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Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by stuckcuck, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Thanks for all your posts Stuckcuck. It has been very inforamtive to read over time. I had the fantasy for many years of being acuck and about two years ago it came true but not to the extent of your life. You are leading the life I think I want and I have enjoyed your posts. Thank you for sharing. I think a lot of us have enjoyed learning about how we would react if we were lucky enough to be in your situation.

    Thanks again

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  2. cosmokramer

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    Finally Finished Reading the thread!

    Wow! stuckcuck you are a wonderful husband and cuck. I also think you are a role model for other submissive emotional cuckolds. I know you are for me!

    Our marriage went cuckold about 5 years ago. I was left at home, I was a voyeur, and on one occasion I was invited to participate. My wife quickly fell in lust and not long after fell in love. I handled is poorly witch lead to to calling them breaking up and was a disaster for out marriage almost ending in divorce.

    Recently I discovered they had been secretly seeing each other behind my back which I am taking as a 2nd chance both as husband and cuckold.

    Your devotion to submission and being a good cuckold is honorable and should be celebrated on this forum.

    With my wife and her boyfriend back together the angst, jealously, and selfishness are in a battle with my hard cock masturbating mind. I desperately want the cock and masturbation to win. No matter how much I want that the immaturity is also powerful.

    reading this thread the first time through lets me know I am not alone in my emotional sexual and psychological needs to be a willing humiliated submissive cuckold. The way I see it the more I fight her love for her boyfriend the better my chances of divorce but if I embrace my inner cuck my marriage in the long run will be saved and stronger then ever.

    You have helped me see that.

    My story, experiences, history and future has many, many, many similarities.

    Just one as it relates to this thread is recently being sort of outed.

    I found out that while my wife was cheating with her boyfriend they have at at least one other coupe they hang out with. The moment she told me, my stomach flipped, my cock went rock hard, I got angry. I have no idea how I held it together to be a good cuck but I did and that was before reading this thread. Now after reading your thread my stomach still flips, and my cock still gets hard, and almost no anger. Just acceptance. She is his lover, His girlfriend o course that are going to have other couples as friends.

    The other couple does know she is married but I don't know if they know I also know or if they think she is just a cheater. I hope they do know. Humiliating yes but I think they should know there is no reason to hide the truth and just make everyone more comfortable.

    For the record. I do not know this couple.

    Finally. I know it was a while ago but I am proud of you for not calling the lady from the bar. Being a submissive cuckold does not give you permission to cheat. I am sure the boost to your ego felt great and that is where to leave it. Be a good cuckold...NO CHEATING!

    One that reates
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    That must have been pretty emotional for you. Or was it not really a surprise?


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    The cheating part was easy. The secret was easy. I was the one that started it 5 years ago and it was my fault it ended. Two adults with that sort of connection was a known possible consequence. So no it was not a surprise.

    What was a surprise was her holding a grudge since the break up. I thought our marriage was stressed but cause of finances, constantly being on the go and normal family business...but she admitted she was holding a grudge about the break up. Who the fuck holds a grudge for 3 years and keeps it to herself?

    Please don't anyone bash her. I had just as many chances to break through the stress as she did but I have an ego too so normal family and norma life got in the way and the truth about the grudge not be communicated was NOT all her fault.
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  5. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Three years does seem like a really long time.

    On the other hand, I think you already know that you've invited people to criticize her, from the way that's worded.

    The real question, however, becomes what do you do about it from here? Knowing what you know now, and given that you can't change the past, I mean.


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  6. cosmokramer

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    I am a cuck wheather I want to be or not. Nothing is going to change that so all I can do is be a good cuck!. Accept the situation and move forward. Fortunately for me the cuckold direction is what I want. She wants a lover and a Boyfriend. I really want to be a good cuck.

    If I can put my wife and her Boyfriend first and my selfishness and ego aside I have no doubt this will work.
  7. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    That is _certainly_ good to hear. :)

    What aspect of it do you particularly enjoy? I'd love to hear your take on it, having heard your situation.



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  8. cosmokramer

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    It is hard to say what I like best.

    All I can say is that when my ego and selishness is under control it feels right. Natural.

    Sexually we are incompatable. I am a chronic masturgation addict with kinky preferances. She loves sex but likes to fuck. She loves big dick. She loves agressive Alpha men. If she could she would fuck for days. Probably is. It takes a special man to provide for her sexually. I have none of what it takes.

