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    One evening Stephanie (our hot wife) and Bridgette were having some drinks at the local, new and very hip craft winery. Bridgette is Stephanie's very good, long time friend who is an esthetician who runs her own salon. Although when it comes to her craft she is sharp as a tack, she can also be fairly ditzy the rest of the time. And she does love to gossip.

    After a number of nice glasses of wine Bridgette started asking Stephanie about her 'lifestyle'. Bridgette knew that Stephanie was cucking her husband, Tim and Stephanie had already explained numerous times that Tim does not get to have any type of relationship outside of theirs, while she is allowed full freedom to have sex with any other man at any time she chooses. As always she tossed in how great, smart and caring Tim was, and how he was the best husband a woman could ask for, outside the bedroom. She then reminded Bridgette that although she has so much freedom, she really does prefer to have consistent lovers who get to know her. Stephanie is also a self admitted size queen and it typically took her quite a while to find a lover who met her rigorous standards and also were well endowed.

    Then Stephanie asked Bridgette if she had some time to give her a brazilian wax on Saturday as she had a 'big' weekend ahead of her. Bridgette asked what she meant by that. And Stephanie, blushed a little, but told her that both of her lovers were coming to spend the night Saturday, and she wanted to look her best.

    Bridgette asked about a few more details and then suggested that it was unfair that Steph would be the only one who was so nice and smooth and that it would probably feel the best for everyone if the guys got some 'Manzilians'. And she volunteered to come by Stephanie and Tim's house with her kit to do a house call. She didn't have to say it, but of course Stephanie knew that Bridgette was getting quite curious about the size of her lovers. Stephanie told Bridgette that she would talk to her guys and see if she could convince them.


    Saturday afternoon was a convenient time for everyone. Stephanie had her lovers Bruce and Tyler come by a bit earlier than normal.

    Bruce was a well built 6'2" tall, a white professional guy who was very muscular. Tim actually saw his huge flaccid cock in the shower at the gym and let Stephanie know that she should try and interact with him. She was persuasive apparently, and also had 34 DD-cup breasts, so it could be argued that Bruce enjoyed those first interactions when he spotted her bench pressing.

    Stephanie found Tyler by doing some online dating. Although she made it clear she was a married woman. Tyler as a very lean and moderately tall black man. 5'7" tall and a thin build. His smaller size made his large hanging cock and balls really stand out in appearance.

    Tim was 6' tall and a moderate build, took care of himself, but unlike Stephanie's lovers he had a nice average cock around 6 inches hard, but when soft he was a tiny man.

    Bridgette got her waxing station all setup in the spare bedroom and made it clear she was just there to wax everyone. But told Stephanie to let all the boys know that they could strip down and wrap up in a towel before it was their turn.

    Stephanie and Bridgette chit chatted about whatever they were talking about the other night at the winery while Stephanie was waxed. Stephanie, who was waxed before made it seem quite painless. She also didn't mind being nude on a bed while her lovers stood by and her friend waxed the hair out of her nether regions.

    As sexy as that could seem, like a setup for a nice cheesy softcore porn flick. The boys stood by quitely. Steph was quite persuasive and told her men that they were all getting waxed since they liked it when she was waxed. And threatened to grow a full 70's bush if they didn't comply. She also told Bruce and Tyler that she knew how damn embarrassing it was going to be for Tim.

    After Stephanie was nice and hairless, Bridgette asked for the next guy to drop his towel and get on the bed on all fours. She liked how muscular Bruce was and suggested that he go first.

    Bruce dropped his towel and Bridgette saw he was quite a specimen indeed. She noticeably stared at his large flaccid cock. He took his time getting on the bed and made sure she had taken a good view of him on the way. Of course she was going to be able to take her time and really inspect his package as she groomed him. After she waxed his back side and his sack, she had him flop on his back so she could get the rest of his pubes. She asked Stephanie help wrangle his big dick, which she obviously didn't need to do, so that she could finish waxing the base of his shaft. As bridgette prepared the remaining bit of her waxing strips, Stephanie inspected the work so far and ran her left hand on his balls and her right hand instinctively stroked his shaft which instantly made Bruce sport a full blown erection. Bridgette joked that Steph was a little too helpful, but didn't mind and was impressed. She casually asked Bruce how large he was like she was asking what color his car was. He let her know he was 9 and a half inches. Then she quickly waxed the rest of his shaft and added for him, that it's now looking even more impressive.

    Then it was Tyler's turn and he didn't waste too much time jumping on the bed after Bridgette was ready for him. He was a competitive guy, and he was definitely ready to show off his cock to Stephanie's friend. He wasn't a very hairy guy so it didn't take too long for Bridgette to wax him. And again Bridgette asked for some help getting Tyler's shaft nice and taught, like she did for Bruce. This time as Stephanie stroked Tylers shaft, Bridgette casually left her hand on Tyler's leg and ran her fingers across his ball sack. She made a joke that she was just making sure she didn't miss any hair. Then as she finished waxing him, she also asked his size. And he let her know as a matter of fact that his soft cock is nine inches and his hard was eleven inches. Definitely directed at Bruce, who rebuttled that his cock was thicker than Tylers.

    Finally, it was Tim's turn. Bridgette called him over and he was somewhat reluctant to drop his towel, but he did and of course was immediately feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over him. Although, he was enjoying watching Stephanie and Bridgette having fun admiring Bruce and Tyler, his cock remained soft and small. When he dropped his towel, Bridgette immediately and genuinely asked him if he was OK and giggled a little. Pointing out how much smaller he was then Stephanie's lovers. Then she told him to hop up on the bed so she could get that little guy waxed. She expertly waxed Tim and afterwards she asked if he wanted to show off like Stephanie's other lovers. Stephanie immediately came over and stroked Tim to a full erection also, and even though he has a nice sized cock in and of itself. Compared in the same room with her lovers he still looked quite modestly endowed. A fact that Bridgette pointed out, trying to be nice, but accidentally was a little condescending.

    Then Stephanie came by with a pair of shorts and a Tee shirt for Tim. She told him to help Bridgette pack her stuff up. Then she said good bye and said that her guys were getting excited and excused herself with Tyler and Bruce.

    As Tim helped Bridgette load her things into her car, she in passing mentioned how great it was that you were able to allow Steph to enjoy herself like this and to let her fulfill her needs which couldn't be met in the marriage.

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