on a vanilla regular day-in-the-life-of kind of thing.

    --- I would add a “curtain” to the lower part of the bed, hanging down to floor level to cover the bars (to simulate the look of a regular bed’s “dust ruffle” so the bars/caged part would be hidden from unsuspecting view regularly and appear just as any usual non-kinkified bed might

    ---but the really sadistic Humilatrix side to me ~maniacal cackle~ would put said curtainage onto a curtain rod kind of thing (maybe even just cabling) so that the curtains could be drawn back at a cuckoldress’ whim/desire.

    Doing this modification, the cuck would only be visible if he was under there (and more importantly IF the Bull & I wished to see his sorry arse) OR I kept only a sparse few inches/or a foot of the curtain open, so the cuck’s vantage point would even be more limited (poor baby…Mwahaha!) OR the original option to keep it completely closed would allow the cuck the audible benefit of ONLY being able to hear what was going on up top. Actually if the curtain’s hem hung to just around two inches off the floor level, eager lil cuck would be limited to only able to see my stilettos walking around/up to the bed; when I/we climbed upon it; both the Bull’s & my feet when our feet were in different positions on the floor….that would be fun too. Sorry lil cuckyboy could only see when the panties were dropped to the floor; oh, there is a foot dangling over the edge….wonder what position he has got her in now….there is the key to my chastity belt dangling off that shiny anklet…etc.

    Now this curtain treatment would also have the added benefit from the other end of the scale too. Not all Bulls want the involvement of the cuck being around in the first place, so this would also work to hide the boy away (as long as the lil spooger could keep quiet long enough) Gads!!! I DO SO love this idea, can you tell?

    Thus far, I have not had the benefit of a handy cuck shub to make my “covet” become a reality yet, but it sure would be nice someday to have one built/commissioned for me. Well, at least a gal can dream…

    For your viewing pleasure I have put the pic in the Gallery of:

    >Variety Pictures Section >Body Modification and Jewelry

    …so it is easy for you all to locate, as we do not have a proper furniture/equipment/implement gallery, but I figure with my modification revisions to redo the thing, that placement seemed somewhat appropriate. If not, I am sure one of the Mods or KingBull will tell me .

    Hope you enjoy my Cuckbed notions…..I sure do!!!

    ~As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men's minds more seriously than what they see” ~ Julius Caesar
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  14. lilofal

    lilofal New Member

    i would go whole hog
    dress him up in your clothes
    make up wig stockings heels the lot
    and tie his hands behind his bakc
    let his cok stick out thro your crotchless pants
    let your lover wank him and suk his cok
    and vice versa
    let your love cum in your hubbies mouth too
    that will really send him wild
    an let him fuck him up the arse

    all of this you do with your lover too
    very demonstarively- anal oral w2ild wild sex
    that your hubby never sees or gets from you
  15. MN_Bull

    MN_Bull New Member

    more thoughts...

    And if the bed has JUST enough clearance, then each time I (the bull) thrust my cock in you, it pushes the bed down and crushes his sorry ass attempt at an erection, assuring he will never be able to fuck with it again.

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  16. eyemready

    eyemready New Member

    Bull's Eye(s)

    My wife is not ready to humiliate me yet. I long for it so deeply in my heart. My dream is to be made to establish eye contact with her Bull while she is being fucked. I would be so ashamed and the humiliation would strike at my core.

    My other dream is to be forced to lick the juices from the point of entry while he is thrusting. (Continuous clean up.)
  17. eyemready

    eyemready New Member


    My wife has made me perform cunnilingus continously for four hours with only one five minute break. My fantasy is to be put beneath the card table at one of her bridge games and be required to move from one woman's gash to the next in a continuous cunnilingus fiesta.
  18. Maara

    Maara New Member

    Just do ist...

    .and say it ..and pray her..... your next encounter...the will love it...say it....



    ...just do!
  19. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    You are a very sadistic cuckoldress....I love it !

    I like your point about the sub cuck being out of site under the bed as well because you are right about the bull or steady lover not wanting to see the sub around all the time. You seem to enjoy and be very creative to the sadidstic side of thing's. I must say that I am jelouse of your sub and the torment that you put him through. I have searched for a woman like you for a long time to serv.

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  20. sissytoy_forwomen

    sissytoy_forwomen New Member

    I think best way to train a cuckold is partial feminization.
    Everything about my feminization started as a fantasy. First chastity then dressing. Finally, it came to get rid of my facial hair. My girlfriend was runninng a beauty saloon. So it didn't cost us anything.
    Now, I don't look like a male anymore. But I don't look like a woman either. Though I may be mistaken as a woman in dark sometimes and look feminine with make up.
    Anyways, when you are in skirts or has your facial hair removed or etc.
    When you see or learn that she is making sex with somebody else, you can't oppose strong enough.
    When she says "you are not a man anymore", you stop an start to think. You feel helpless. You question yourself. You see she is right. Especially in my position, having facial hair removed.
    So you except.
    Once you accept her rights, she becomes more and more dominant.
    I said "my girlfriend", but she is ... acting very strange.
    She uses me for her sexual satisfaction and I am allowed only oral sex. Sometimes she doesn't let me see her naked, or even touch her.
    In time, I lost my selfconfidence and became completly depended on her.
    I loved her and couldn't resist her offers and efforts about being more feminine.
    I enjoyed feminization in the beginning. But when she started to make sex with other men and become more dominant and start beating me, I hated it.
    But I could'nt leave her, because of my love.
    Anyways, I accepted my position finally.
    I started to work at her beauty saloon, in a position between a TV or gay. We also share the same house.
    She punishes or beats me whenever she finds necessary.
    Though, we are very close with her, she shares everyting with me, takes my advice sometimes. We still talk or hugh like before...
    I don't know what I am or what is my place in this relationship. But I can say, feminization really works well to convince a man to a cuckold relationship.

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