Cuck turned gay?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Youngn, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    Just wonder if any hubby's out there have had there lifestyle affect them sexually?..
    I am in a cuck relationship, with friends, a girl I know and guy I have been friends with for a while now. The first few times we got together, there was really no male-male contact, I just cleaned her up after he was done, and he was present many times during this.
    Then more and more of our meetings, she would make me do things to him, sucking him off, pleasing him and making him hard, she would make him pull out and cum in my mouth, and make me swallow the entire load.
    A few instances, He actually fucked me, which was very different, but I have always enjoyed anal sex, with a small toy or finger, and it was actually quite a turn on when we did this. This went on for a while, sometimes he would fuck me, sometimes not, it was really whatever she wanted to see, I would no longer clean her, just swallow him seconds after pulling out of her.
    Just recently, we have been meeting without her, to fuck. she has never let him have her ass, and he loves mine, and to be honest I love his cock,I LOVE the taste of his cum, and I want it more and more. we still meet with her, but she doesn't know that we also get together alone.
    just wondering if that has happened to anyone?
  2. KimM2F

    KimM2F Transsexual 2 Female Cuck

    Lifestyle Effects

    Youngn, Be aware.... the lifestyle will effect you sexually, it can't help but effect you when the level of eroticism is as it is; From my own experience, I had to service the Bull (give head/get mounted) weekdays at noon per my Wife's request, and Jeff got into having my ass available for pumping his load into just as your Bull has clearly enjoyed having yours - even while not in her presence.

    This escalation might be something you should make her aware of (if she is not) - or you could get an undesired reaction from her.

    From what you have posted, my perspective is you are describing is without question the effect of an extended term submissive cuckold role reinforcement. It's a significant accomplishment to have achieved what you described in your post, and allows the three of you nearly unlimited opportunities for pleasure.

    Well done - from what I can tell. Kim
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  3. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    thank you for your reply.

    I don't know, I have mixed feelings, but I am not going to stop seeing him alone. I honestly LOVE it when he fucks me, and I let him cum where ever he pleases. I do alot of things she wouldn't do to him, and I think he really gets off on that.
    kinda worry about ruining things with her, but in the end, I guess I wouldn't care because I still would have him mounting me several times a week, and that is what turns me on the most.
    after all I guess its not my fault he likes my ass more : )..
  4. atljerbear35

    atljerbear35 New Member

    Questioning my sexuality too

    I started submitting to other boys at a very young age because girls tended to reject me. As I got older and began dating girls, I still would go to adult theaters and book stores and suck dicks thru gloryholes and occasionally go with older men to motels so they could fuck me at length. A few times, I even submitted to trains and gangbangs, but it was never about romantic attraction to men... it was always about my desire to be "the woman".

    As an adult, I always sought out aggressive and tough women, who were more likely to enjoy kinky sex, like strap-ons, discipline, etc.; but I was always a 2nd or last choice for them too, since they wanted manly, well-hung men just like most women do. Now that I'm in my mid-40's, I find that my knees get just as weak for Alpha male Bulls as they do for Dominant Women... so much in fact, that I'm actively afraid of meeting one in r/t... afraid that my submission to Him will be so intense and so complete that I will never desire to be with a woman again, in ANY sort of masculine role- not even as a cuckold.

    Now, if I could actually look the part of a small, sissy-boy, I might throw caution to the wind and apply to Bulls for their consideration; but I'm larger than most men (6',6", 360 lbs) and very masculine in my appearance- so being "the little woman" isn't really an option for me.

    In short, I'm afraid that maybe I've been in denial of my true sexuality for most of my life, and seeking dominant/cuckoldresses has only been a front for my need to be a real man's "bitch".
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  5. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    I can defiantly see how that could be frustrating, thank you for sharing your situation with me. maybe you will find a woman that understands that, and lets you be with a guy also..

