Cuckold Feelings in a Psychiatric Hospital

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    This is my first time posting this story, which is something that really happened to me. In 2012 I was sent to a psychiatric short-stay hospital due to chemically-induced psychosis from diet pill reaction. The facility i was sent to was mostly a community clinic (one wing had over 100 mostly homeless and indigent persons). The wing I was on was small, six beds. During the day, mostly **** users would be in the day room, but there were only 5 other patients like myself with psychiatric emergencies. Most were out of it long term, not due to termporary psychosis. Needless to say, I felt out of place.

    I was barely aware of my surroundings, mostly in a haze and tended to roam the short corridor between the day room and the bedrooms for patients. In the evening, there was just one tech and one nurse (an older man stationed down the hall in the meds/supplies room--nurses station). I was in the hall and saw the one psych tech, a 24yoish hispanic female, short, slender walk quickly from one door from a bedroom through the doorway of the day room. I exited the hall and entered the day room and she said "are you ready for bed?" I said "ya", but noticed she had some debris on her shirt, like dust, but more debris like lint or something. When I pointed it out, she said "oh, yah, he manhandled me." I had no reaction.

    I walked out of the dayroom to start down the hall and a tech from one of the other wards walked out of the same patient bedrooom and said "hey, go to the dayroom or the nurses station but dont stay in the hall" It was then I realized that they were both in that room. I then had the flooding memory of a man saying "auh" while I was pacing the hall but at that time I didnt pay any attention, thinking it was a patient. When I returned to the day room and watched tv I got the very real realization that they had just had sex while I was in the hall, one patient was in the dayroom wathcing tv and the others were in their rooms. The "he manhandled me" then clicked...

    Not sheer cuckoldry, but two psych workers fucking in some patients room then teasing a patient about it afterwards. I later surmised that she must have known that I was aware what they were doing, but in my state I really was clueless until the subsequent things happened. I posted a pic of what she sorta looked like.

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