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    So. I me and you and this big sexy, fit guy with a bug huge cock go to the hotel room, you try and grab me to kiss me but he pushes you away onto a chair in the corner of the room. He turns and looks at me, his big cock pressing against his tight boxers. He picks me up and slams me against the wall grinding his big dick against my pussy teasing me. I look over his shoulder at you, smiling smugly while he kisses my neck and nibbles my ear. He puts me down and slowly takes off my clothes (throwing my nickers at you, you notice how wet they are) , kissing my neck down to my tits, sucking hard on my nipples, his hand lightly stroking my clit. Im moaning in a way you've never heard before. He pushes me to the bed and kisses down my stomach right down to my pussy, gentley he begins to eat me, starting from my ass to my clit licking it over and over again, sucking it hard, I scream and moan his name in ecstasy, you can see all my squirt gushing into his mouth and down his chin, he turns to you and says "your girlfriends pussy Taste's amazing" after eating me until I can't take anymore he says its his turn. I climb on top of him and kiss him deeply, tasting my sweet cum on his lips. I wisper something dirty in his ear, we both laugh and look at you. You wish you knew what we were saying. I start to kiss his neck lick his Adams apple, you see my juices drip from my pussy because in so turned on. I go down to his huge cock and begin to suck it hard and fast, taking it all in my throat, in fact it never leaves my throat because I guess his dick is just tastier then yours. I'm going hard and fast sucking and moaning became I love it so much, you see my eyes go wide and your hear him moan, he's filling my throat with Salty cum, it drips down my throat onto my hands and tits. I desperately lick and suck every bit off his dick and my fingers it tastes so good I want every drop. I turn to you and you show my white mouth, I grab your face and force my lips to yours, I say "do you like the taste of his salty cum as much as I do, do you like that I pleasured him until he came in my throat?" I crawl back towards Eger to take his huge cock. He picks me up again and pushes me down onto his dick, I scream so loud like you've never heard. You hear my pussy juices squelching and pouring out of me, I'm so fucking full, I feel all his veins scraping against my G spot and past it, going deeper then you ever could. Every inch of him is amazing, thick and long. Every vain pulging and pleasuring the deepest parts of my pussy making me cream over and over. He bends me over and smacks my fat ass making it red. He slides in again but this time he goes so hard it makes me scream. You can hear the sound of his big balls slapping against me. I look at you and say "you'll never please me like he can" , "your cocks nothing compared to his" he laughs and continues to pound me non stop. He flips me over on my front and kisses me, his tongue in my mouth and mine in his, he tugs on my nipples and slowly slowly slides into me, I let out a high soft moan. I make you get close to my pussy so you can watch him slide in and out over and over, he's being so passionate and slow grinding into me deep. he begins to moan so close to coming and so am I, your still be forcerd to watch, face inches away from my pussy. And suddenly it happens at the same time, we both cum in pure pleasure you see his cum pouring out of my pussy and down my thighs my squirt going everywhere some of it onto your face and mouth. He pulls out and kisses me again all satisfied. I'm smiling from ear to ear. I look at you and say "now what am I going to do with your dick?" I let you slide into Me just a second, you notice how big I am now, how wide my pussy is. I yarn and say "your to small for me" so I force your face down to my pussy and make you clean it with your tongue, you lick up all his cum and my squirt knowing that ive just had the best fuck of my life. All the while he's snogging me and kissing my neck. You keep licking and notice I'm getting creamy again, you wish it was became of you but you no its not. You no its became he's pleasing me all over again in ways you never could.
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    That is a Common though Wonderful fantasy for some of us Cuckolds.

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