    Emotionally it feels like a gift. Without Sir it our mariage might be sexless. Which is something a lot of husbans and wifes have to live with but not mine. She gets the gift a lot of women never will.
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  9. Mickle

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    I know this post is over a year old but while re reading it today made me realise how many of our wife's treat their husbands identically, it is though there is a guide book for them. But on closer analyisation of the thousands of posts submitted by cucks on similar forums, I am sure that there is something built into the female psyche, to be breed by superior men to ensure the continuation of the human race, whilst like you my wife certainly does not have the slightest regard for me as an sexual being, but unlike your wife she does walk around naked flaunting herself in front of me, knowing I know that it it reserved for others whilst I may catch a fleeting view of some hickies .
  10. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    my wife married me because she wanted a loving husband and a good father for her children. she admits that the qualities she sees and loves in me are still there, they simply do not spark any desire in her, hence the need for other men in her life. this non-sexual role seems to have evolved into an almost mother-son relationship, she cares for me, she watches out for my health, she assigns me chores, and i am her faithful escort if needed. as far as a sexual relationship? i am admonished if caught masturbating too often, sometimes with a laugh, but more often a scowl.
  11. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    It's kind of ironic that she isn't interested in having sex with you, but feels the need to tell you not to masturbate. If she doesn't want it inside her, she shouldn't have any say about what else you use it for.


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  12. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    just checking in, not too much new around here, my wife spent last night at her boyfriends place, as she does about 3 nights a week. i have been thinking alot about how i became the man i am, submissive and in need of humiliation and the events of my youth really spell it out for me. from being molested to my parents relationship i have pieced together a pretty clear picture of how i got here. i had pushed most of these events into a dark hole but therapy and self reflection have helped me uncover them. i sometimes wonder if i can still change, or more importantly do i even want to. the sweet humiliation of loving a women that enjoys fucking other men is ingrained in my soul.
  13. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    like you stuckcuck , how do i deal with people and friends who know what i am? there is no right way . i rarely have been confronted to explain my wife's actions . but i just say it's personal.
    i had sex with older boys and i was 6 and i did so willingly. we moved a year later and i gradually understood that what i did was not the norm. if you want change , anything is possible. i know who and what i am . i doubt i would be happy anyother way
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  14. Ladynsniffer

    Ladynsniffer Wanker

    Hi Stuckcuck. I haven't been on this message board for a long time. Glad to see you are still here.

    I am in a very similar situation as you. My wife never has sex with me (with one exception) and I pretty much never see her nude (she knows it arouses me to see her nude). She has a steady lover for the past year who she sees a few times a week (at his place).

    We came together as Domme and submissive so we've never had much of a sex life (vanilla sex). The first year she was very curious about my tiny penis and she would watch me sniff her panties and jack off. It was amusing to her. She also enjoyed being dominant over me. But, her interest in my tiny penis was just a curiosity and soon went away as she found well endowed lovers. They would fuck until she was fucked out and she had no sex drive at all to play with me.

    A few years ago she had a steady lover who enjoyed having sex with her at our home. He would let me worship his cock and balls and she absolutely got super turned on by this. Her relationship with him lasted a few years. I enjoyed at least being part of her sex life. I also had to deal with extreme feelings of inadequacy and envy. He turned her on. She lusted for him constantly. She's never had those feelings for me. Unfortunately, they broke up about a year ago. Her new lover only has sex with her at his home.

    The one thing that she does let me do is worship her asshole. She enjoys the pleasurable sensations. She still leaves me her panties to sniff when she is not in the mood for an ass licking.

    I will never leave this situation. I've had relationships before that broke apart because they were cheating and I was too submissive. My marriage is strong because we both accept who we are. It is far better than living alone with no female companionship.

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  15. bradley

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    An Average Night at Home--Outing Prospects

    Last nite my wife called her lover in Germany from our home in Korea. The two have regular phone chats between her three or four visits per year (from two weeks to more than one month each visit, averaging 3 months per year or 25% of our married life) to be with him and to travel around Europe enjoying the sights, etc.

    As usual when they talk long distance on the phone, my Korean wife lay on the love seat in our living room, and I was on the couch masturbating, my eyes alternating between her and the action I was performing on my dick as I listened to her side of the conversation. Sometimes I use lubrication, but last nite I masturbated without, my dick in an anodized donut ring and a large NJoy butt plug stuck in my asshole. Both of us naked.

    The portion of their conversation that got most of my attention, of course, was the part where she suggested/offered “special sex” (her words) to her lover over the summer. She suggested to her lover that during the upcoming July stay of her and her two Korean female friends with her wealthy German lover, she would be happy, if he wished, to bring him to orgasm in the back seat of his luxury car as it was driven by one of her friends with the other friend joining the driver in the front seat.

    That nearly sent me over the edge, and I had to make my own “special effort” to restrain myself as she—and I gather, he—laughed into the telephone. Why? My wife had never before so much as suggested or hinted to me that she might do something as “public” as that, with her two Korean friends right there in the front seat. I had thought since she started cuckolding me in November 2010 that she was too shy to ever consider doing any such thing. But here she was “promising” it to her lover. In my presence. I had no choice but to reduce my masturbatory action to just the slightest tugs on my dick. Otherwise, I knew it would be all over for me. I imagine her two friends thinking, “Gee, I wonder if bradley is aware that his wife acts like this with her lover!” If she follows through on this one, I will be happy to advise them both that yes, indeed, I am in on this too! Love that humiliation wave!