    I have only been with 2 guys, both times, she was involved, but now I am just enjoying him. I don't really take the ''woman's'' role..I dont think.., altho I submit to him in any way he desires. I am ''petite'', im 5'6, a whole 120 pounds, skinny, smooth.. he can literally lift me with one arm and carry me off to bed.
    I duno, I just get so turned on knowing I please him, and please him possibly better then she could. I love it when he fucks me, I make him cum very fast, or know just how to ride him to a giant shooting orgasm, and I have a huge desire for his sperm to be inside me. You can see the diffrence in the size of his loads from when I make him cum, and from when he pulls out of her. I am still very attracted to girls, I love eating her and fucking her, I dont brag but even tho I am a smaller guy I am pretty hung and thick.
    Maybe I am addicted to cock? who knows.. I am just enjoying myself from now on : )
  6. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I think that she would enjoy knowing you're pleasing him. Particularly if there's a time when she's feeling a bit overworked, too busy, too pre-occupied to get into it.

    She could have a negative reaction, but it's not specified that you're not seeing him, right?

    I think the longer you go on without her knowing, the more you'll be worried about her finding out, and perhaps rightly so.

    Good luck regardless,

  7. cuthwulf

    cuthwulf New Member


    Youngn from what you say you seem a very together person. When my wife cucked me I only watched from a window or not at all. I know if it was a threesome it would be impossible not do something with the bull as the situation would be so erotic. I would do what my wife wanted me to do to a bull and what the bull wanted me to do. I think in that situation sex is sex and it doesn't matter who its with. Nice thread
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  8. DomMorgan

    DomMorgan Guest

    Cucks? Bi?

    Can one become gay through cuckolding? Yes and no. Next question? :)

    More seriously, it seems to me that the problem in understanding this is that we assume that gay or bisexual behavior is either learned or innate. That makes gay or bisexual behavior a single orientation. I suggest that there are at least four aspects to this.

    First, there is the pure biological orientation to be gay or straight. Physicians using MRI images of the brain can easily identify the differences between gay and straight, as biologically determined. Can such "gay" people have sex with the opposite gender? You betcha. Given our societal expectations, they do it all the time to gain social acceptability. My favorite example is two gay people of opposite genders who become couples in their social appearances to make family or other pressures disappear.

    Second, there are those who never allow themselves to recognize any gay or bi tendencies because such desires are socially unacceptable. Those people are truly susceptible to an awakening through opportunity and experience. However, the opportunity needs to arise when they are emotionally unfulfilled, and ready to explore.

    Third, there are those who secretly accept that they have a bi or gay side, but who chose to be "in the closet" because it is socially unacceptable. They know, but they want to keep it secret. I feel for those people.

    And fourth, I get to what I find to be the most useful answer to this note stream. There are those who find a more compelling sexual fantasy and need than sexual orientation. There are those who find their most intense need to be providing pleasure to another, be it their spouse or his/her partner, or simply a dominant.

    I can go into more detail bordering on book-length on that subject. I'll discipline myself (smirk). I'll focus on whether those people are truly bi when they are willing to serve a bull with the encouragement of their wife.

    My experience is primarily with women who are willing to perform with other women in order to please their dominant. However, the dynamics are essentially the same.

    I like to see two women play with each other. In some cases, it was obvious that she was doing it for me. In some cases, it was obvious that she was eager for me to ask. In a couple of cases, she simply made her own decision and dove in. Both of those were with the same partner. But could I really discipline that? (grin)

    To return to the topic, some of the women I have played with were bi. But others fed on the need to feel obedient, and to do things they would not normally do.

    And finally, I get to the subject of men who have served me in the presence of their wives. Were they bi, or merely being subservient to their fantasies to serve their wives, and therefore their lovers?

    I guess I don't really care. I do find all this labeling to be far more useful on the food in the grocery store than on those with whom I play. But that's me. You mileage may vary.

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  9. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Please refrain from posting one-liners to the site. If you want to comment, flesh out the text a bit with some content with your encouragement.

