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Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by stuckcuck, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. weiberknecht

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    My wife's sister knows about me being a cuckold. They often go out together on a hunt for dates and my sister-in-law knows, of course, that my wife fucks other men.
    My wife comes from a family where the mother ruled the house and everybody in her family knows that she dominates me and i have to do as she says.
    Only her sister knows, however, that she cucks me.
  2. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Most of our immediate family know, and several close friends. My wife never really outed me, she just never took great pains to hide her activities. Lol, back when we were engaged, her own dad half-jokingly called her a "wild child" and asked me if I knew what I was getting into.

    She has a couple of female friends that she hangs out with now. They know that I am aware of and accept what my wife does, but I don't think they know what to make of me. According to my wife, one of these friends cheats on her husband (he doesn't know). This woman seems to think that what we do is somehow worse than what she's doing to her husband, but my wife says she acts envious at times because she has to hide what she does while my wife doesn't.
  3. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    this is an undeniable thrill in the knowledge that other people, friends or family, are aware of your wifes behavior. for those of us that enjoy it the humiliation only adds to the excitement. I was warned when I first met my wife to be that she had been with a lot, and I mean a lot of men. even my mother tried to discourage me, but her beauty and her history only made me want her more. she never stopped when we were dating, or even now. she loves the thrill of a man, plain and simple.
  4. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Yeah, stuckcuck, exactly! Nearly everyone who knew my wife warned me against her, but it all fell on deaf ears. I didn't try to explain because I knew they'd be even more confused than before. My wife was (and still is) way out of my league in the looks department, and she was such a fun-loving free spirited type that I was just mesmerized, and there was no way I was gonna let her go. I just couldn't believe how she loved to flirt, and how she seemed simply insatiable, no other word for it. That's not to say I really understood what I was getting into --I didn't -- but ultimately I don't regret it for a minute.
  5. marknaughty

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    I have not been outed to any females by her other than her co worker who also fucks other men. Her friend also fuck other men but her husband is unaware at this point. intrigued by the prospect my wife shared our situation with her. Having a cocktail at our house one night after work the conversation was brought up in front of me. Her friend wanted to grill me on how I felt about it. My wife interrupted and suggested that we show her how it works, asked me to go in our bedroom and put on a pair of pink panties and get them both another glass of wine. Excited, I returned in panties with the wine. My wife after a long day at work asked me to smell, sniff, kiss her feet and suck her toes. Demonstrating foot worship my raging small hard on became visible. She then asked her friend to take off her shoes and have me worship her feet. Aroused by her sweaty smelly feet my small hard on became noticeable. I ended up exploding in the panties while sucking her friends toes. She explained that her husband has a fetish for her feet, has a small penis and fantasizes about her and other men. She is also certain he is aware that she is pleasured by other men. My other outings have all been male friend of ours, most of them married. In most instances my wife has found herself alone with them and would offer them fellatio. If they had an ample penis she would provide oral sex on a somewhat regular basis. Once the sucking relationship was established then she would let them know that my penis was inadequate and that I was a terrible lover in bed. She would offer them coitus. She would engage in intercourse with them regularly. Many times I was in bed after a night of drinking and she would stay up late, offer them oral service and once they were fully aroused she would lift her dress and offer them an opportunity to penetrate her. Only one ever said no and he eventually caved in and fucked her on our couch while I was asleep. All were our friends, all knew I was cuckolded, all engaged in humiliation of me while they were banging my wife. At the time it was unknown to me. Now that it is out in the open a few of them openly receive head or fuck her in my presence.
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  6. mentaldish

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    My situation is very similar. My wife's parents and siblings all know that she fucks other men. They don't know that I'm a cuckold necessarily but like you my wife has gone out with her sisters many times and picked up guys and she has also hit on all of her brother's friends right in front of her brother and sometimes with me there too. She also comes from a house that was ruled by her mother and is very dominant.
  7. saturn

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    Actually, they do. A cuckold is a man with an unfaithful wife. What you mean is they don't know the depth of your particular lifestyle. Sorry to nitpick, but that's the definition. :)
  8. subhubjon

    subhubjon Active Member

    Did you perhaps mean to say that they did not necessarily know that you knew your wife was unfaithful?
  9. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    I have not added to this thread in over a year and much has transpired. the owner/trainer at a small gym not to far from our town has become the first "bull" in our life. it is a long story but I will try and tell it chronologically as best I can. needless to say he has begun to dominate our lives and stays here about twice a week. my wife says it's nice to finally have a MAN around the house.
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  10. The1hung1

