Cucked to Perfection

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by michael1987, Dec 13, 2018.

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    michael, that is hot. I truly enjoy watching a woman enjoy the cock she is getting at the moment. GTR
  3. michael1987

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    I do too. Obviously.

    As you see, there wasn't just one but many a beautiful moment in that particular encounter.

    I'm an ardent watcher---from every possible, enthralling and varied vantage point---of the man's erect cock when I'm beholding such beautiful encounters.

    I would be very hard put to nominate what was for me the most enthralling and intimidating view that I got of my beautiful buddy's cock during that particular coupling. Every one of them was utterly breathtaking and wankworthy in the extreme.

    Sometimes I plump for the opening one of my buddy's enviably broad root and cock shaft just forward of his pubes---the one in which my wife's wide-splayed plumped-up love-lips can be seen clinging so eagerly to his cock during his beautifully measured and evidently extremely pleasurable out-strokings.

    But at other times I'm rendered speechless by the spectacular side-view of the full length of his magnificently up-curving erection while he positions his hips behind my wife's bum to doggy her, then smoothly penetrates her.

    And then there are the close-ups I shot of his strongly clenching butt and swinging balls and---most excitingly---the root and pump-bulge of his deep-plunging erection from behind when at my wife's urging they went to fucking in the missionary position and she was audibly being transported to Sex Heaven by every balls-deep thrust he was making in her.

    I always loved being so spoiled for choice in my hotly varied views of the penetrating and plunging cocks of stronger younger men when it was my first wife who was being barebacked by them. It's the same now with my second ex-wife, especially with her new husband---my young bi buddy---being so stupendously well-hung, Afro-American and enviably uncircumcised :p

    But that beautifully-built young Swedish first bi buddy of mine----UnggghhhhhHHHHHHH!!! I can still wank myself blind over that video I made of him in action with my first wife.
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  4. michael1987

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    This New Year's Day my first wife (featured in the above video) Skyped me to wish me a very Happy New Year. It was wonderful to hear from her, and I said so.

    She is still married to my beautiful Swedish buddy (who she partners in the video), who entered the Skype-screen with his shirt off and smilingly deep-kissed my ex-wife long and hard for me to see-----BUMP!

    I was then introduced to their four very beautiful children---two boys and two girls---the making of the first of which I may well have recorded in this very video! Exciting eh?

    My ex then "casually" asked me---in front of my buddy---if I had ever noticed how beautifully erect her nipples showed in the opening sequence of my video; which she said she and my buddy re-view often and arousingly reminisce over.

    What could I say but "Yes".

    She smiled very sexily at me and added "Much longer and harder than you ever made them....... true?"

    I wistfully replied "True...." then quipped back "But nowhere near as long and hard as your husband made my cock!"

    At which she and her husband fell about laughing, then into each other's arms.

    They video-Skyped me back at their bedtime. It was very beautiful indeed. Even more beautiful and erotic than our Beginning all those years ago------if that be possible :p
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  5. michael1987

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    Amazingly, this video made by me of a young Swedish buddy of mine fucking my first wife has to date amassed 1014 viewings here in only 3 weeks---after the link to it having been posted by me here as recently as the 14th of last month.

    Perhaps I shouldn't be as surprised at the huge hit-rate as I am. After all, he did cuck me and out-perform me very beautifully.

    In fact, to Perfection.
  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    In only 3 further weeks the hits on this video have burgeoned from 1014 to 2172 !!

    So apparently I'm not alone in my love of watching my wife being beautifully fucked by a beautiful rival for her wonderfully erotic sensibility and love of magnificently built and huge-cocked young men such as my Swedish buddy who I have videoed fucking her so smoothly and so very satisfyingly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Go to it you deliciously horny members here. Believe me, it's a huge pleasure for me to help keep you at the very top of your voyeuristic games.
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