    She has never done any such thing for me, nor would she. (OK, she did fuck me once in the car before she had me marry her, and she came wonderfully. But I did not. That was the first and the last of our car sex, other than me masturbating in the car on rare occasions. Never to orgasm, though.)

    I mentioned in my “Introductory” post that while both of my wife’s female friends already know about my cuckold status, I will be officialy outed at the end of next month (June), on the evening before the three depart for their one month’s stay in Europe to be with my wife’s loverboy. On that evening, all four of us will be staying overnight at our home, and of course the discussion will center around the upcoming departure and related matters. Ungh!

    I plan to shave all over (face-to-toes) before they arrive at our home and, if it is still light out when they arrive, I’ll wear the dark pink women’s caftan (loose top with hem at the hips, 100% cotton) I recently ordered online. It is semi-transparent, but at least the dark color helps a bit to hide my shaved dick and balls from plain view. When night falls and the light inside our home is lowered, I’ll change into the other caftan I ordered, which is identical to the former one, but is all-white.

    I have recently purchased a couple of other feminine tops which I would love to exhibit, but will have to see if the occasion arises/permits during their short stay. And I have to worry also that my wife may become upset with me for acting so slutty around her friends. I think of it rather as me just being the submissive, harmless, wimpy, sissy cuckold that I am. Of course, I would love it—and be sooo shy, afraid, humiliated, etc.—if my wife would have me masturbate in front of her and her friends. But I am sure that is certain to remain a fantasy. And I would probably rather not have to face any post-orgasm letdown anyway. On the other hand, she might have me edge myself over and again in front of the three girlfriends . . . hmmm . . . (She was “shocked” when she first saw me masturbating a few years back, but I have done it so often in her presence now that she hardly notices. Still, I have never done anything approaching the above scenario.)

    All of the above—and more, of course—keeps feeding, enlarging, and deepening my masturbation addiction. I expect that to be the case from now until a day or two, at least, following their departure for Germany.

    And who knows what news may come my way during the month of July, with the four of them galavanting all over Europe together! Ungh!
    — bradley
  16. JimmyWTBCuck

    JimmyWTBCuck New Member

    Same though

    Good question. I am a cuckoldwannabe, but with a smaller dick. I am not in love with guys, but I submit very easily to a large powerful cock. I have jokingly asked to borrow a guy's cock to take home and pleasure my wife. When I first encountered a bi-situation, I somehow ended up being the receiver and quite frankly have never looked back. It seems natural to me to receive, to submit, to please and that is exactly why I would be a willing cuckold to my wife. To give her the power, and permit her the pleasure without feeling guilty about me. I do want to be included, but she should do that to the extent of her own comfort. Why should I begrudge her the full fulfillment of a average to larger man? To me, the thought is old-fashion and egotistic. I simply love seeing my wife happy and have when she socializes with other men, including receiving enough affection that others have noted and even spoken to me. My response has always been: I like seeing my wife happy..whether she danced all night with a colleague while I sat at a table or something else. I think being submissive is definitely a mind is what I am. I accept it.

  17. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    have not had much to say here until my wife revealed that she told her girlfriend that I was okay with her being with other men. my wife hates the cuckold name, thinks it makes her involved, hates slut too, she is simply a woman with sexual needs. (her words not mine)
  18. Optr

    Optr New Member

    Exactly my feelings. I was in that life with a wife and a girlfriend later, after a divorce (for other reasons). I wanted my wife to have the pleasure and live out her desires and fantasies and if that meant pleasuring her lover or Bull orally, I was happy to do so. Today I find myself wanting that life again, but single and 72, I have my doubts I will enjoy that life again. I make do though when I can. :)
  19. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    I was first outed to my wife's older sister, then to some of her other girl friends and finally to her mother and little sister. To say my wife is from a house of sluts would be an understatement. To say I love it would be an even great understatement. They all enjoy humiliating me and I love it. Most if not all her friend's husbands know, a few have even enjoyed the pleasure of my wife. Occasionally, I've been called out by some of these people, who've totally ignore the potential embarrassment I might have feel. That's extreme degradation. With others, it's the little smile they give me that says, I know you have a tiny little dick and you wife is fucking other guys. I found that every time I'm outed to someone new, I'm thrilled all over again with the humiliation I love.
  20. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    the feeling of family knowing is quite intense, my wife outed me to her two older brothers, one more macho than the other and even invited her lover over on some holidays, leaving me in the kitchen cooking while the MEN watched the games and waited for me to serve them. it was some extreme humiliation.

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