    The1hung1 Member

    Well my wife has a friend that knows everything they pick up guys together well out... So one friday night i get a call at 4am from my wife to go pick up emily they guy past out on her she wants to go home but my wife wants to stay... So i pick up emily she a bit drunk... She was telling me about the guys... Which led to her saying im so.horny i want you to eat my pussy... Your wife said its ok i just cant fuck you she said... So emily is a chubby white girl but sex huge tits huge ass... We go to her apartment she got naked and lays on her bed i go.down smell that fishy pussy smell i dive in i had her cumming so much... She was so.wet her pussy fartted in my face... When i started lick her ass my cock is ready to.explode... I stand up pull out my dick and she went straight for it and licked my balls deep.throat me and swallowed all my cum... She had me lick her pussy some more then i left... My.wife came home in the morning and i ate her used pussy as well
  11. GeorgeFromGreece

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  12. Wife4others

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    Our family knows about our lifestyle. From our kids who we sat down and told after being walked in on. To both of our in laws.
    Our friends have known since early in our marriage.
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  13. canadianwittol

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    I've been outed little by little over the years.

    My wife has three friends who pretty much know everything. One is her very best friend, who has always known. When we agreed on the lifestyle my wife said she wasn't hiding this from her closest confidante (besides me) and I accepted that up front in the beginning. While I do take a little occasional teasing from her, she is actually very supportive of the relationship and thinks I'm a wonderful husband to afford my wife such latitude.

    For years, that was the only friend that knew. Owing to a night of drinking, they ended up letting a mutual friend in on the secret too. I wasn't too happy about that at the time but I've accepted it. We've been doing this for 10 years so you have to figure that no matter how well kept the secret, eventually, there will be a little bit of "leakage". This second woman they confided in is, like my wife and her best friend, of Eastern European origin. I have not had any discussion with her at all since it being disclosed to me that she was in the loop, although I have seen her face to face a number of times and have found those experiences a little bit humiliating. As I don't really know her well, she has no broader context for who I am, unlike the first friend. The one thing she does know about me is that I'm a cuckold, and I have the distinct impression that she doesn't exactly respect me for it.

    A third was brought into the circle just last year. My wife and her best friend attended a "fellatio class" put on by a sex positive shop here in our city. In that class they met plenty of other like-minded, sex positive young women, one of whom they befriended. Having met in such an open minded, sexual environment, where there conversation centred around their sex lives a fair bit, it wasn't long before my wife decided to just be completely honest with her new friend. She's a cute, bubbly blonde, 30 year old teacher who took great interest in our lifestyle (which she had already heard of) and while she doesn't see it as being for her she has described our lifestyle as "awesome", "amazing", and really hot! I don't know her that well either but we've had her over a few times and she did make a point of telling me she thinks it's amazing that we have such an adventurous sex life. In that conversation I told her a little bit about some of the cuckolds I've researched in history and, perhaps being a fellow teacher she seemed pretty genuinely interested.

    Even in just the last few years, my wife points out, and I agree, that society has become much more open and permissive. We could have a separate discussion on whether or not this is an entirely good thing, however my wife has shown a willingness to become much more open about our lifestyle for two reasons: one, that there is no longer the same stigma or social penalty for it (I agree) and secondly she says she just prefers to be honest with her friends. She's still very selective in who she would open up to, but 10 years in she is not working to conceal it any longer with the "top secret" status we would have afforded it a decade ago.

    The two friends of hers I do see somewhat regularly are both supportive and have become good friends to us. That being said, I have to confess feeling some pang of humiliation any time either one actually says the word "cuckold" aloud in reference to me (although it never seems to be said, to my face, in a mocking way.)

    There is also a whole group of Russian-speaking friends my wife and her best friend are involved in where it is quite widely known that I am a cuckold because my wife does date within that group. Not being a Russian speaker though, I never hang out in or amongst that group so I never have to face that humiliation!
  14. Worth It

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    Society is heading in the direction where one hopes that before too long, a married couple where one or both of the spouses has outside lovers/sex partners is considered reasonable and normal.

    Before that happens, those who have spouses consensually having sex with others need to feel ok about it, even proud, the way homosexuals had their Pride movement. Audrey and I are not out about our nonmonogamy, but have already agreed that if we are ever confronted we will proudly admit that we both have sex outside our happy marriage.

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