cuck guys... why so gay?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by cccx, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Istn't that exactly what I expressed, mon ami? :)
  2. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Yes, but and maybe my Strong Feminine side is being overly sensitive, for Others, but it was just the way you worded one sentence. It was:

    "I've paid more attention to the bi -or gay-aspects of cuckolding, and, indeed, to my joy I realize that it seems to be very common among both cucks and bulls "

    Again maybe I am being too sensitive for other’s feelings, and also don't want to make you feel you are under attack either. But there are MANY Men (both cucks and Bulls) and Hotwifes, who are completely straight and although accepting of those of us who are of a different subset of cuckolds/Bulls, they MIGHT take offense to that sentence taking it has an implication that The Cuckold Lifestyle is "very" bi-gay instead of it just being another subset of it, like Chastity is just another subset of it.

    MAYBE it would be better to have said "realize to my joy that it is not only accepting of those who are bi or gay but those aspects were a bit more common than I first thought.

    I know I'm splitting hairs, I Apologize.
  3. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Point taken - and a little hair splitting is fine now and then :)
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  4. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    well is not that some of us have homo tendencies but is what have been impose on us. there is a large number of us that are the beta submissive type, small dick etc. I was a virgin when I married my wife. The night she took my virginity she have sex with her boyfriend before in our bed after they finish she make him leave and told me not to worried it was my night and she make me eat his fresh cum. I was not very happy about it but my devotion make me do it and she make it clear that moment when she said, dear dont worry it will grow on you and you will learn to like it cause you gonna have o lot of that always.
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  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Since I was 15 I have known and loved the fact that I am bisexual. It has always been as natural to me as breathing.

    For several years after I married her my ex-wife experienced me as nothing other than a beautifully-bodied, powerfully heterosexual young man. She is now married to my best buddy who is similarly bisexual and has been my one and only male lover for some 7 years.

    Speaking for myself, and only myself, the powerful attraction of cuckoldry to me has always been more than 95 % vested in my beholding the thrilling beauty of man-woman penetrative sex in all of its exciting variations---with the missionary position reigning supreme in my view. For that reason, my almost nightly participation in threesomes with my ex-wife and my buddy (who is black and as superb a specimen of Afro-American athletic physicality as one can imagine) has provided me with all of the visual and erotic pleasure that I need to ignite and thoroughly satisfy the intensely voyeuristic aspect of my bisexuality.

    My buddy and I greatly enjoy supping each other's semen straight from my ex-wife's vagina almost as much as we do when it is spurted straight into our throats from each other's cocks when we fellate each other. But drinking each other's semen from my ex-wife's just-fucked vagina is by no means the aim---much less the acme---of our swapping places with each other when we threesome with her.

    That said, we men do experience the loading up of her vagina with our ejaculates and supping each other's semen from her as an intensely enjoyable pursuit and a natural accompaniment of the expression and outworking of the beauty of our young and vigorous male bodies as they are wildly appreciated by a very sexy cum-craving woman---my ex-wife---both in the throes of being fucked by us, and in the afterglow of our truly beautiful lovemaking.
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  6. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    I too was certainly not the first to have sex with my new wife after getting married - her best man had that honour - to my great delight, though.
    I do find your account of your wedding night very erotical.To me there has always been something truly hot about a new cuckold at first struggling against it, but gradually accepting, succumbing to the inevitable slowly growing to find satisfaction in his beta position becoming a content wittol. You must truly adore your wife - what a woman.
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  7. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    Yes I adore my wife Im totally devote to her, Im very lucky she choose me. I must said that first night when she took my virginity, she send me to the movies for two hours when I return her boy friend was leaving, the guy congratulate me on my marriage, I walk in she make me take a shower and weare Victoria Secret pink silk pajamas, first think she make me eat all his cum out of her and when we start I only last one minute of the first round, I was very on shame while she kiss me and said not to worry love you are my cute little thing.
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  8. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I would certainly want to lick the sperm of a lover from my wife's body, but I can see that only from the context of my own bisexuality. I don't really get it why men who identify as straight would want to do that, to be honest.
  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit perplexed by the above-quoted of your post, Bartleby.

    Are we to take it that you haven't yet savoured the semen of even one lover of your wife straight from her body---that is, from her vagina or her skin?

    If you haven't, your seeing the possibility of actually doing it instead of considering or fantasizing about it "in the context of your own bisexuality" becomes very interesting indeed, and plainly invites the question of "What's stopping you from trying it?"

    In my first threesomes with my wife and my young buddy (now her new husband) when he was 19, I had no hesitation in licking his freshly ejaculated semen straight from my wife's vagina and from his still erect cock. Because he has never ejaculated anywhere except inside her, my licking his load off the skin of any part of her body has never been an issue.

    My supping his semen straight from her vagina in our threesomes seemed to me like a perfectly natural progression from having him ejaculate into my throat during our countless clandestine cock-sucking sessions that began when he was 17, that is 2 years before I introduced him to my wife as a prospective lover for her which he immediately became.

