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  1. Kilrathy

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    I'm a 29 year old guy from Germany. I live in Shanghai since two years and have a sweet Chinese girlfriend (25 years old). I would like to know a couple in Shanghai with same interests as us.

    Since over one year, cuckolding is always an important fantasy for us. But also outside our rolplaying we did our first steps:

    Last year a friend from Germany visited us. We made a lot of party in a club, we danced very close with her between us. I put his hands on her bum. He touched her breasts. The next day we all three slept in the same bed. He touched her, kissed her body, but whenever he tried t touch her pussy, it was too much for her. Finally she stopped it.

    Two month nothing happend. Then over Christmas we visited my home town (Munich). We slept in my friends home, she between us. She felt his hard dick on her body, she touched his dick, but then she stopped... I was quite frustrated.

    In February she made one more step. She dated another guy and wrote me messages from time to time what they are doing. She was in his home, she touched his dick, she made him cum. I never was that horny as she told me all details. But they didn't have sex because he is the ex of one of her best friends.

    Two weeks ago she was out with a friend in Bar Rouge, but nothing happend and her friends can not understand why she flirt with other men...

    I would like to meet another couple with similar interests. I would like the two girls go out together, bring their interests together, help each other flirting with other guys and show each other that it is normal to be a little bit more naughy and that it is normal to desire other dicks.

    Maybe the other cuckold and I can play pool or do something else during we wait if our girls come home alone or if they send us a message, that it will be a little bit more late.

    Our Pictures you can find under
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    Password is: okcupid

    I'm looking forward to your reply.


    P.S. currently I'm not in search for a cuckold. But if you are in Shanghai and very handsome, sure you can send me a message.
  2. sissychris

    sissychris New Member

    In Shanghai

    We are a couple in shanghai too (Pudong). PM. Message me for a chat. Could be cool to get together, even if just for a chat/ meet.

    Take care,

  3. hellowin

    hellowin New Member

    hihi,...I am a shanghaiese living in Germany...leave me your mail address and let us chat
  4. seanmich

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    I am an American bull living in Qingdao and travel to Shanghai often, would love to meet.

  5. joepro79

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    we are a couple in china as well! it's our new fantasy that we talk about and we want to try it for real.
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