cuck guys... why so gay?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by cccx, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Here I thought this thread had run out of potential for good discussion about a page ago, then pigr says something downright reasonable and Don turns into the most awesome Santa Claus ever. Thanks, guys.

    Not sure how to proceed from here. I wrote two pretty long paragraphs, but deleted them because I feel like I'm just repeating/rehashing at this point. I understand where the appeal is for you, and that's great. My question about why there aren't more non-subs (or at least people who aren't that subby) who discover that jealousy is a turn on, yet don't want to go this far... I still don't know, and maybe that's just normal. For all of the psychologists applying Greek myths to our genitals, we really don't know that much about kinks. Why they happen, why they happen the way they do when they do happen, why they grab some people and not others. Maybe this just falls into that abyss of "hell if anyone knows, it's just the way it is."

    I think what I said before about culture, and pigr echoed a bit but from a different angle (ie, maybe they just don't sign up as much) is the most reasonable answer I have, even though I'm sure they must be an overall minority given that I haven't seen a board where this isn't the pervasive culture. But as I was kind of saying, maybe I ought to stop asking. It's probably like asking people where Hoffa is buried. We probably just don't really know, and even if we found out it wouldn't really make a difference. I was curious, but I was probably curious in the same way as a child asking..... ummm..... where Hoffa is buried (shut up, I'm tired >.>). Point is, there may be theories but it's doubtful any of them will be especially satisfying because the truth is we don't know.


    But anyway, thanks. Asking the question still introduced me to a mostly open and tolerant board and a pantload of stories courtesy of Don, so this has most definitely not been a waste.
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    You're very welcome, cccx. You're right - I'm not sure anyone knows why we are the way we are. The angst that goes with the territory does seem to be tied to cross-wiring sexual desire with humiliation. It's been said that the cross-wiring can happen when a man is subjected to rejection or humiliation by a woman he cares for, especially rejection for the desire of another man. The mind copes by eroticizing the pain, linking it to pleasurable sexual feelings. I've talked with many cucks and HW-husbands that admit this was how their fantasies began, but again just as many have no recollection of such an event. Personally, mine were amplified while dating my wife as she was the subject of many guys' attentions, before my very eyes. But I remember having the fantasies in a milder form much earlier in life, so maybe some of us are hard-wired from birth.

    In any case, hope you enjoy the stories. I did cull a few at the last minute that contained a bit of homoerotica, so the total falls somewhat short of the 100 I promised in the post. Still, I think there will be at least a few that push the right buttons.

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    I think that sums up the origins of my interest in cuckolding. Before I had discovered my wife's affairs I had only heard of the word and had no idea there were web sites dedicated to it.
    I am bi-oriented but I respect that other people here are not interested in that. Maybe threads could marked or separated to let people know.
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    Speaking of such. I'm not so concerned about Hoffa's final resting place, because I'm sure it's in Deadmans Wash and he was last seen with Olivia having lunch at Bastardos. He deserved it!

    But JFK concerns me greatly? Was it Castro or Hoover who hired Oswald? If it was Hoover it was because JFK was go Gay. We now know he covered his tracks by being seen with "my woman," Marilyn, and pretending to be a married Bull. For no other reason than introducing my woman Marilyn to Sin, smoking pot, maybe he deserved it?

    Then again, as you know, Lee Harvey was trained on the same course as Bumper, the rifle range of the Proud and Few. Lee Harvey was not Gay, he was in the Marines. We few heemen we.

    Now tis time to have some lunch on Deadmans Wash. That be Red Salmon with the bones. Love those soft bones. Hate the pink stuff unless it's attached to Marilyn or Olivias thighs, I'm not Gay mind you!
    Purple Panty Man
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    I'm a typical straight guy, and as others have stated, I got interested in cuck when I was cheated on and rejected. I have zero desire to interact with a guy she with, or drink his cum. The closet I came to that, was during the moment I realized I actually enjoyed her cheating. In the middle of a real arguement, after she had just come home from
    a weekend with him, I suddenly felt compelled to ask if I could kiss her ass ( something I routinely did during our love making but not in a submissive sense), at first she refused and called me crazy, but I could see she wasn't against it, so I asked again, she paused, and then turned around and said "ok but this is ridiculous" , she started to unbutton her pants, I dropped to my knees and started kidding her ass cheeks, then I buried my face in them. She gave the Back of my head a slight push forward , and said "I want to see him again". I'm not sure where her ass was prior to that, but I didn't do it to taste some guys cum, ugh gag.
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    if i may ask, what will you do when you know where her ass has been?
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    different strokes..........................
  9. Explore with me

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    well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Even though the Original Poster is probably not around any more, I will reply with this.

    Sorry to tell you but the ONLY "Labels " that I except are ones that I give MYSELF.

    As Popeye used to say "I am's what I am's, and that's all that I am's"
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    When I told my wife about the cuckold kink, she immediately jumped to the conclusion that those men must be gay. I was shocked and surprised. The thought had not even crossed my mind! Ok, my wife knows I am bisexual and maybe that contributed to her having this idea. She assumed that it is gay men who don't really want to have sex with their wives.