  10. Lead Lady

    Lead Lady New Member

    Very interesting thread and I'm thrilled to see it since it is something that has concerned me since I encountered my first "bi" cuck. As with everything related to this lifestyle there are so many variations and ideals that are as unique as we are as individuals it is near impossible to give a generic answer that would suffice. With that in mind I'll offer my thoughts on the subject.....

    It is a hard fast rule in my relationships that any cock sucking and/or fucking done by my cuck is only with my express permission or direction. For me, the absolute sexiest part of being in a cuckold relationship is the TRUST between cuck and cuckoldress. Going behind your girlfriend's back and letting HER bull fuck you is disgraceful and most importantly disrespectful.

    You need to spend some quality time with yourself and decide what you want, to be a cock whore yourself or a cuck. Your girlfriend has given you a very special gift and going behind her back with little or no regard for her feelings is unexcusable and you should, if nothing else, have enough respect for her to be honest with her. If you've been supressing homosexual tendancies and you needed a push then thank her for that and move on. If it's a phase, step away from the cock and get your hormones back in check.
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  11. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member


    I agree with Lead Lady but I have reread your post and nowhere do I see you refer to the female as your girlfriend.It sounds like you are three fuck buddies who love to get together.Are you gay?Sex does not make you gay,I believe it is the emotional component that determines your sexuality.Are you attracted to more than his cock?Do you long for a more complete relationship?These are questions you need to ponder,in the meantime enjoy yourself.
  12. mdcucked

    mdcucked New Member

    I don't think one becomes gay; it's more a matter of exploring your sexuality and discovering things you enjoy and other things you don't enjoy. I'm 51 and have had experiences with both men & women (though way more with women). Some gays who I know think that means I'm in denial about being gay, others think I'm bi, still others think I'm open minded. I think the key is to not get freaked out over the possibility you may enjoy sex with men -- and not worry about definitions.
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  13. Lead Lady

    Lead Lady New Member

    Ooooopppsssssss!! Completely my bad!! He did only refer to her as a friend! That certainly changes the dynamic and my foot looks much better in someone else's mouth than it does my own!! ;) Please pardon my oversight!

    And I have to agree that life and sex are an exploration and should be enjoyed openly and honestly.
  14. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    we are just 3 friends, and I am not really attracted to anything else but the cock as you asked Mdcucked.
    It doesn't really bother me if she ''found out'', I would be bummed if our sexual get-togethers came to a end, but I highly doubt it would.
    Im going to continue seeing him as much as I can, and i guess I will keep you all updated with how things turn out. I am not going to ''hide'' it, I think she might figure it out anyway.
    we got together, (me and him) one morning over the weekend, I totally drained his cum,I made sure of it.. and then we ALL got together that night, and she made him orgasm, and literally nothing came out.
    she was disappointed, and I was pleased : ) so I guess cockwhore it is?
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  15. hukster

    hukster New Member

    Interesting idea

    Turned gay, it conjures images in my mind of a vampire script. Impaled on the bulls cock our young victim turned into a fiendish cock hound. Seriously though, I have to agree with others if you enjoy sex outside of societies norm labels are rather unfulfilling (No pun intended). I personally enjoy womens forms visually much more appealing. In the past when my hot wife/gf has offered the lovers cock I had no problem fluffing/cleaning it. Yet the idea of kissing a fellow on the lips just makes me think yuk. I have blown to completion and swallowed and enjoyed it immensely perhaps because of what you mention, the excitement of making the guy empty himself.
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  16. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member


    This is really an interesting topic. As one who has never been attracted to men, I have found the whole journey into cuckolding to be eye-opening, to say the least. I had experienced MFM threesomes with other couples, and had missed several potential ones, because I could never figure out just how to deal with the husband: I couldn't imagine what he would get from it. Then my wife and I started a three-way relationship with an old friend. I was surprised when she began to insist I had to be submissive to him. The more she and I talked about it during our own sessions between sessions with the "bull", the more I came to understand how important it is to her ability to let go, that I be completely dominated by her lover. We spent many hours with her stroking my hard cock and talking to me about how excited it made her to think of me having to eat his cum out of her pussy, and later, how excited she was about the idea of me sucking his cock. She'd train me by planting the image in my head, then making me come while thinking about it. I learned to let go and enjoy being submissive, and I felt like I was beginning to understand what sex is like emotionally for a woman. She even tried to train me to accept him fucking me.