    That said, both the qualitative and quantitative difference between taking his semen straight from his cock into my mouth as against my licking and sucking it from my ex-wife's vagina straight after he has cum in her, is enormous; especially in its erotic dimension. I believe that is because while he is fucking her, and especially in the beautifully dramatic act of him ejaculating in her, I very vividly imagine my wife's fucked-open cervix and the tented back of her vagina thirsting and clamoring for the always very solid and prolonged spurtings of his semen. It is as if my wife's womb and vagina somehow sanctify or consecrate his semen to my tasting pleasure after its having been violently pumped from his balls and pelvis in the beautiful act that I have just witnessed and participated in.

    The erotic headiness of supping my buddy's fresh spunk straight from my ex-wife's vagina is infinitely more exciting and satisfying for me than my gulping it down when I fellate him. But I admit that both are sensationally sexy and deeply satisfying of my constant thirsting to experience and savour every aspect of his spectacular beauty of body and extraordinary sexual potency, both inside and out.
  10. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well I certainly not straight through I used to think I was. Though I am not into any labels we don't choose for ourselves. But for me being forced to eat another Mans Cum was mostly about the Sexual Humiliation of it based on Societal "norms"
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  11. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    I think is about the humiliation trip and power parameters but my wife love to see me on the best of my beta passive role and submitting to her lover manhood, thats not very often but everytime she have a few extra drinks, I better get ready to be use lol.
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  12. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    OK I get it now. It is about the humiliation. Makes perfect sense.

    The reason I haven t done it yet is because my wife uses condoms with lovers. I d certainly love to do it. For the sake of humiliation and the sweet taste of cum.
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  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Why is that? I'm curious because my wife doesn't use condoms with any lover. But on the other hand, she doesn't fuck anyone she doesn't know well and dated for a month or so first. All but one guy is married and she is intimate with the wives as well.
  14. barbietiz

    barbietiz Active Member

    not all semen taste the same, mine is little, light and sweet, my wife lover is plenty and macho taste.
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  15. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Well, It seems that many of us betas have some kind of deep need for discipline/humiliation. I can of course only speak for myself, but "the right kind of" humiliation immediately gets me into cucky sub space in an overwhelmingly gratifying way. It just feels right - that I'm exactly where I belong.

    I too prefer when my partner goes bareback, but obviously there are situations where that may not be the smartest thing to do. None the less, kissing out the precious liquids of a superior Alpha is glorious.
  16. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Since my ex-wife deliberately had me impregnate her several weeks ago, her libido has skyrocketed and her young Afro-American husband (my beautiful best buddy) has been furiously fucking her nightly in the bed beside me, totally exclusively of me.

    The biggest thrill I get now is from hand-guiding the huge head of his uncircumcised gristly, glorious erection to its rightful pace between her slippery gaping love-lips while he is positioning his hips between her uplifted thighs.

    Coming a close second is watching and feeling him ejaculate in her, during which I thirstily lick the thick white semen that wells back out of her orgasmically clenching vagina and up all over the hard-jerking root of his snakily veined deeply-buried shaft of his cock. Before that, if I'm quick and can get my tongue to them, the enviably muscular ejaculatory throbbings in his cock's bulging underbellly drive me utterly out of my wildly lusting mind and trigger my own way less explosive but nonetheless beautifully body-wrenching orgasm.

    My much-needed compensation for my buddy's so powerfully reclaiming my ex-wife these days comes from knowing that the baby in her belly is mine, not his. Which, oddly, in the heat and blinding light of the mind-blowing Moment makes me love him more than I ever have.

    What goes round surely comes around.
  17. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    for the simple reason that she is not on the pill. We both don't want to have kids. If I would make her pregnant, I could maybe deal with that, but I don't want the child of another man.
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  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Interesting, and bad assumption on my part that every female over 16 is using some sort of chemical birth control. My wife uses the kind where she has almost no periods.

    I didn't necessarily want our child to have another biological father, but after two kids with my ex, I had a vasectomy and it couldn't be reversed. So the husband of the couple who Audrey lived with as a third for a couple of years (and is still intimate with and we swap) got her pregnant. It wasn't a humiliation thing at all, they were flattered and have been cool with it all since.
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  19. gwil1414

    gwil1414 Member

    I remember when I was about twenty was dating a cutenesses little gal. She was out during the day and we were towards the end of our relationship. When I went over and met up with her we were messing around and she didnt want me to go down on her. I love eating pussy and worked my way down despite her subdued protests. Her pussy seemed especially tasty that day and was a bit different. She was slick and I presumed turned on. A while later I found out she had met up with her ex bf and was planning g to move back to TX. Later on I concluded that she didn’t want me to go down on her because she had already been had that day. Whether or not she was full I don’t know.
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You know she was. There is too much evidence.

    She likely still thinks of that day as well.
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