    I don't believe that many cuckolds are gay. I was quite surprised to read about so many men wanting to drink semen and suck the cocks of the bulls, to be honest. Of course, as a bisexual this fills me with joy. Personally, I believe that the men who do such things and deny their bisexuality should go on a soul search to realise that they are bisexual.

    I think people should embrace their sexuality and be open to admitting that they have a homosexual side. I get a bit of the awful feeling that some men who deny their homoerotic feelings do this because they are homophobes. Well, who can blame them in this homophobic society.
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    For cucks involved in male-male sexual activity, it is for me (and from what i read apparently the majority of cucks) different than what people think of as being gay or bisexual.

    When you think of a gay male couple or a bisexual male couple, you think of a symmetry of desires. Each man is mutually attracted to the other and wants to please and be pleased. Contrast that with cuckoldry where in our arrangement there is no such symmetry of desires. From what i read this is very common.

    Your second sentence captures this nicely. The cuck wants to eat the Bull's cum. The cuck wants to suck the Bull's cock. How often do you read about the Bull wanting to suck the cuck's cock or eat his cum? Almost never.

    In this sense, male-male sexual contact in cuckoldry is probably best described as homoerotic domination and submission. He likes sexually dominating me, and i like being sexually dominated by him. There's no romantic attraction or symmetry of desires here. In a gay or bisexual relationship - even a D/s one - it would be nearly unthinkable for one partner to want to please the other and for the other never to imagine returning the favor. In cuckoldry, that's not only common it's often a central point of the kink.
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    NICELY said, and I believe Accurate in a Lot of cases, if not Most.
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    Out of experience, I can tell you that there are lots of homoerotic encounters where one guy just pleases the other without getting much in return. You can call this domination, which it also is from my point of view. I still believe that the receiver is still gay or bisexual. At least that is how they described themselves to me.
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    My hubby is the total alpha male, successful attorney, muscular and 100% straight. From the first meeting with my lover I asked him to eat my lovers cum from my pussy. Not sure where my mind was that day but we've been doing it now for 2 years.
    Hubby loves it and so do I.
    To each his own..........
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    I sympathize with the original poster. I have no gay or bi-tendencies and more importantly my wife, who is from Eastern Europe, has very conservative attitudes towards anything gay or bi.

    When she met her current bull, (in fact the first true lifestyle bull she ever met as opposed to just a man she was having an affair with) he was very experienced in this and did confide that he enjoyed humiliating the cuckold husband by making him eat creampies, etc. wife laid down the law then and there. That was NOT going to happen with us and she would not feel sexually attracted to a man she witnessed performing bi/gay acts.

    She did however offer her approval to his insistence that I wear women's underwear, which she doesn't view as "gay" but more as something humorous. "Silly fun" as she puts it.
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    I'm not turned on by it, but if you're going to do MFM and even MFMF, there's going to be at least a little incidental male-male contact. Same for pussy licking. If a woman wants her cunt licked while having group sex, there's a good chance some cum will be in there. So either you're going to play or not. Besides, the women that I fuck incidental to my wife screwing around like their clit licked, not a tongue in her vagina.

    And I've seen no hesitation by any woman to suck a dick or lick a cunt after there's a mixture of male and female juices.
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    Nono - you're not offending anyone, mon ami. This question sort of resonates with me.

    Why? Because I’m NOW in a gay cuckold relationship, which technically makes me gay, but back in time with my female wife (my first cuckold-marriage) there was nothing gay about it.

    Back then I had absolutely no gay feelings toward the bulls at all – surely, if I participated in the love-making I was not “dick-shy” or anything remotely like that, but nothing more than that. Didn’t even cast it a thought.

    To me cuckolding has nothing to do with any hidden sexual orientation – it’s merely about your spouse fucking other men – no more and no less.

    Am I making any sense?
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    I think I'll add that since I posted the message above I believe I've learned something new and to me intriguing about many of the members on this good forum. I've paid more attention to the bi- or gay-aspects of cuckolding and, indeed, to my joy I realize that it seems to be very common among both cucks and bulls. That I find this positive shouldn't come as a surprise as I'm in a gay-relationship, and what I find liberating is the immediate openness about it among many posters.

    We all have our "things and ways" and this forum with its generally kind and supportive tone makes it ideal for sharing.

    So hats off for everybody!
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    Yes, but Please also have an Open mind. Being a Cuckold Forum, we here Generally have Opened Minds, as compared to say the general population. But never the less we SHOULD expect that from All who visit here.
    By that I mean that under ideal circumstances we understand that OUR particular Way of Life is NOT for Everyone, EVEN here.
    I've VERY MUCH Realized and Accepted that I am VERY UNIQUE. I do NOT say that in a Boosting manner, it just IS. Unfortunately SO MANY today not only have been lead to Believe but actually INSIST, that ALL those in a certain Subset of Society, THINK EXACTLY Alike. That's Not Reality, Nor Very Open minded.

    So for Everyone here's Respect and Happiness we MUST Remember Not to make Assumptions and Generalities about others, let alone the Forum as a Whole.
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