    In our case, the other guy was and is way too freaked out about seeming gay to ever allow that kind of action, so I've never experienced sucking a cock. But I suspect that if he wanted it, I would. I know I really want to please him, in return for all the pleasure he gives her, not to mention gratitude that I get laid more when he is around.

    So, to a small extent, I understand what you are feeling. If you need a label, I guess you could say you are bisexual. You would have to apply the same label to him, of course. I tend to agree with those who say that the true test is emotional attraction, though. If you can see yourself entering into a committed, monogamous relationship with another man, and you can see yourself entering into the same kind of relationship with a woman, then I'd say you are truly bisexual.

    But I would say that the sex that grows out of a cuckold relationship is much more about sexual dominance and submission than it is about sexual orientation.

    That is my two cents' worth. Thanks for a thought-provoking topic.
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  17. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    that sounds like your wife is a dream come true : ) very cool.

    for the record, I have never kissed him lol, that's like ''too far'' for me, even tho I do other things that are 10x worse I guess.
    I have been thinking about it, and If she finds out what has been going on, maybe we will try to reverse the cuck role, for her to be the ''cucked one''.
    she can prepare him for me, prep me, and guide him inside me. and theeen she can sit there and watch us fuck and see the enjoyment he gets when he inside of me, and the HUGE load of cum that comes out of him when he reaches his screaming orgasm. How exciting would that be?
    I think that is going to be my new goal.. I will have to slowly drop hints to her. I know he will LOVE the idea of fucking me in front of her until he cums.
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  18. colleenslittletoy

    colleenslittletoy New Member

    turned gay

    like most men who viewed themself as straight, i would have never believed i would participate in a gay act. my younger self would have screamed in denial, but now i find myself changed.

    i didn't think i was bi, i had no desires for a male or his cock, but in the cuckold relationship, i found myself viewing it differently. i would have never touched a man's penis in a one on one situation. but i do a lot of it now.

    like said above, the first time was cleaning, a chore i love because it gets me near my wife's glorious pussy. the taste of another man's cum seemed disgusting at first, but then so did coffee and beer when i first tried them. i adjusted.

    being told to by my wife made it easy. the decision wasn't mine any more. i was obeying the woman who was in charge of my life. beine extremely oral helped with the transistion.

    also, i am very submissive which makes it easy to get me to do things i would never try on my own. and, i am very into being humiliated which my wife understands and there is nothing, at least so far, more humiliating than being the male bitch to the stud of your wife.

    the laughter that i get when she makes me go down on a new lover to get him ready or clean him off sears right to the soul and reappears in my lower brain. nothing reaffirms the pecking order in the house like the hubby orally serving the new master.

    i'm not gay, probably have to admit i'm bi, but seems i will anything for my wife, and now her lovers.

    as far as seeing any of them alone, i've done this but only because my wife sent me out on a date with them. (there was that one time i had to apologize to a college friend. he was very effeminate and we teased him constantly. years later, after i came to realize i had no business ever criticizing anyone's lifestyle, i apologized to him. to ensure my sincerity he made me go under the table and do something i never thought i would. but that's another story.)
  19. tinysissy

    tinysissy New Member

    If my wife and her lovers tell me what to do, I obey. I was not gay, but, I am bi now. Her lovers first made me go under them when they fucked and at first I had just the drippings. That lead to being told to lick and suck my wife and her bull and eventually, one of her lovers made me suck his cock and that actually turned me on. I am just 4 inches and pencil thin and her bulls are much larger than me and that turned me on and as a sub guy, I learned to worship larger cocks especially when they were doing my wife.
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  20. Youngn

    Youngn New Member

    that is how is kinda started with me. but then became more full on, and now all the time. I really enjoy it.
    ah well... I shall see if my plan works or not.. how erotic would it be : D
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